The Five Best St. Boniface Restaurants

St. Boniface restaurants

St. Boniface is a beautiful community. It's rustic, filled with culture and fabulous restaurants, some of which have been around for decades. St. Boniface is one of the nicest neighbourhoods, so close to downtown and still has houses for sale that are safe and affordable.

Here Are My Favourite St. Boniface Restaurants

Inferno's Bistro

inferno's bistro food


This is a delightful French restaurant with a modern décor and atmosphere. The place is small but clean and charming. Ask for patio seating when the weather is warm enough. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays. They are open for lunch and dinner the rest of the week. I like to get one of their tasty sandwiches when we visit for lunch.

The Shrimp Po Boy is excellent, and they are very generous with the amount of shrimp. Sometimes, I get a soup or a salad with my sandwich. The soup is always warm and very good. The salads are large and made with fresh vegetables.

For dinner, they have wonderful pasta choices on the menu. The fettuccini Nastaba is great, featuring smoked salmon and roasted red pepper. The sauce is creamy but not heavy. This is the best place to enjoy crème brule. They have an assortment of other desserts, but that is the one I always get. I pair it with their savoury coffee and enjoy every single bite!

A variety of wine is offered at Inferno's Bistro, and you can buy it by the glass, half bottle, or full bottle. While reservations aren't required for dinner, they are recommended. Otherwise, you may have a lengthy wait for a table. We can get in for lunch without waiting more than 20 minutes.

Yellow Deli


I like hitting Yellow Deli when looking for something healthier and not deep-fried. I can get food from this location that is good for me, and it tastes delicious. I don't have to feel guilty at all. During the summer, I enjoy grabbing a cold smoothie here.

They have many different sandwiches to pick from, piled high with meat and vegetables. The bread is always fresh. They have terrific salads, too, with piles of fresh vegetables. You can get a salad as a side or with meat as a meal. This is a great place to try fabulous desserts and various flavoured teas. The décor is unique, very rustic, and appealing.

Pasquale's Italian Ristorante



This family-owned restaurant has been around since 1977, and it is trendy for the pizza they serve. It features a rooftop deck where you can dine or enjoy drinks during the summer. My family loves Italian food, and I can take us all here for a nice meal without being expensive.

The hours of service are a bit confusing, so it is wise to check before you plan to arrive. They are closed all day on Sunday and Monday. They serve lunch and dinner on other days except Saturday, when they are only open for dinner. The pizza dough and bread are made fresh each day, and you can tell a difference in how it tastes.

The tomato sauce and Bolognese sauce are homemade recipes passed down in the family through generations. I enjoy the pasta, sauce, and the large homemade meatballs they offer. They have a variety of Italian sandwiches on the lunch menu. They change the flavour of the Stromboli each week. The Greek chicken wrap is one of the items I often get for lunch at Pasquale's Italian Ristorante.

Promenade Brasserie


You won't find a better place for French food than this! They are widely known for the vast selection of desserts they offer. It is common to see people there having a treat and tea or coffee. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We dine here usually mid-morning, but you can get breakfast or lunch items until 3 pm.

The French toast here is fantastic! You can taste the pear, apple, and caramel in each bite. It is topped with delicious cream. The bison short ribs are my dinner menu choice! They melt in your mouth, so tender! Having a reservation for dinner here is a good idea, or you may not get in. The presentation of the food is colourful and appealing no matter what you select. You can pair your meal with wine or a signature cocktail.

Dwarf no Cachette Café & Gift

Dwarf No Cachette


The name is a mouthful, but I love eating at this Japanese restaurant. They have an extensive selection of ramen to pick from. Add shrimp, beef, or chicken and get it mild or spicy. They have terrific rice bowls with different ingredients on top of the rice. The mix of flavours is unforgettable. They also have delicious dumplings!

The café has a small gift shop where you can pick up one of a kind items. They sell different spices and items you can take home to bake. We have tried a few of these items, and they were good. The menu describes each item and shows pictures, making it easy to decide what you want to try here.

There you have five of the best restaurants in St. Boniface. Want more reviews? Check out the five best restaurants in Transcona.