Welcome To Canterbury Park

On the east side of Winnipeg, you will find the lovely residential area of Canterbury Park. It is only 20 minutes from downtown Winnipeg but far enough away to offer a quiet and peaceful environment. It is a lovely balance of a place to live and a way to enjoy the lush green surroundings. This community is active with outdoor hiking, biking, and running.

It is a small, close neighbourhood. Due to the environment, Canterbury Park is a prime place to buy a home and raise a family. People are drawn to the setting and do their part to preserve the area’s natural beauty.

History of Canterbury Park

The first homes in Canterbury Park were created in 2008. The early development could have been faster due to the regulations in place. There are plenty of extra steps to take for building in this area to ensure the environment is adequately protected. Steady progress has been made, and more people move there each year. The biggest explosion of growth started in 2019 and continues with some grand construction projects currently in place.

Canterbury Park Housing Trends

Buying a home in Canterbury Park is enticing due to the beautiful area and peaceful environment. Another factor is the reasonable price of a home here, starting at $170,000 for a two-storey home or a townhouse. Many people live here and easily commute to surrounding areas for work because the cost of living is excellent here.

There are more expensive housing options, up to $460,000 for the luxury homes. These tend to be those located along the lake. The demand for this property, combined with the lake right out the door, brings in a premium price. The growth of Canterbury Park will continue, and these homes should have no trouble increasing in value as the years go by.

While there is a demand for condos in Canterbury Park, there are a few to choose from. That will change in the upcoming years. Currently, condos are offered with 1 or 2 bedrooms. They range in price from $130,000 to $170,000. Most were created in 2019 as part of the Canterbury Crossing Development Project.

New Canterbury Park Construction

There are some fantastic homes and townhouses in Canterbury Park, but so much more in motion for the future. This involves carefully planning various projects including single-family homes, condos, bungalows, and townhouses located in Transcona. The goal is to offer a size of structure and price to fit any budget and household situation. There are numerous restrictions on what can be built and worn to preserve the natural balance of Canterbury Park.

Schools in Canterbury Park

Students living in Canterbury Park may attend one of three schools: Harold Hatch Elementary School for K-8 grades. Murdoch MacKay Collegiate is for grades 9 – 12. A French curriculum is offered for grades 9-12 through College Pierre-Elliott Trudeau. Due to being close to many other community borders, parents are choosing to send their children to schools in other communities.

Canterbury Park Attractions and Shopping

Outdoor recreational sports are common around Canterbury Park. They vary depending on the time of year. Hiking, running, and biking occur on the trails year-round. These trails are designed to interconnect the area, making it convenient for leisure and getting around.
The lake offers fishing, boating, and swimming activities. Sports are an avid part of the entertainment and attractions around Canterbury Park. It is fun if you decide to participate or observe others! This includes hockey and ice skating.

Residents of Canterbury Park can buy groceries and necessities in this community. Visiting various communities in the area is necessary for any shopping beyond that. Many venture to the malls and boutiques in the surrounding locations because they are convenient to reach and offer plenty of variety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Canterbury Park?

Getting out of the downtown area and living in Canterbury Park is a fantastic transformation. The area is clean, quiet, and comfortable. Yet it takes little time to commute for work, entertainment, shopping, or a nice dinner. Residents can have the best of both worlds living here!

Is Canterbury Park Expensive?

A home is less expensive in Canterbury Park than many other communities. The houses are newer and very nice. Most offer a unique view of the delightful surroundings, encouraging people to live here. It is a common location for first-time homebuyers to find the place of their dreams!

Is Canterbury Park Safe?

This small community is safe and has lower crime rates than downtown Winnipeg. People in this community take pride in it and work hard to protect it. They get to know their neighbours and watch out for each other.

Is Canterbury Park Good for Families?

This is an excellent place for families to live. The homes are reasonably priced, and the area is safe. There are terrific schools, outdoor activities, sports, and playgrounds. It is a chance for a family to build a good life in Canterbury Park.

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