Pet Friendly Condos Winnipeg

Pet friendly condos

The incredible bond that people form with their beloved pets is strong. They aren’t willing to give that up for a place to reside. The increased demand for pet-friendly living accommodations continues to rise in Winnipeg. The lovely communities found here offer beautiful landscapes and amazing scenery.

Pet owners want a place where they can enjoy all of that but also have a furry friend or two that they can have in those accommodations with them. Finding a condo offering a place where pets are welcome can be a challenge. Many of them don’t allow them at all. Others only allow cats, no dogs. When dogs are permitted, there tends to be a weight limit; no large dogs are allowed. The condo building may limit one or two pets per unit to help keep the number under control.

Potential buyers must vocalize what they want with condo living, including pet-friendly options. Taking that information to the board for a condo building can influence them to change the current policy if they don’t allow pets. They know the demand for such living accommodations is high. They don’t want empty condos because they won’t allow pets, so demand can be the leverage it takes to open more opportunities.

Shifts Are Happening

The good news is the ever-changing real estate market has plenty of potential in Winnipeg. More condos and other living options are allowing pets. They realize the value pets bring to the lives of humans. It is encouraging when you see condos and other structures offering places for pets, including dog walks, dog parks, or grooming services. Many of the trails around Winnipeg allow pets, and it is expected to see them walking beside their owners. The key is offering the best balance for pets and humans to live in harmony.

Location Is Important

Numerous factors influence the perfect condo. High on that list for someone, may be if the place allows pets. Next, the location has to work for them. They should have easy access to green areas, parks, transportation, and more. If they have pets, it makes sense they want a vet and groomer close, too.

Some of the cafes in Osborne Village allow you to bring your pets in when you dine! River Heights has plenty of walking trails, and they allow pets on them. Another place where you see people with their pets is Assiniboine Park. Living in such areas can improve your connection with your pet and help you both have a higher quality of life.

Services Driven Toward Pets

Condo buildings around Winnipeg are winning over potential buyers due to the services they have driven toward pets. They want everyone living in that building and their beloved pets to be safe and secure. They have specific areas for the care of pets on-site. Some of them also host pet-friendly social events. This allows everyone living there to bond with other pet lovers in their building. Ensuring a vet and pet supplies are easily accessible in the area is important, too.

Pet Policies For Condos

It is essential for any pet owner to carefully review the policies of a condo before buying. The policies and bylaws will be enforced. There can be restrictions, too, including the breeds of dogs allowed and the size. The number in each unit is also a common restriction. The goal is for all pet owners in the condo building to live in the same spaced space without issues or concerns.

Some pet policies for condos include additional fees each month for pets. If you rent a condo, you may have to pay a deposit for each pet you have in there. This covers any potential damages the pets may cause.

Help Your Investment Grow

When you live in a condo allowing pets, it increases the potential growth of your investment. With the higher demand for pet-friendly condos, investing in one that allows them means you will likely sell your condo in less time if you ever put it on the market. As long as the building is adequately maintained and in a great neighbourhood, there is no reason for the value to decrease.

Realtors And Pet-Friendly Accommodations

If a pet-friendly condo is vital to you, work with a real estate agent who is on top of this! I can help you find a condo that allows pets and avoid the ones that don't. Call or text me today: 204-813-8134