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Located about 20 minutes from downtown Winnipeg, Bonavista is one of the newer suburban areas. It is dynamic due to the beautiful trees and wide open spaces. At the same time, it is inviting for those interested in a community where they feel welcome and can balance the town’s perks with nature.

Natural landscaping and LED lighting are an essential design element of Bonavista. The objective was to create a great place to live while protecting the environment as much as possible. Many people reside here because they believe in those fundamentals.

History of Bonavista

Construction began in Bonavista in 2016. While the area is still growing today, careful efforts are in place to preserve the natural elements around this area. Environmental sustainability is at the core of development and growth for this area. Evaluations are done before anything is created.

Bonavista Housing Trends

More than 250 acres are subject to new housing development in the upcoming years. These projects are carefully designed. They are in various stages of development, ensuring the area can keep up with housing demands. Since this area was first established for residential living in 2016, all homes there are newer. They have maintained their value, and it is relatively easy for a home on the market to sell in a short window of time.

The average cost of a home in Bonavista is $330,000, but some of them are lavish, with a price of around $1 million! Two-storey detached homes are the top sellers in this area. This is because most residents are families with at least one child. They want a larger home with enough room for everyone to be comfortable.

New Bonavista Construction

The growth of Bonavista has created a need and opportunity for new construction. This includes both businesses and homes. The projects offer one-of-a-kind designs, not a cookie-cutter approach. At the same time, all the comforts and perks you can imagine are available in the developments.

Custom homes are built on selected land in Bonavista. This allows consumers to pick the design they want and the perfect location. The houses aren’t built close together, giving you ample room to call your own. New homes are being built in several areas. There are also apartments offering housing solutions for any budget or household size. There have yet to be any condos in Bonavista.

Popular Bonavista Communities

Sage Creek is very close to Bonavista; the two communities are similar. Both are newer establishments. Both strive to preserve nature while bringing in housing and opportunities for those who wish to reside there.

Royalwood is beautiful but also a place with plenty of history to explore. The lovely parks, large homes and scenery draw people to it. The deep sense of community encourages people to call it home. For those just visiting, their daily agenda is full of things they wish to do and see.

Schools in Bonavista

There are three schools in the area, each offering different programs. One is kindergarten through 6th, and another is kindergarten through 8th. One of the schools is for 9th through 12th grade. A new school offering a French curriculum is being built in Sage Creek. Students from Bonavista will also have the option to attend there.

There are some excellent choices for higher education close to Bonavista. They include Springs College, the University of Manitoba, and Bandon University – Manitoba Campus. Each of them offers a variety of programs for students to consider.

Bonavista Attractions and Shopping

There is plenty of shopping around Bonavista, giving visitors and residents access to anything they want! It is fun to explore the shops and see what they offer. Many of them have unique merchandise you won’t find anywhere else. It is an excellent opportunity to buy unique gifts or items you want for yourself. Consider a short venture to St. Vital Centre if you are after popular name shops. It features over 160 stores and restaurants. There is also a movie theatre.

There are several community centres located near Bonavista. They host a variety of activities often. Finding the schedule is a good idea so you can attend events you want to see. Many of these events are family-oriented. Others are educational, and some of them are purely for entertainment purposes. Several sporting events take place at these community centres.

The Seine River is a lovely sight with plenty to do. It can be ideal for a river cruise or fishing. In the summer months, it isn’t uncommon for people to swim here in the shallow areas close to the shore.

Frairpont Park is an enhanced area designed to preserve the natural surroundings. This park is often a place where they host wellness activities. They include yoga and meditation. Such activities are a great way to strengthen the body and rejuvenate the mind. This park has ample shade, offering a place for such activities even when it gets warm outside.

Five Restaurants in Bonavista

While there aren’t any restaurants in Bonavista, several are not too far away. Several are available on St. Anne’s Road, offering delightful food and a great atmosphere. Harth Mozza & Wine Bar is a popular place to dine, visit with friends, and try various wines. They serve a variety of entrees and appetizers. Many of them pair well with certain types of wine.

Tang Dynasty Restaurant is a wonderful place to enjoy Chinese food. Everything is authentic, and there are many dishes to choose from. The establishment is a family favourite and a good choice for lunch with friends.

Salisbury House has a bit of everything on the menu. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The place is always busy, but it is worth waiting for a table! The food is homemade, and the portions are large. The prices are also reasonable, and many locals dine there often.

Chicken Delight is a small location, but the food is fantastic! This is the ideal place for a hearty meal. While chicken is their main entree, they have different varieties. They have homemade sides and some of the best desserts. Pizza Hotline offers excellent tasting pizza, salads, wings, and more. It is a fun place to hang out while you enjoy friends and food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Bonavista?

Living in Bonavista is impressive; it is a quiet and comfortable place. The design of this suburb connects the walking paths and parks. Some trails lead to the wetlands. It is easy to get around this area. You can enjoy nature; a few minutes later, you can shop or dine at your favourite place.

Is Bonavista Expensive?

The cost of living in Bonavista isn’t unreasonable. The price of a home can be higher here due to the additional regulations and requirements. Residents are willing to pay for the security of a protected environment, though. They don’t have to worry that this area will become overcrowded with homes or industrial businesses.

Is Bonavista Safe?

Bonavista is considered a very safe place to reside. The community is diverse but also close-knit. People take pride in living here and pay attention to what is happening. They lend a hand when needed and report anything unusual to law enforcement.

Is Bonavista Good for Families?

Bonavista is a beautiful place for families to explore, live, and enjoy. With excellent schools, beautiful parks, playgrounds, and family activities, there is no shortage of things to do! Creating memories while teaching younger generations about respecting the environment happens here.

Other neighbourhoods nearby: Sage Creek, Royalwood, Southdale, Island Lakes, River Park South, Southland Park