Five Great Wolseley Restaurants

Wolseley Restaurants

Wolseley is one of Winnipeg's most popular neighbourhoods, with its historic charm, lush trees, and character homes. The main streets nearby have several cozy restaurants and cafes to try.

Here Are My Favourite Wolseley Restaurants

Bonnie Day

Bonnie Day menu items


This is a gem that the locals know about. Sadly, many people passing through Wolseley miss out because they haven't heard of it. This is a welcoming restaurant, small but very comfortable. They keep it clean and the décor is charming. They offer a variety of food here; it is perfect for families because everyone will be happy with the menu.

The huge burger they serve with caramelized onions is delicious! It is a quarter-pound burger, and they are generous with the fries. I never finish all of it, but I enjoy what I eat of it. When our younger children go, I cut off part of it for my daughter rather than ordering her a separate meal.

I have a sweet tooth and often visit Bonnie Day for a piece of cake or pie. It is perfect with their amazing coffee! I try not to do this too often, but I also don't feel guilty when I have had a bit extra here and there. This is a fun way to catch up with friends and have some great food at the same time.

Bonnie Day opens its outdoor setting in the warmer part of the year. This is a popular place to socialize and have some drinks. They have plenty of terrific cocktails to choose from. We often go there for drinks and pizza after sporting events.

Check the hours before you go; they are open at 8 am during the week and close at 2 pm, then reopen at 5 pm. On weekends, they open at 9 am and close at 3 pm. They reopen at 5 pm on Saturday evenings but stay closed on Sunday evenings.

Shorty's Pizza

You don't want to miss the New York-style pizza here! It is much better than any of the other places I have tried. They put a lot of toppings on the slices, too. I like meat on my pizza; they use fresh sausage and thick pieces of pepperoni. The sauce is amazing, and I always get some garlic knots to go with it.

We usually get takeout at Shorty's Pizza for a movie night at home or after a busy evening. It is too late to go home and wait to cook, so we pick something up on the way home. You can see the stacked pans of crust when you go in to eat or pick up an order. It takes three days for each pan of dough to be ready to create a pizza crust.

They tend to be busy, but the staff is friendly, and our pizza is always hot and delicious when we pick it up. The prices are reasonable, and we get plenty of food to feed our large family without it being expensive. The kids are getting old enough for sleepovers with friends on the weekends, and they often ask if we can get Shorty's Pizza for them to share with their friends.


Cilantro's menu items


This isn't your basic Indian cuisine; they pay attention to details and add variety. There are two Cilantro's locations and I enjoy both of them. The food they serve is authentic, and most of it is spicy. I like hot food; they give you several sauces to dip your food in. I like to try different combinations of flavours.

The outdoor patio is ideal on a warm day, and they have large umbrellas to keep you from getting too hot. The inside of the restaurant is small and clean. The staff is fantastic and always helpful when ordering dishes, refilling drinks, and caring for customers. The ginger coconut chicken curry is excellent here!

529 Wellington

529 Wellington is indeed the most expensive steakhouse in Winnipeg! It is worth it for the atmosphere, service, and food quality. We have had the pleasure of dining here a few times. Once for our anniversary and once for a work celebration, and we made a reservation to celebrate Valentine's Day this year.

The location used to be a mansion; they transformed it into a restaurant while keeping the charming characteristics of the place. The tower of onion rings is a great appetizer to start with. The onions are thick-cut, and the batter is just right. They are open for lunch and dinner, and it is always recommended to have a reservation.

Their prime-choice meat is exceptional and worth the cost. It is unlike any steak or burger I have had anywhere else. I usually get the 12-ounce New York steak, but they also have 14 ounces and 22 ounces available. My wife raves about the Canadian lobster tails. They serve meals with delicious sides. You won't be disappointed with your meal at 529 Wellington.

We always share a slice of lemon cheesecake after our meal. It is so light and fluffy, with just the right tart taste. Their wine list has more than 700 options! I asked the waiter how many bottles of wine they had on site. He told me there are more than 17,000 bottles in their wine cellar!

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company

tall grass prairie menu items


This is a bakery full of delightful baked goods. This is the place to pick up seasonal favourites. Anything pumpkin spice your heart desires in the fall can be found here. Around Christmas, they have lovely cupcakes and cookies with festive décor and designs. You can purchase fresh loaves of organic bread here all year long.

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company also offers meals. The complete turkey dinner for two people is a great choice. The ham & scallop potatoes are terrific. I wasn't sure about the tangy mustard sauce for the ham the first time, but once I tried it, I loved it! We always pick up tourtiere for the holidays as we have tried to make it ourselves, and it just doesn't taste as good as what we get here.

Have you tried any of these restaurants? Let me know what you think.  Also check out my reviews of Headingley and St Boniface restaurants.