Your Winnipeg Relocation Expert

If you’ve looked into moving to Winnipeg, you’ve probably come across my site at I spent hundreds of hours creating that website to help new Winnipeggers get familiar with and understand Winnipeg. I pride myself on being a relocation expert.

There are several reasons why someone would move to Winnipeg:

  • Closer To Family

  • New Career

  • Lower Cost Of Living

  • Better Quality Of Life

  • Military Move

relocating to winnipeg

Whether you are moving from another city in Canada, a city in the US, or a whole other country, not only can I help get you and your belongings here, but I can help you tie up all the loose ends where you are moving from.

Moving is a significant life decision, never mind moving from a completely different city, province, state or even country! That’s why I’ve made it my goal to be an expert and help make the process as easy as possible for you. I have a network of movers, realtors and other organizations that can help prepare you for your move.

Once you are here, there are numerous aspects you need to adapt to. Do you need temporary housing while you find a place to live? Do you need information about the best neighbourhoods? Best schools? How do you get in and around the city? There are many things you probably haven’t even thought about that I can have prepared for you.

Call or text me today at 204-813-8134 and we can have a conversation about your possible relocation. Or fill this form out below and we can get started.

Where are you coming from?