Great Bridgwater Restaurants

best bridgwater restaurants

Bridgwater is one of Winnipeg's fastest-growing communities, and the restaurant scene is still trying to catch up. Several restaurants are a short drive away in the Whyteridge/Linden Woods area, but only a handful in Bridgwater itself. As Bridgwater continues to grow, more restaurants will enter the community. I spend a lot of time in Bridgwater. Whether with clients, visiting my gym, Altea, or simply shopping, I am in the area a few times a week.

There are only a few choices, but here are my five favourite restaurants in Bridgwater.

Here Are My Favourite Bridgwater Restaurants

Prairie Donair

Prairie Donair Bridgwater


I was excited to see Prairie Donair come to Winnipeg. Their first location in Manitoba was in Neepawa. I always stop to eat at Prairie Donair when I'm on my way to my cabin at Clear Lake. Winnipeg has a tiny donair market, and this franchise capitalized on it. If you are unfamiliar with the donair, it has Middle Eastern origins; it is shaved meat from a vertical rotisserie. I have to admit I have not tried all of their donairs. I have tried two of them and enjoy them so much that I keep returning. I like the Canadian Maple, which is a little on the sweet side and the Spicy PD, which is, you guessed it, on the spicy side. I assume the rest of their donairs are as good as these two. The meat is juicy and flavoured, and the vegetable toppers are always fresh. Now, with a few locations in the city, I would check them out.

Press'd Sandwich Shop

Press'd Sandwiches Bridgwater


The baked from scratch bread creates the delicious taste for the sandwiches Press'd Sandwich Shop offers. It is baked fresh every day, with several varieties to choose from. This includes a gluten-free option and jalapeño cheddar bread.

The menu includes classic favourites and gourmet options. Eating a healthy lunch is possible when you dine out at this place, and it is so delicious you will feel completely satisfied. Each sandwich is customized to your liking and is always made from fresh ingredients.

While the sandwiches are amazing, my best friend and I love going to Press'd Sandwich Shop for the delicious soups. They are perfect on a chilly afternoon! We often split a sandwich, and each get our own cup of soup. This is a great place to grab a healthy smoothie in the summer. I don't always feel like eating much when it is hot out, but these tasty drinks give me protein and energy to get through the afternoon.

Winni Sweets

Winni Sweets


While Winni Sweets isn't an actual restaurant, it is a wonderful place for baked goods, snacks, and sweet treats. My wife and I stop in weekly for a pastry; deciding which one I want always takes time. I have yet to try one that I didn't like! I also occasionally stop in to get fresh loaves of bread for dinner. My go-to bread is the cheddar cheese bread.

The variety of desserts is impressive, and I always try something new. I like that you can buy individual items or several. Sometimes, I want a cookie or something sweet to curb a craving. Other times, I get a variety of items and take them to work as a treat for me and my co-workers. You are missing out if you haven't stopped in at Winni Sweets yet.

Leopold's Tavern Bridgwater


Whenever my family comes to town, we spend time at Leopold's Tavern Bridgwater. They have a few locations in the city, but the one in Bridgwater is closest to my home. The atmosphere is fun, and it is ideal for drinks and appetizers. They have a variety of pub food, including delicious burgers and tasty wings.

I like that Leopold's Tavern Winnipeg is open late, too. There are fun activities we want to attend, including sporting events. We don't have time to eat dinner before because we go from work to the games. Dropping in after the game is a good experience, and we can catch up with friends there because it is such a popular place.

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