Welcome To Canterbury Crossing

One of the newer residential areas of Transcona is Canterbury Crossing. It is located to the east, and very beautiful. This community offers residential living at its finest with extraordinary aesthetic qualities. It is a place to live, offering quiet and comfortable access to the natural elements. This includes trails and parks where a healthy lifestyle and outdoor time are intertwined.

It takes between 25 and 30 minutes to get from downtown Winnipeg to Canterbury Crossing. Living in this peaceful area offers a good lifestyle. At the same time, it provides a practical place close to shops, entertainment, and employment opportunities. Getting from this small community to those larger elements takes little time.

History of Canterbury Crossing

While Canterbury Crossing is considered a newer community, some homes were established there in 1972. They were few and far between, and the residents were secluded due to the limited housing. It wasn’t until 2002 that this area was planned to grow. By 2006, just over 5,000 people lived here.

Canterbury Crossing Housing Trends

Housing developments in Canterbury Crossing are designed in phases. Each phase offers a variety of housing units in a selected area. They are created with strict guidelines in place to preserve the natural space. The first units built here were single-family homes. A select number of homers were erected facing the lake or the park. A few apartments, duplexes, and condos were created to satisfy any housing need.

A typical two-storey family home with a two-car garage in Canterbury Crossing is approximately $340,000. Those facing the lake or the park can be as much as $550,000 because of the demand for them. These homes continue to hold or increase in value due to the number of people interested in residing in this community.

New Canterbury Crossing Construction

New units emerge in Canterbury Crossing under these careful construction guidelines and requirements. Consumers can ask for a custom-built home, too. They get to select the location and the layout of the place. It is exciting to move into a newer home, or one created precisely how you want it!

Schools in Canterbury Crossing

There are a few schools located in Canterbury Crossing. Ecole Centrale and Harold Hatcher are for elementary students. Ecole Regent Park and Arthur Day are for middle school students. College Pierre-Elliott and Murdoch MacKay offer studies for high school students. Both Ecole schools and the College Pierre-Elliott schools offer a French immersion curriculum.

Canterbury Crossing Attractions and Shopping

Outdoor activities are a big perk of living in Canterbury Crossing. They include hiking, biking, and running. With the water so close, fishing and boating are common activities. There are plenty of sporting events, too. They are fun both for those participating and those watching, cheering them on. The schools and community centres have various activities, ensuring everyone can find what they are passionate about.

While shopping is limited in Canterbury Crossing, many malls and shopping centres are about 15 minutes away. It is fast and convenient to reach them either by vehicle or by taking one of the bus routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Canterbury Crossing?

Enjoying the trails, parks, and the lake are all part of living in Canterbury Crossing. This community offers a small but delightful area to call home. It is quiet, relaxing, and close to everything you can imagine. You can escape the busy city life but be there in less than 30 minutes for work, dinner, or the nightlife.

Is Canterbury Crossing Expensive?

Homes in Canterbury Crossing are higher than in several surrounding small communities. Yet they aren’t so expensive that the average family can’t afford to buy a place they love!

Is Canterbury Crossing Safe?

Further from the city, there is less crime in Canterbury Crossing, which is encouraging. People feel safe here, and they have a deep sense of community. They are inspired to enjoy their life here while taking action to ensure the natural elements are preserved.

Is Canterbury Crossing Good for Families?

This is a family-oriented community with plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Many couples move to this area when they plan to have children because they want to raise them in this type of environment. Others relocate with their children from downtown Winnipeg to get them out of the city and into the fresh air with open spaces.

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