Welcome To Bridgwater Centre

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Living in Bridgwater Centre is a great experience, it is one of the communities in Bridgwater. It is a 25-to-30-minute drive from downtown Winnipeg. The two areas are very different from each other. The downtown area is busy, and full of career-oriented people and consumers. Many people live in this quiet community of Bridgwater Centre but work in the downtown Winnipeg area.

They love the peaceful area and being close to nature. They enjoy the natural elements, including parks and walking trails. They appreciate the large trees and green spaces around them. The fantastic landscaping further enhances the natural features, offering a remarkable place to live that is hard to beat! The designs are efficient for walking, saving energy, and visibility.

History of Bridgwater Centre

The design of Bridgwater Centre was a challenge, with the goal being to captivate the beauty and all this area offers. The area was designed with a balance of residential and commercial properties offered. The area is interconnected, allowing walking to tie together several destinations. Many of the businesses feature outdoor patios and porches, making them inviting to customers. Construction began in this neighbourhood in 2012 for residential units, and the commercial elements were started in 2015.

Bridgwater Centre Housing Trends

The homes in Bridgwater Centre are newer than many other communities, which is attractive to potential buyers. About 1,000 single-family homes are offered here, and almost all are owner-occupied. The average home costs between $339,000 and $450,000. Townhouses were the first residential units provided in Bridgwater Centre. Condos followed this. The first phases of projects for this area were completed in 2022.

New Bridgwater Centre Construction

Bridgwater Centre has some new construction, mainly for commercial properties and apartments. New homes have to be approved through careful planning and stringent guidelines. The requests for custom-built homes take time, but companies will take on those challenges to create the home of your dreams.

Schools in Bridgwater Centre

There aren’t any schools located in Bridgwater Centre. Students are bused to one of the nearby communities. There are programs available in English or French.

Bridgwater Centre Attractions and Shopping

Bridgwater Centre is the gathering point for the various Bridgwater communities. Family centres offer sports, activities for kids, and those focused on older people.

There are many shops in Bridgwater Centre, and people love looking around. They are perfect for finding clothing, gifts, or just adding new items to your home. It is fun to see what these various stores offer. There is plenty of variety, and it won’t take long to find several items you wish to buy!

Restaurants in Bridgwater Centre

Several great restaurants are located in Bridgwater Centre. Many of them are chain restaurants or fast-food locations. A few of them are unique, though, including JC Sushi. It is a popular place to get quality food. It is fresh and tasty, and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Tawa Spices offers food unique to this area. It is bold and delicious. Customers enjoy ordering something on the menu they have never tried before. Desi North is a captivating place, offering Indian food and authentic flavours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Bridgwater Centre?

Most adults living in Bridgwater Centre are educated, and at least half have a bachelor’s degree or higher. It is an affluent area and a great place for people to get to know each other. It is a social gathering place for those living here and in other Bridgwater communities.

Is Bridgwater Centre Expensive?

Homes in this area are comparable to other locations. They are newer, and that is enticing to many potential buyers. They like the idea of a home that doesn’t need fixing up. They also like the unique architecture of the homes in Bridgwater Centre.

Is Bridgwater Centre Safe?

This area has a low crime rate. It is only 30 minutes from downtown Winnipeg, but the crime rate is significantly lower.

Is Bridgwater Centre Good for Families?

This is a beautiful place for families; it is community-oriented. It is designed to focus on nature, health, and the layout encourages walking when possible rather than driving.

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