Welcome To St Vital

A 15-minute drive from the noisy, busy area of downtown Winnipeg is the quiet area of St. Vital. It is a remarkable community with so much to offer to those living here. Since it is close to many smaller surrounding areas, residents often visit St. Vital for entertainment and shopping experiences.

The centralized location and many amenities found in St. Vital make it a popular place for people to live and others to visit. This area is widely known for its lovely homes and vast green spaces. Plenty of parks and hiking trails so people can experience the natural beauty around the area. At least 11 daily bus routes operate around St. Vital, connecting residents to the places they wish to reach for work, fun, or exploration.

History of St. Vital

This area was first settled by settlers in 1822, making it the 2nd oldest settlement in Manitoba. Kildonan is the 1st, if you were wondering! These early settlers came to the area following buffalo. They decided to settle in this area permanently. They traded with the fur companies around Red River to meet their basic needs. Some families in St. Vital today can trace their family legacy back to those early settlers.

St. Vital Housing Trends

As you view the housing in St. Vital, you will notice many lovely homes and living units. You will also identify the upscale area where the extravagant dwellings are located. Homes in this area sell very quickly. They have been on the market for a while because many households are watching for new listings. Some of them already reside here; they want to upsize or downsize. Others are interested in relocating to this fantastic area and calling it home.

A variety of styles of homes are found in St. Vital. They include two-storey family dwellings, bungalows, split-level, and bi-level homes. Both condos and apartments are located for those not ready to commit to a home purchase or only need a little space. A small trailer park here offers single and double-wide trailers with small yards. If you wish to see the mansions, go to the area that winds around the river. You may be in awe at the luxury homes in this area of St. Vital.

Single-family homes in this area start at $375,000 and may be up to $685,000. A luxury home along the water can cost about $1.5 million. Condos range from $115,000 to $500,000. Trailers in the trailer park carry a price range from $75,000 to $175,000.

Schools in St. Vital

Many of the schools in St. Vital offer a French immersion program. Approximately 20% of residents here speak either only French or they speak both French and English. Others are part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Boniface. Several private schools are in St. Vital, where parents can enroll their children rather than a public school.

St. Vital Attractions and Shopping

Sporting events around St. Vital is a fun way to cheer on your favourite teams. Both those involved in the sports and those watching have a great time preparing for the events. The home games always have considerable crowds to support them from the first play to the last for each game on the schedule.

St. Vital has plenty of options for those who love to be part of sports. There is an indoor community swimming pool and tennis courts available. The running track is a favourite, and you will see people on it even when the temperatures dip in the winter. There is one arena where various events are held. There is plenty of activity with six outdoor rinks, such as hockey and ice skating.

The off-leash dog park is a massive hit in this community. It gives beloved pets a place to run and play with ease. It offers owners a break from taking their dogs on the trails. This is a popular place where people visit and get to know each other while they watch their dogs have a great time.

Spending time in Bois-des-Espirits Park is a pastime many residents enjoy here. There is so much to explore due to the 117 acres it covers. All types of ecosystems you can imagine are found here. Some residents like the trees best and spend time around the oak or aspen trees. Others prefer grasslands or wetlands. There is also plenty to see around the river bottom, including the historical development based on river flow changes.

A variety of flowers and plants are thriving in these ecosystems. You will also see plenty of wildlife in some regions of this park. It is fun to explore different areas of the park on the trails. The scenery changes often in different parts of it. The changes take place with the different seasons, too.

Many people around St. Vital spend their free time at the Niakwa Golf and Country Club. This is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the area, but also challenging! There are various tournaments and fundraising events hosted here. Leisure games of golf, lessons, and business deals are often taking place out there on the green.

St. Vital Centre is an area where you can spend all day shopping and enjoying various food options. This shopping area is very popular with residents and surrounding communities. Since many other communities have little shopping available, they will drive a short distance to this spectacular shopping location! There are more than 160 shops here, giving consumers plenty to consider.

Five Restaurants in St. Vital

Numerous restaurants are in St. Vital, offering a variety of types of foods and experiences. Pasta di Casa is a delightful place to experience authentic Italian food. The atmosphere is fun, and the staff is fantastic! The portions are enormous, so show up with your appetite! They have a variety of wines to pair with your entrée and excellent dessert choices to complete your meal.

A fun place to eat and hang out in St. Vital is Montana BBQ & Bar. They are open for lunch and dinner. Stop in for a delicious meal or to have appetizers and drinks. The handmade onion rings are one of the top-selling items here. Joey’s Seafood Restaurant offers impressive dishes; you won’t be disappointed. In addition to seafood, they have steak and chicken on the menu.

For unique dishes, visit Kim Chi – Korean Delight. The prices are reasonable, and you will love the selection of food. You can choose individual items or an entrée with sides. Many residents call this restaurant among their favourites to visit. Cora Breakfast and Lunch offers a fun place to get homemade food to start your day. They have excellent breakfast burritos and platters. They have several sandwiches and salads at lunchtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in St. Vital?

The history, thriving environment, and fantastic community network are why people love living in St. Vital. They enjoy this peaceful area and the incredible natural elements all around them. They are close to downtown Winnipeg or other places for work, shopping, or having a great night out. Residents love calling this community their home!

Is St. Vital Expensive?

St. Vital is comparable to many other neighbourhoods surrounding this area regarding pricing. It is a great place to buy a home for a reasonable cost. For those interested in living closer to the water, there are upscale housing options for a premium price.

Is St. Vital Safe?

Low crime is a factor many families consider when they move to St. Vital. They feel reassured that the crime rate here is far lower than in downtown Winnipeg.

Is St. Vital Good for Families?

This is a fantastic community for families due to the schools, community events, and outdoor adventures available. Residents enjoy getting to know other families in this area and connecting with them.

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