Welcome To South Pointe

In under 30 minutes, 25 if traffic is good, you can commute between downtown Winnipeg and South Pointe. It is a reasonable distance for people to commute for work during the week and enjoy their evenings and weekends in this fantastic neighbourhood. They love the greenery around them and prefer living in this type of environment than in the downtown area.

The people living in South Pointe are diverse, but that is part of what makes it unique and unforgettable! There are career-minded people, families, elderly, and college students all residing in this community. The lakes are a huge attraction here, and it helps people feel relaxed. It also offers a place to take part in water-related activities.

This area is a mix of residential homes and commercial properties. It is balanced with lovely trails, trees, and benefits only nature can provide. This is a green community that aims to encourage people to walk and be outdoors. Many of the trails intersect with each other, conveniently offering paths just about anywhere in South Pointe.

History of South Pointe

This area used to be an agricultural development. The homes and businesses built in South Pointe were deliberately placed around the natural elements. Every effort was made to keep these natural areas while showcasing them from the surrounding walkways, parks, and windows.

South Pointe Housing Trends

This is one of the newest communities, and it is thriving! Homes in this area sell between $535,000 and $760,000. The average price is $653,000. These are detached homes, and many of them are two-storey designs. There are some custom-built homes along the lakes, and they are worth at least $1 million. Owning a home on the waterfront is fantastic, and South Pointe has some prime locations for establishing them.

New South Pointe Construction

Plenty of construction projects are in the works for South Pointe due to the demand for housing here. In addition to homes for sale, there are new condos and apartment buildings being built. The goal is to offer various living units for all household sizes and income ranges. Some of these projects span over a period of 10 years to reduce their impact on the environment.

Schools in South Pointe

There is one school located in South Pointe; it is for grades K-8. They offer both French and English programs at Ecole South Pointe School. Middle school and high school students go to schools in surrounding areas.

Students can take a bus or get dropped off by parents at one of the schools in a nearby neighbourhood. There are both French and English programs to pick from. The University of Manitoba is very close to this community. Many students live here in apartments rather than on the school campus.

South Pointe Attractions and Shopping

The lakes are beautiful and popular for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. South Pointe also features various creeks, ponds, and wetland areas. It is fun to explore the differences and compare them to each other. Bird watching and observing wildlife in their natural habitat is part of the thrill of being out and about in South Pointe.

As far as the eye can see, parks with playgrounds, trails, picnic areas, and green are attractive and enticing around South Pointe. These are places residents enjoy spending their free time exploring. The scenery changes with the different seasons and offers new ways to pass the time.

Shopping is a common pastime here due to the variety of shops. Most of them are small, independent shops. They offer unique items and great gifts. It is fun to walk down the street and see what catches your eye in the window. They are perfect places to find one-of-a-kind gifts for someone, too.

Restaurants in South Pointe

With the diversity of people residing in South Pointe, you will be delighted with the variations of food offered here! Caribbean King Krust offers impressive Jamaican food. Many people had never tried it before they came to this restaurant, and it quickly became one of their favourite places to eat! Hai Shang Restaurant offers authentic Chinese food and a creatively decorated place to eat it. This is a fun place for a date or a family dinner out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in South Pointe?

This is a beautiful place to live in a newer home with a fantastic view. It is an exceptional place to relax, enjoy outdoor activities, and spend time with loved ones.

Is South Pointe Expensive?

Homes here are more expensive than surrounding areas due to being recently built.

Is South Pointe Safe?

This area is safe with a low crime rate. It is one of the reasons people choose to live here instead of in downtown Winnipeg.

Is South Pointe Good for Families?

This is a terrific place for families to spend time, enjoy the outdoors, and be part of a beautiful community.

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