Welcome To Island Lakes

Island Lakes is a prestigious neighbourhood located in the Southeast corner of Winnipeg. It is approximately 20 minutes from downtown Winnipeg. This gives residents a comfortable place away from the busy and noisy downtown area. Yet it is still convenient for them to commute for work, education, or a day of shopping.

The community is family-oriented, with plenty of activities and events to keep everyone entertained. There are terrific trails here that balance residential life with exploring the lovely scenery and preserving the natural elements. At least four major bus routes run each day between Island Lakes and surrounding areas, giving residents a convenient way to explore.

History of Island Lakes

Homes started being created in Island Lakes in 1981, but it was slow. By 1985, there were only 150 homes in this neighbourhood. Larger projects between 1986 and 1990 got the ball moving for more people to call this area home. Almost 900 additional houses were available by 1991.

Island Lakes Housing Trends

Homes in demand in Island Lakes are typically those around the waterfront! It is a fantastic view to see the water outside your front windows. Many of these homes also feature a porch or balcony overlooking the water. The cost of homes along the waterfront is more expensive but worth it. They can be as much as $1,000,000. The average price of a home in Island Lakes is $580,000. It is more expensive to buy a house here than many of the other surrounding communities.

Some earlier homes established here are ready for cosmetic updates and repairs. An excellent way to save money on the cost of a home is to buy one of them and fix it up. The forecast for this area is excellent regarding the real estate market. A house here is a good investment due to its value. The demand for homes here is encouraging; most for sale don’t stay on the market long.

The downside to this area is that there are very few apartments or condos. Many single or newlywed couples aren’t ready to buy a home yet. They don’t need that much space, or they don’t have the funds. Older couples often look to downsize because they no longer need as much space as they did raising a family. Some bungalows and townhouses can be a good choice for those interested in a smaller living space around Island Lakes. They range in price from $300,000 to $450,000.

Schools in Island Lakes

Due to the small size of this community, there is only one school. It offers a curriculum for K-8th grade students. It is called Island Lakes Community School. For high school, students commute to other communities, including Windsor Park and Southdale. French immersion curriculums are also offered at various schools around the area. Parents can send their child to the one they pick if they aren’t at enrolment capacity.

Island Lakes Attractions and Shopping

Lindsey Wilson Park is a prime attraction in Island Lakes. It is one of the many beautiful parks located here. This one features 20 acres of fantastic scenery, trails for walking and hiking, picnic areas, and several playgrounds. It is common to find people exercising, relaxing, and spending time together as a family.

During the warm part of the year, the spray pad at Lindsey Wilson Park is enticing. It is a fun place for the kids to cool off and play in the water. There are several basketball hoops here for a friendly game. The tennis courts are often full of people playing the game or taking lessons.

Various walkways around Island Lakes interconnect. Some form a loop, and you go around in a big circle back to where you started. Others lead to the bay area, where people take kayaks and canoes into the water.

Bird watching is a common pastime around Island Lakes. There is a specific area where you can also see the most extensive variety of birds. A 5-acre site has prairie species planted all over it, and it is fun to explore, taking in the differences among those species. People often bring their binoculars and watch the birds in this area for long periods.

Buying groceries and necessities is the only shopping available in Island Lakes. Yet residents can quickly reach a variety of specialty shops, malls, and professional services just a few minutes away. For example, St. Vital Mall is about a 5-minute drive from Island Lakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Island Lakes?

According to the 2016 census, the average household living in Island Lakes earns $103,000 annually. Approximately 9,000 people live in this location, and they love it. They enjoy being close to other communities where they work, shop and enjoy the culture. Yet they can return to this comfortable and personalized community where they know their neighbours and have a sense of belonging.

Is Island Lakes Expensive?

Homes tend to cost more in Island Lakes than in comparable surrounding areas. This is because of the demand for the waterfront areas. However, plenty of reasonable homes not by the water cost about the same as those in other neighbourhoods.

Is Island Lakes Safe?

Being further from downtown Winnipeg means a lower crime rate. Families feel welcome in Island Lake and watch out for each other. The area is considered very safe.

Is Island Lakes Good for Families?

The family-oriented nature of Island Lakes is one of the many reasons people are drawn to this location. They are thrilled with the open space, lovely scenery, and huge parks. They enjoy getting to know other families and taking part in community events.

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