Welcome To Devonshire Village

Located in West Transcona, the small but hard-to-forget area of Devonshire Village continues to grow. The site is relatively new to development, but the location is easy to access from many other communities. The vision of living here to enjoy a quiet life, enjoying a newly built home, and the fantastic scenery all around is just too much to pass up. The area is enticing to young couples, families, and retirees.

It takes about 25 minutes to reach Devonshire Village from downtown Winnipeg. Many residents here commute to their jobs in Downtown Winnipeg or surrounding areas. They prefer the green space in Devonshire Village, trails, and commitment to preserving nature.

History of Devonshire Village

The idea to develop Devonshire Village into a residential area began in 2012. By 2015, homes were created there. A solid plan for implementing these units, along with preserving the natural elements around the area, was created. Many people reside here because they want a quiet, comfortable, and green environment.

Devonshire Village Housing Trends

This area is still under development, with plans in various stages to create up to 2,500 residential homes and townhouses. The prices are reasonable, starting at about $270,000. These are typically townhouse-style with an attached garage. Upscale homes along the waterfront can cost up to $600,000.

Due to the anticipated growth of Devonshire Village and the new structures, these units should continue to increase in value. Many people are interested in living in this area, and they are carefully selecting which development they wish to call their own. Others are working with a contractor for a custom-built property. Several condo units are found in this area, and they can be a good choice.

New Devonshire Village Construction

While the vision for Devonshire Village includes growth and housing developments, precautions are taken to preserve the natural surroundings. There are strict guidelines and requirements in place for these construction projects. They are carefully reviewed before being approved. The designs and locations are selected to maintain the lovely surroundings and incredible views.

Construction of homes started in 2015, and it is still going strong today. Adding new units in intervals was intentional. As more people are enticed to live in Devonshire Village, it is encouraging to them when they see affordable homes in this remarkable area for a price that fits their budget. Several of the projects in place now are two-storey homes and bungalows.

Schools in Devonshire Village

There aren’t any schools located in Devonshire Village. Students can attend schools within the River East Transcona School Division. Parents tend to take their time evaluating the options before deciding which of these schools best fits their child.

Devonshire Village Attractions and Shopping

Hiking and biking on the lovely trails around Devonshire Village is a great way to spend free time. Families often use them to spend time together and get exercise. Others use these trails to conveniently walk to their destination rather than driving. Many interconnected trails offer a great way to get around the community.

There aren’t any shopping opportunities in Devonshire Village other than a typical grocery store. However, there are numerous shopping areas in nearby communities. They are easy to access, and it takes little time to reach them. A short distance in any direction can take you to a grand array of stores for your shopping pleasure!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Devonshire Village?

Devonshire Village is a clean, health-conscious place to live. It is quiet and comfortable, and residents feel a sense of belonging. It is a small community, and it is reassuring to know your neighbours.

Is Devonshire Village Expensive?

The cost of a home in Devonshire Village is slightly below average for the surrounding communities. It can be economical to live here and commute to one of the close communities, such as downtown Winnipeg, to work.

Is Devonshire Village Safe?

This area is very safe. Residents feel comfortable with their surroundings. They appreciate the small community size because they get a chance to know others around them. Crime rates tend to be lower in smaller areas further from downtown.

Is Devonshire Village Good for Families?

Many households choose Devonshire Village to raise their family. They are fond of outdoor activities and good air quality and wish to raise their family in a small community. They can’t beat the cost of living here or the beautiful surroundings.

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