Welcome To Whyte Ridge

It takes 25 minutes to get from downtown Winnipeg to Whyte Ridge, but you will see dramatic changes to the scenery along that drive. The city is busy and noisy, with lots of activity going on all the time. This neighbourhood is quiet, green, and people are outdoors enjoying the natural surroundings as frequently as they can.

Located in the southwest corner of Winnipeg, Whyte Ridge is a delightful place to call home. Many families live here, and they appreciate that it doesn’t take long for them to reach the downtown. It is practical to live in this community and commute for work. It is easy enough to get downtown when there is an event they wish to be involved with. At least five daily bus routes take residents to and from Whyte Ridge.

History of Whyte Ridge

In 1985, plans to create homes in this area were discussed. The land for them used to be farmland, and there was an opportunity for it to become a residential location. In 1986, homes started being built in Whyte Ridge. The plans were to keep it small and maintain the natural surroundings as much as possible.

The development was completed in stages, and most homes today were built between 1986 and the early 2000s. While the houses were being created, two man-made lakes also took shape in this community. They are East Lake and West Lake. Both of them drain into the Red River.

Whyte Ridge Housing Trends

This community features about 1,500 homes. Almost all are single-family detached houses and bungalows built in the 1980s and 1990s. With some of the building in the 2000s, split-level homes, two-storey structures, and cabovers were introduced into the residential areas.

The typical home in this community ranges in price from $470,000 to $700,000. The average price is $550,00, with the most expensive homes located along the waterfront around the man-made ponds. Many residents here have been in their homes for a long time, and several generations live here. They grew up in this area and plan to raise their children in Whyte Ridge too.

Schools in Whyte Ridge

There are two schools located in Whyte Ridge. High school students commute to nearby communities. Where they go depends on factors such as where they live in Whyte Ridge and which type of program they will attend. Some area high schools are French immersion, and others are English only. There is an elementary school and a middle school located in Whyte Ridge.

Whyte Ridge Attractions and Shopping

The large community centre is a place for families to engage in activities. This includes various types of sports throughout the year. They have many outdoor activities, including a rink. Fitness classes are offered indoors and outdoors, depending on the time of year. The location has different activities for age groups of children and some specifically for adults. The community centre is a fun place to connect with others and stay involved.

Scurfield Park is a historical marker and a lovely place to visit. There is a picnic area, and you can fish or walk the trails around the water. There are 22 acres of land here, with fantastic scenery in every direction. This park has several playgrounds, a soccer and baseball fields. Various family activities are scheduled throughout the year, including concerts and plays.

While it isn’t actually in Whyte Ridge, getting to Fort Whyte Alive Nature Centre takes little time. It is a delightful place with many trails and picnic areas. It is also a place where you can view the bison as they migrate along the grassy areas. It features an aquarium full of educational exhibits and information.

There isn’t much shopping other than basic necessities within Whyte Ridge. However, large shopping malls and strip malls are very close in all directions. It is fast and convenient for residents to select one of these locations when they wish to spend the day shopping or searching for a particular item.
Restaurants in Whyte Ridge

Due to the small size of Whyte Ridge, you won’t find restaurants here. Yet just a few minutes away in surrounding communities, you will find plenty. This includes Chinese, Asian, homecooked favourites, and upscale steakhouses. There are numerous fast-food options around the strip malls and inside the larger shopping malls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Whyte Ridge?

People love living in Whyte Ridge because it is quiet, relaxing, and beautiful! They know they can be in downtown Winnipeg or any of the surrounding areas in a short amount of time. They like the family-oriented nature of this neighbourhood.

Is Whyte Ridge Expensive?

Homes located here are priced higher than many of the nearby communities. Yet the homes offer a delightful place to reside. Most of them are on quite a bit of land, providing a large yard and some space between each of the homes. Residents appreciate that they can get to know their neighbours, but they aren’t stacked on top of each other.

Is Whyte Ridge Safe?

Being further away from the city, Whyte Ridge is a safe place. There is less crime here than in downtown Winnipeg. Residents take pride in their community, and they watch out for anything unusual taking place.

Is Whyte Ridge Good for Families?

This is a terrific community for raising a family! Many residents grew up here and decided to stay so they could raise their children here. The focus is on fitness and outdoor activities, and you will see families participating at the trails, parks, and community centre.

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