Welcome To St Boniface

Downtown Winnipeg and Saint Boniface are about a 15-minute drive from each other. It is common for people to live in the neighbourhood of Saint Boniface and commute to the downtown area for work. Others go downtown to dine at a specific restaurant or enjoy the nightlife. When it comes to where they will live and raise a family, they prefer a quieter sector, a place with plenty of outdoor natural elements to enjoy.

This is a large community, and it has plenty to offer, including large parks and walking trails. It is in the southeast part of Winnipeg. Most people living here speak French, but you will find those who are bi-lingual or only speak English living here, too. The French culture and history are alive in Saint Boniface, bringing a unique charm and design to this area.

History of Saint Boniface

This land was settled in 1818 by French missionaries under the leadership of Bishop John Norbert Provencher. It was the first time a permanent settlement of the Roman Catholic was established west of the Great Lakes. Fur traders came through this area due to the access of the Red River. Louis Reil, the leader of Metis, was born in Saint Boniface. He is often referred to as the Father of Manitoba.

Saint Boniface Housing Trends

The homes in Saint Boniface were created to enhance the area’s beauty and preserve the natural elements. The houses are designed to focus on walkways and trails; people can easily walk around their neighbourhood and enjoy their beauty surroundings. Most of these homes were built in the 1950s or earlier.

Most of these homes are 1 1/2 or two-storey single-family homes. There are also bungalows. The houses are charming and reflect the designs of that time. When new homes are built, they typically replace one already there. It is either taken down and a new home is built, or it is remodeled and updated with newer features.

Conversions have been done on some larger homes, creating duplexes where two separate living areas are made from one. The prices of homes depend on location, size, and any repairs that may need to be completed. Condos and townhouses are available, and they range in price from $80,000 to $ 650,000.

A fixer-upper in Saint Boniface can be purchased for around $140,000. Homes in excellent condition may sell for up to $900,000 in this community. Homes along the Red River have the most value because of the demand for a waterfront home. The average purchase price of a home is $330,000. Most of them fall into the range of $265,000 to $395,000.

Schools in Saint Boniface

There are six schools located in Saint Boniface. Four of them are grade schools:

  • Archwood School – English K-8
  • Ecole Provencher – French K-3
  • Marion School – English K-8
  • Nordale School – English K-8

The middle school offers a French immersion program for K-8. This is Ecole Henri-Bergeron, and they have classes for grades 4-8. There is one high school, Nelson McIntyre Collegiate, offering an English program for grades 9-12. High school students interested in a French immersion program can attend classes in Windsor Park at College Beliveau. It isn’t very far away; students can be dropped off and picked up by parents, drive if they are old enough, or take a bus to and from that high school.

The Universite de Saint-Boniface is located in this neighbourhood. It is a post-secondary school offering programs in French. Many different degree programs are available, technical school certifications, and professional training are offered. This is the only French university located in Canada.

Saint Boniface Attractions and Shopping

There are plenty of outdoor adventures and relaxing elements around St. Boniface. Whittier Park is the largest, and it is very popular. There are numerous trails here, offering a delightful view of the area. Fort Gibraltar is in this part, and it is a big part of history in this area. This is where the fur trade took place. It isn’t the actual one, but a replica. During the summer months, guides dress up as characters from that era and take you back in time.

There are winter festivities annually at Fort Gibraltar, too. It is a favourite for Saint Boniface residents, but people from all over come to attend these events at the fort. Another beautiful park in the area for picnics, walking, playgrounds, and relaxing is King George Park. There is often yoga and meditation held in the park during the day.

As a tribute to the Metis communities and Louis Riel, the Le Musee de Saint-Boniface Museum offers many artifacts, artwork, and stories explaining the French-Canadian culture and history. It is located in an old log building that was once a convent for nuns. This building is believed to be the oldest in Winnipeg!

Saint Boniface Cathedral draws thousands of visitors annually. They wish to see the architecture of this building in person. They are drawn to the history and meaning of this location. It has been rebuilt since a fire destroyed most of it in 1968. This is a common place for weddings; the outside is often included in wedding pictures.

There are plenty of water activities around Saint Boniface due to the Red River. Many trails take you along this river, and it is ideal for calming the mind and the body. The river is a great place to swim and cool off when it is hot outside. It is a common place for boating, kayaking, and canoeing. Many people enjoy fishing here as there are several species in these waters.

Three golf courses are found in this community, each offering different challenges along the 18-hole courses. They have beautiful scenery, and it is a great place to spend time outdoors, challenging yourself to improve your score.

Numerous shops are located in Saint Boniface, and they are independently owned and operated. Some of them are small, but they offer plenty of unique items for customers. They are conveniently close together, and it is fun to walk down the street and see what gets your attention. You can go in and out of the various shops and find plenty of variety. This includes clothing, books, household goods, collectibles, and art. There is a strip mall, Dominion Centre, where many people shop.

Five Restaurants in Saint Boniface

Fabulous restaurants are found in Saint Boniface, with plenty of variety. One of the favourites is Promenade Brasserie. They serve seasonal French dishes in a comfortable atmosphere. They have daily specials. Marion Street Eatery is a small café offering breakfast and lunch. It is a friendly place with lots of choices on the menu.

An excellent place to eat Chinese food in Saint Boniface is Singyun Restaurant. The portions are enormous, and the prices are reasonable. For a light lunch or a delicious smoothie, consider The Yellow Deli. They offer great sandwiches and sides. Deen’s Caribbean Restaurant is a unique option with a great atmosphere. During the warmer months, they also offer outdoor seating with a lovely view.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Saint Boniface?

This is a beautiful neighbourhood with many outdoor events. The area has a deeply rooted French history. It is a relaxing place with access to the Red River.

Is Saint Boniface Expensive?

This area is reasonably priced when you compare homes and other factors to surrounding communities.

Is Saint Boniface Safe?

There is little crime reported in Saint Boniface. The rates are much lower than in the downtown Winnipeg area.

Is Saint Boniface Good for Families?

Saint Boniface is an excellent place to raise a family. The schools are outstanding, there are many outdoor activities, and the community is family-oriented.

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