Welcome To Southdale

Beautiful trees line the streets of Southdale, enhancing the charming homes found here. This area offers plenty of green spaces. It is perfect for those who want a comfortable place to live and access trails to explore the natural beauty around them. This is a diverse neighbourhood, welcoming families from many different backgrounds.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach downtown Winnipeg from Southdale. With at least seven daily bus routes, it is easy to get around Southdale. These buses are taken to other communities, downtown Winnipeg, and the University of Winnipeg. The convenient transportation is also a way for some residents to commute to and from jobs in different communities.

History of Southdale

Southdale was built in the 1960s and was an exhilarating prospect. This was the first community to be created along the lakefront. Many people were excited about the chance to move there once residential units were designed. It continues to be a lovely place to live, and people enjoy living in this community. Not everyone knows that some of this area’s lakes are man-made!

Southdale Housing Trends

Today, there are about 3,000 single-family homes located in Southdale. The average price of a home in Southdale ranges from $400,000 to $560,000. Those close to the water are at the higher end of the price range. Some extravagant homes along the water can cost up to $900,000.

Most homes here were built over 20 years, from the 1960s to the 1980s. They include bungalows and two-storey designs. A few condos are also available. The practical design of these modest units adds charm and comfort to the community. Families are delighted living here in these homes and with what this community offers for them.

Schools in Southdale

There are five schools available in Southdale. Most are for younger students, but there is one for high school students. They include:

  • Ecole Guyot (K-6)
  • J.H. Bruns Collegiate (9-12)
  • Lavalee School (K-8)
  • Niakwa Place School (K-8)
  • Shamrock School (K-8)
  • Southdale Attractions and Parks

Several gorgeous parks are in Southdale. They offer a view of the surroundings, places to relax, areas to play sports, trails, and more! They are popular places for residents to spend their time.

Various activities are hosted throughout the year at the Southdale Community Centre. They offer them based on different age groups. This includes children, adults, and seniors. Other activities they promote are for the entire family to enjoy. During the summer, they host different day camps for children to explore specific concepts. With Southdale being such a large neighbourhood, you can find almost any sport out of here.

Shops are found in Southdale in several of the plazas. The two popular ones are Southdale Mall and Southdale Shopping Centre, which essentially is just a long strip of stores, shops and restaurants along Fermor Ave. You will be able to find everything you need in this area.

Restaurants in Southdale

Enjoying a great meal you didn’t have to cook is a nice change. Southdale offers some wonderful restaurants where you can get food you love! Southdale Village Family Restaurant is high on the list. They provide an excellent atmosphere for the family to enjoy, with a wide selection to choose from. The restaurant has been in business for over 30 years and continues to please the community with its low prices.

Bento Sushi is a popular spot due to the quality food they offer. It is always fresh, and the service is terrific. They have lots of choices, and you can buy platters to take home. Those platters offer an excellent way to try new items. They also make serving appetizers to your guests a breeze. The whole family will love Pizzakaya as they offer great-tasting pizza. They also have many sides, including wings and salads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Southdale?

A variety of people with different cultural backgrounds reside in Southdale. Collectively, they offer a unique environment where people feel valued and welcome. There are tons of community events bringing families together. Due to the small size of Southdale, you will see familiar faces everywhere you go.

Is Southdale Expensive?

Southdale is reasonably priced; the exception is the homes along the waterfront. They are more expensive due to the demand for them.

Is Southdale Safe?

Crime is low in Southdale, which is one reason people move here. They want to live somewhere other than downtown Winnipeg, where a home is more expensive and more crime occurs.

Is Southdale Good for Families?

Most of the residents in Southdale are families, and this neighbourhood is focused on family-friendly activities. It is a relaxing and comfortable place to live with a family. It is conveniently located, and you can access other areas nearby for work, additional shopping, more restaurants, or activities you wish to engage in.

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