Welcome To Bridgwater Forest

The area of Bridgwater Forest is impressive and a beautiful place to live. 25 acres of forest surround this residential area. The pristine lakes and the giant trees make it ideal for anyone interested in a green space to call home. It is about 22 minutes from this community to downtown Winnipeg. It is common for people to reside here and commute to the downtown area for employment.

The scenery of Bridgwater Forest changes with the different seasons. It is impressive to see that transformation take place throughout the year. This is a place where you see people outside, no matter what the temperature is. They enjoy this peaceful community’s trails, parks, and natural elements.

History of Bridgwater Forest

This is a newer community, with homes being built in 2007 and beyond. The development has been calculated, taking the natural elements into consideration. The goal is to preserve it and build in places that enhance the natural surroundings. Efforts were put in motion to offer energy-efficient living options here.

Bridgwater Forest Housing Trends

There are approximately 1,000 single-family homes located in Bridgwater Forest. Approximately 500 townhouses and condos are also established here. Single-family homes range in price from $335,000 to $650,000. Condos range in price from $240,000 to $600,000. These prices depend on the size of the unit, location, and other variables.

New Bridgwater Forest Construction

There are construction projects in Bridgwater Forest offering additional homes and condos. Those projects are carefully planned regarding location and when they can be constructed. Everything revolves around the environment in this community, and efforts are in place to prevent upsetting that balance. Construction is done slowly and with strict guidelines enforced. Many areas are preserved, making them off-limits to new construction in new Bridgwater.

Schools in Bridgwater Forest

There are three elementary schools offering English programs and one offering French. Two middle schools offer English programs, and one offers French. There are two high schools, one with an English program and one with a French program. The University of Manitoba is close to Bridgwater Forest. Many students choose to live here and commute to the campus.

Bridgwater Forest Attractions and Shopping

Several parks in Bridgewater Forest have playgrounds, picnic areas, and trails. Many of these trails lead back to the fantastic view of the public fountain. This is also an area where people talk and socialize while running into each other while enjoying the trails.

Five Restaurants in Bridgwater Forest

Pizza Pizza offers a fun and delicious option for a family meal. They have great pizza and various additional items the family will love. A unique place to grab lunch is Press’d Sandwich Shop. They offer a variety of fresh deli items and salads. Shurwood Café offers a charming place to eat breakfast or lunch. Due to the great homestyle food available, they are often packed on the weekends.

Mongo’s Grill is a Mongolian Grill option, and it is fun to create your own combination of noodles, meats, vegetables, and sauces. A&V Drive-In features classic burgers and fries. They are delicious, and the prices are reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Bridgwater Forest?

Being surrounded by forests, lakes, and paths for walking, Bridgwater Forest is a beautiful place to live. It is a tranquil and clean community with a diverse population.

Is Bridgwater Forest Expensive?

Homes in Bridgwater Forest can be more expensive than surrounding communities. The houses are newer and limited due to the preservation of the environment.

Is Bridgwater Forest Safe?

Crime rates are low in Bridgwater Forest, much lower than the downtown Winnipeg area.

Is Bridgwater Forest Good for Families?

This is an exceptional place to live and raise a family. There are many outdoor events and places to have fun such as parks and playgrounds. There are wonderful schools, and it is too far to get to the downtown Winnipeg area.

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