Welcome To Sage Creek

The lovely scenery and diverse community have made Sage Creek one of Manitoba’s best places to live. I may be a bit biased as this is where I call home! Located about 20 minutes from downtown Winnipeg, the area continues to evolve, bringing additional beauty and character to this area. The neighbourhood planning and top-notch architecture have helped this area by creating more homes.

Commonly referred to as the hub, the Village Centre is where everything extends from. Yet, getting to this core part of Sage Creek from any of the branches is easy and fast. The hub continues to grow with more businesses catering to the wants and needs of the community. They include restaurants, shopping, and professional services.

The natural environment gets promoted throughout Sage Creek and the community rallies around protecting it. The entire landscape design of the area protects the environment. This balance gives residents and visitors access to as much of it as possible. Lovely sculptures around the area are symbols and reminders of those preservation efforts.

History of Sage Creek

The transformation of this area since 2005 has been phenomenal! Careful planning and the best strategies implemented to create this lovely area with homes and businesses. By 2028, the expected population is about 12,000. When families started moving into the newly constructed homes, they didn’t even have cell phone service! They were willing to wait for it to inhabit this beautiful area. They believed in the vision for it to grow while still maintaining the natural elements.

The area was considered for settlement by the Roman Catholic Mission Property during the reign of Lord Selkirk. The colony failed
as they needed more funds or resources to create a place where people could thrive. This early history is noted, and many street names are about the history of fur trading and St. Boniface.

Sage Creek Housing Trends

Homes are increasing in value around Sage Creek due to growth and a thriving economy. Custom-built homes are common. Consumers can choose a land/home package, giving them the choice of where their new home will be and what it looks like. It is exciting to pick the location, the interior design, and the exterior details!

New homes and condos tend to sell rapidly around Sage Creek. Many of them have offers on them before the construction is complete. You will find homes of all sizes and in many different price ranges. There are homes for first-time buyers, growing families, and even small, comfortable spaces for couples. Elderly individuals or couples often downsize to an area they can manage independently. There are many housing options no matter what stage of life someone is in when they seek to buy property in Sage Creek.

New Sage Creek Construction

It is exciting to see Sage Creek growing, which created a demand for more housing options. Several large plans are in various stages, building additional homes and condos in this area. Many of them were designed with families in mind. The unique designs of the houses and condos take the scenery and work it into the plans. The layout focuses on offering the best views possible.

New homes range in price from $400,000 to $800,000. The average price of a custom-built home is on the higher end of that price range. It depends on the location, house size, materials used, and other variables. Water-front homes will now exceed $1,000,000.

Schools in Sage Creek

Education is a priority around Sage Creek, and they have an outstanding school system. There are several schools for younger children and two high schools. A new school is being constructed and will open in September 2025. It is a French immersion school for grades kindergarten through 8th. Children from Bonavista can also attend this new school.

Springs College is about 10 minutes from Sage Creek. Many students live here and make the easy commute. They either drive or rely on public transportation to get back and forth. Brandon University- Winnipeg Campus is about 30 minutes from Sage Creek. Both of these higher education locations offer a variety of degree and certificate programs.

Sage Creek Attractions and Shops

Sage Creek is the ideal place for getting in touch with nature. The winding trails take you through 61 acres of parks and open land. You will see the prairie, wetlands, and unique ecosystems along these trails. The area provides a place for birds, wildlife, plants, flowers, and trees.

All of the trails are well-marked. The trails are created from limestone because it is less expensive than asphalt. It also stays cooler and offers better drainage. The limestone remains cooler, and that is helpful for pets walking on them. The material also provides shock absorption when people walk or run.

Spend a day around the heart of Sage Creek at Village Centre. It is welcoming to those who live here and visitors. It has a small-town feel and plenty of charm. This hub continues to grow with new shops and restaurants everywhere! There is plenty to explore, and you will find some great items in the shops to take home! There are benches to sit on when you need a break or for people-watching. This area is also well-lit at night.

Five Restaurants in Sage Creek

With the abundance of delightful places to eat around Sage Creek, you can easily find several you enjoy. The hard part can be deciding which of them to try. Block and Blade Restaurant and Bar is at the top of the list! It features fine dining in a lovely atmosphere. The menu ranges from appetizers to burgers, steaks, and one-of-a-kind entrees created by some of the best chefs.

Mary Brown’s Chicken and Taters is family-friendly, with great food and terrific prices. As the name implies, chicken is the top menu item, with fried chicken and chicken tenders being hits. The homestyle side dishes are unique but save room for something from the dessert menu!

Hiro Sushi offers fresh food made with quality ingredients. Guests love how the food is creatively displayed on their plates, too.  A couple years ago they had a fire, which shut them down for several months. Their customers are quite happy they are open again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Sage Creek?

The simple but important focus on well-being encourages people to come to Sage Creek. They want a good quality of life, starting with caring for themselves physically and mentally. The suburb focuses on outdoor activities and staying fit. There are plenty of resources to help with that, too.

The location of Sage Creek is ideal, giving people quick access to places to eat, shop, and work. There are plenty of educational schools close to this community. Experiencing a variety of sporting events is easy, too, because the various locations for them are centrally located. It is close to major intersections, making travel to other destinations convenient.

Is Sage Creek Expensive?

The cost of living is reasonable in Sage Creek. The average family earns $135,000 annually. There are ample jobs both in this suburb and surrounding communities. It isn’t uncommon for individuals to work in downtown Winnipeg as the commute isn’t very long, and the pay is higher. Households typically afford to live a good lifestyle in this area due to their wages and reasonable living expenses.

Is Sage Creek Safe?

The sense of community is vital around Sage Creek, and it helps keep crime levels low. Community watch programs ensure anything out of the ordinary gets reported. The area is safe, and people feel comfortable here with their surroundings.

Is Sage Creek Good for Families?

Many parks, playgrounds, and trails offer families fun and places to make memories. The suburb is diverse, and they welcome people from all backgrounds. They look out for each other and promote family time through various activities and events hosted in Sage Creek throughout the year.

The Sage Creek Residents Association, which I was once a board member of, is a community organization run by volunteers. They work with residents and businesses to maintain the spirit and beauty of Sage Creek. They organize several events annually, including the Canada Day celebration. Residents are encouraged to be part of this group to promote progress and best practices for the entire community to benefit from. This group does not get enough credit for the amount of work they put in.

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