The Five Best Transcona Restaurants

transcona's best restaurants

As someone born and raised in Transcona and a food lover, I know a thing or two about the restaurants in Transcona. With Transcona having such a large footprint, there are so many delicious restaurants to choose from. As it continues to grow, the number of restaurants has also increased. With Winnipeg being such a diverse city, there is undoubtedly a restaurant that meets all tastes. To be fair to all restaurants in Transcona, this is only my opinion, and so many more deserve to be here as well.

Here Are My Favourite Transcona Restaurants

Dal's Restaurant & Lounge

Dal's food transcona


My best friend lived across the street from Dal's, so it was our go-to restaurant for over a decade. We would often eat there before heading out for the night. Dal's started as a small take-out restaurant expanded its space, and became a family-oriented, sit-down restaurant. There are two must-try menu items at Dal's. 1. Winnipeg is home to the Fatboy burger, and Dal's makes one of the best. If you're still getting familiar with the Fatboy, it's a burger with a chilli sauce. It takes hamburgers to a whole new level. 2. Pizza with side bacon. Bacon makes everything better, and using real bacon slices on a pizza is hard to beat.

L'Arche Tova Café


L'Arche Tova Café is a newer restaurant in Transcona that has been making waves. It has quickly become a Transcona favourite, mine as well! They are open until 2 PM and serve all-day breakfast. The service and atmosphere here are always so enjoyable. I recommend the Denver Sandwich. The ham in it is juicy and delicious. But don't just stop there; their menu has many tasty breakfast items. Grab some cinnamon buns on your way out; they are some of the best in the city.

Mr. Calzone

Mr Calzone food


Mar. Calzone is another new addition to Transcona located on Regent Ave. They have calzones, pizza, shawarma and even hamburgers. I can't speak for all their items, but I can comment on the calzones; they are scrumptious. When I order calzones from a restaurant, they aren't very appealing and are often greasy. This is not the case with Mr. Calzone. The calzones have a nice dough with a pleasant texture. The chicken calzone is my go-to. The chicken is always fresh, moist, and packed in the calzone. It has reasonable prices, so I recommend you check it out.

Little Bones Wings


Little Bones Wings has been in Transcona for several years now. Chicken wings became popular years ago, and quite a few restaurants specializing in wings popped up. Prices went up quite a bit over the years due to popularity and overall grocery prices, and many of the wing restaurants went out of business. Little Bones has stood the test of time and is now a staple in the basement of the Royal George on Regent Ave.

There isn't much to say about Little Bones other than they simply make great wings. The chicken wings are full of meat, yet crispy, and they have every flavour imaginable. They have flavours with no spice, up to very spicy, so find one you like and try. Little Bones also serves alcohol at their location, which is excellent, as chicken wings always go well with a cold beer!



Maggis food transcona

For several decades, the Whistle Pig made its home next to Dairy Queen in the middle of Transcona. It was considered a Transcona staple. Unfortunately, they shut down years ago, and no one was sure who would take the old space. A Syrian family decided to take the risk and serve home-cooked Syrian food. The risk paid off because their food is terrific. You will want to visit Maggi's if you enjoy Middle Eastern foods like shwarma. I usually get the chicken shwarma; the flavours come together perfectly. Sometimes, it can get messy because of the sauce, but that's the price for an amazing Syrian meal.

If you live in Transcona, I recommend you check out these restaurants. As more restaurants open in Transcona, I hope to add more to this list. You can try these restaurants regularly if you're lucky enough to live in Transcona!