Welcome To Southland Park

The distance between Southland Park and downtown Winnipeg is 17 minutes. That is a short commute, and many people do it for work. They prefer to live in Southland Park, surrounded by trees and nature. They don’t mind the commute to downtown, where excellent job opportunities, food, and social events exist.
This is a tiny community, and people like it that way. They enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. They aren’t far from surrounding areas where they can work, explore, and shop. They want to be in a green space, and Southland Park offers that.

Southland Park Housing Trends

This is a small residential community. There are 400 family homes here and several condo buildings. Homes are on the higher end in Southland Park, but residents feel it is worth what they get. They have a large house in a secluded area on a huge lot. They enjoy a large yard and plenty of privacy. Yet they can interact with their neighbours and have a strong sense of community here.

Most of the homes built here were created in the 1990s. The dwellings in Southland Park range from $542,000 to $730,000. The average price is $620,000. Homes stay on the market for a short time; many would love to move to this community. They keep their eyes open for anything new listed. Approximately 1,200 people reside here.

Schools in Southland Park

There aren’t any schools located in Southland Park. Students have many options to attend area schools in nearby communities. This includes both English and French immersion programs.

Southland Park Attractions and Shopping

There is little around Southland Park, but what you find is appealing! There is a small park filled with green grass and large trees. It features a playground and picnic area. Southland Park is located across from the Royal Canadian Mint; its architecture is breathtaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Southland Park?

Living here is calm, quiet, and simple. There is little in this area besides the residential homes and the park. Yet it is very close to other communities, so people don’t feel isolated. They also only have a short commute to work or for shopping.

Is Southland Park Expensive?

The cost of homes in Southland Park is much higher than in surrounding areas.

Is Southland Park Safe?

This small community is safe, and there is very little crime here. It isn’t far from downtown Winnipeg, but the crime rate is significantly lower.

Is Southland Park Good for Families?

This is an ideal community to raise a family, and you will see them out and about enjoying outdoor activities.

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