Welcome To Royalwood

Close to 500 acres make up the neighbourhood of Royalwood. It is in the Southeast of Winnipeg. It is about a 20-minute drive from the downtown Winnipeg area. The lovely homes, beautiful walking paths, and the chance to see nature up close and personal draw people to Royalwood. Royalwood is one of my favourite neighbourhoods. The areas are established, with lush trees and unique housing designs. It sits next to Bois-des-Espirits Park, another one of my favourite places to walk my dog. The neighbourhood and park are both hidden gems tucked away in south Winnipeg.

This area creates the ideal place for those who love nature to reside. The forest is all around them. Efforts continue to ensure this land isn’t damaged or ruined by the residential part of it. Eco-friendly concepts are in mind for any construction that takes place here.

History of Royalwood

The development of homes in Royalwood started in 1991. The second phase of expansion didn’t begin until 2001. The development of homes is strategic, following the flow of the forest and river. Efforts were taken to avoid disrupting those essential elements of Royalwood. This is a small community; about 98% of the forest remains around the homes and paths.

Royalwood Housing Trends

Buying a home in Royalwood is at the higher end when prices are compared to surrounding neighbourhoods. Their owners occupy all but 3% of the homes here. The starting home for a two-storey house is north of $500,000. Some of the luxury homes in this community are priced at over $1 million! The homes in the higher price ranges have extravagant luxuries and/or are located along the water.

This area has plenty of bungalows, apartments, and condos to offer. They range from $350,000 to $450,000 for condos and over $500,000 for houses. Custom-built homes in Royalwood are possible, but with the restrictions on where to build and the regulations, they are sold at a premium price.

Schools in Royalwood

While schools are located in a different place than Royalwood, it is fast and convenient for students to get to a school nearby. There are several of them available, and the one selected often depends on the grade a student is in and the type of curriculum their parents wish to enroll them in. There are both English and French choices. Some of the top options include:

  • English K-8
  • H.S. Paul School
  • Niakwa Place Elementary
  • Shamrock School
  • English 9-12
  • Dakota Collegiate
  • J.H. Bruns Collegiate
  • French
  • College Beliveau (7-12)
  • Ecole Guyot (K-6)
  • Ecole Van Belleghem (K-6)

Royalwood Attractions and Shopping

Outdoor activities are abundant in Royalwood, thanks to its 90 acres of forest. The paths and trails offer a place to relax, walk, bike, run, and spend time with the family. Plenty of parks for fun events, playgrounds, and picnic areas exist. The waterfront offers a great place for taking a kayak or canoe into the water for a day of fun.

Many of these trails get you up close and personal with the various wildlife in the area. Those who enjoy birdwatching will find plenty of species to watch around these parts.

An incredible place for exploration is Bois-des-Espirits Park. The name means woods where the spirits dwell. This beautiful forest includes 117 acres. It has a variety of ecosystems within it. This consists of the river bottom, grasslands, aspen forests, oak forests, and wetlands. Over 98% of this area was left untouched when construction projects were approved. This is the largest forest in Winnipeg.

The natural elements have created U-shaped areas you will notice as you walk the trails. They were created when there was a bend in the river. Over time, the river eroded, and a narrow strip of land cut through the banks on the two sides. This causes the river to flow in a straighter path than before. These areas are referred to as oxbows.

Abandoned river bed areas now offer a delightful habitat in this wetland area. You can take in the various forms of vegetation. They serve as a food source for many types of wildlife residing in this park. This is a common area where you will see the whitetail deer feeding.

As you walk along the paths, you can’t help but take in the fantastic structure of this area. Nature has painted a picture you will fall in love with! There are wood carvings you will see, too, in certain areas. Some of them are over 6 feet tall, and they are very detailed. The artists spent plenty of time on the carvings to offer something spectacular for all to enjoy on the trails.

There aren’t any shops in Royalwood, but you won’t be disappointed! St. Vital Mall is about a 5- minute drive. There, you will find more than 150 shops, tons of restaurants, and a movie theatre. This is the most common place residents of Royalwood go to shop or get something to eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Royalwood?

The secluded elements of Royalwood are enticing to those who wish to live as close to the forest and water as possible. Yet they aren’t isolated because many communities are very close to them. Reaching downtown Winnipeg is near, and many residents work there. It offers a calm and relaxing environment without giving up the comforts they wish to have from more prominent neighbourhoods.

Is Royalwood Expensive?

Homes are on the higher end of the price-range spectrum in Royalwood than in other communities. This is due to the small number of homes here. The focus is on maintaining as much of the forest as possible, which means limited construction of new units.

Is Royalwood Safe?

This location is safe; the crime rate is extremely low. The further you get from the downtown area, the less crime occurs. This is especially true of violent crimes. The small community of Royalwood is composed of people looking for a great place to live. They want to enjoy the nature around them and preserve it. They focus on outdoor activities and their well-being. They also watch for anything out of the ordinary taking place.

Is Royalwood Good for Families?

This is a beautiful environment for families. There is plenty to explore and see around Royalwood. Families are often seen at the parks, playgrounds, and trails. There are plenty of wonderful schools to pick from close to this community.

Other neighbourhoods nearby: Island Lakes, St Vital, Sage Creek, Southdale, River Park South