Welcome To Bridgwater Trails

Only 20 minutes’ drive time separates downtown Winnipeg from Bridgwater Trails. Yet the two areas are significantly different from each other. The downtown area is full of people and noise from the traffic and consumers. The area is busy with workers and people to check out attractions. Bridgwater Trails is quiet and relaxing, offering giant trees and outdoor green spaces.

This area has scenic trails that take you through the fantastic layout. They cover over 70 acres of forest, meadows, and lake locations. The trails welcome those interested in walking, biking, or jogging. You will find people on them no matter what season it is or how hot/cold the temperatures get! The area is serene, and some parks and trails are isolated. It is a haven for those who like their solitude.

History of Bridgwater Trails

Homes and trails started being created in Bridgwater Trails in the early 2000s. It was an exciting venture but also complicated. Creating these walking spaces and homes without upsetting the natural beauty and order around the area was challenging. The location for everything was carefully selected, and the pros and cons were weighed before anything was put in motion.

Bridgwater Trails Housing Trends

The fantastic homes created in Bridgwater Trails don’t disappoint! They are newer homes but also offer unique architectural designs. They were created to enhance the beauty of the surroundings. Single-family homes here range from $450,000 to $870,000. Those along the waterfront are the most expensive.

Almost all of the homes are owner-occupied. Nearly all of them are either three or bedroom homes, offering plenty of space for families. There are also some townhouses located in the community. They tend to be one- or two-bedroom units.

New Bridgwater Trails Construction

All new construction in this area has to be approved once stringent guidelines are met. These are custom-built homes and very expensive. They are created in the location the buyer desires with the layout and perks they want. Every detail, inside and out, fits their needs and desires. These homes will be worth $1 million or more when finished.

Schools in Bridgwater Trails

There aren’t any schools located within new Bridgwater Trails; students are bused to surrounding area schools. There are English and French immersion programs for the different grade levels. The University of Manitoba is pretty close, and many students reside in this community. They either take the bus or drive to the campus.

Bridgwater Trails Attractions and Shopping

The many trails around this location are the prime attraction. Residents can spend hours walking by the water, the meadow, or through the forest. The scenery changes with the passing seasons, giving them something new to fall in love with when they enjoy those paths. Some footbridges link various areas together, making it convenient to access them on foot.

Playgrounds are popular at the parks in Bridgwater Trails, and you will often find them full of children playing and laughing. It is common for the family to enjoy an outing that includes the trails, time to play, and a relaxing picnic outdoors.

This area doesn’t have any shops, but there are many great shopping centres near it. Residents don’t mind going to those locations when they wish to spend some time shopping for gifts, clothing, or other items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Bridgwater Trails?

It is tranquil and quiet around Bridgwater Trails. The homes are delightful, and people spend plenty of time outdoors.

Is Bridgwater Trails Expensive?

Homes in this area are more expensive than many of the surrounding communities.

Is Bridgwater Trails Safe?

This is a safe area to live in. The crime rate is very low.

Is Bridgwater Trails Good for Families?

This community was designed with families in mind. This includes the size of most homes, trails, playgrounds, and easy access to the trails.

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