Welcome To Transcona

Located about 10 minutes from Winnipeg’s downtown area, the suburb of Transcona is welcoming and diverse. I was born, raised and spent over 30 years of my life living in Transcona. It has a special place in my heart and always will. I come back to visit friends and family several times per week. The variety of people here contributes to this unique and unforgettable culture. You will notice people that enjoy nature as well as sports fanatics. It is a beautiful place for artistic freedom or to explore the history of this area. It is lovely and has so much to offer. It isn’t uncommon for someone to visit and decide they will make the neighbourhood of Transcona their home.

First-time visitors are often in awe of the unique elements featured here. This is a place people remember. It isn’t just a blur with the long list of spots they explored on holiday! Instead, it leaves a lasting positive impression on them. Try to spend a few days at least in Transcona. If you only have one day, it is impossible to fit everything in, and you will be disappointed you couldn’t explore it more.

Those that reside in Transcona love the way it is laid out. They often refer to it as the One Square Mile City. There is plenty to explore, shops, restaurants, and entertainment in a small radius. They appreciate this proximity because it is so easy to get around. Tourists enjoy this, too; it allows them to walk around and explore without complex directions.

Numerous bus routes are available each day to help with transportation. The convenient bus stops and frequency of the buses make this a great way to get around the area. The routes are marked on maps at the bus stops, and it is easy to determine which route you need to get to your desired destination. The buses are clean and comfortable.

Many people that live here don’t own a car. They use walking paths and sidewalks to get around. They rely on convenient public transportation when they wish to go somewhere. Families often have a vehicle, making getting the kids loaded up and to different events more accessible. Tourists can quickly get around this area even if they don’t have their own transportation.

One of Winnipeg’s casinos is found in Transcona for adults to enjoy. It has a hotel connected to it, making this a great place to stay while visiting the area. The casinos often host concerts, comedians, and various performances to draw people to them for much more than just the gaming experience.

History of Transcona

In 1909, this area was unknown to most, but that changed with the repairs shop for two railways being established here. They were for The National Transcontinental Railways and the Grand Trunk Pacific. The name Transcona is in honour of the railways that helped put this place on the map. The name was picked after a contest where people could submit entries was held.

This area became an official town in 1912, but it wasn’t until 1961 that it became known as the City of Transcona. The entity struggled independently, eventually becoming part of the City of Winnipeg in 1972.

This thriving city faced some hardships early on. In 1921, it filed for bankruptcy, requiring both the council and the mayor to resign. The Province oversaw the area until 1927 when a new council was elected into office. The depression of the 1930s continued to cause hard times for this community.

The railways were forced to lay people off, and the unemployment rate spiked. Regent Avenue, the new highway, was created as a project to offer employment to many of the residents. The highway was paved from Transcona to Winnipeg with a price tag of $135,000.

The area worked hard to create jobs and offer a secure future for residents. Those efforts have paid off, and it continues to grow and thrive. Yet the roots of the early days of the railroads are still remembered! They are alive in the various elements around, the museums, and the murals that all show appreciation for that time.

Beautiful Parks

Families, individuals, and tourists love the beautiful parks in Transcona. They offer lovely scenery that changes with the seasons. They provide a space to enjoy the outdoors, get fresh air, and exercise. It isn’t uncommon to see people walking the trails alone or with their pets. These parks offer a great place for children to run and play and a family to spend the afternoon together.

Buhler Recreation Park is one of the most popular due to the size of it. There are plenty of trails and excellent picnic areas. This is a fantastic place for sports too. The skate park draws in plenty of people, including those new to skating and who can perform various tricks. This park has a soccer field and basketball court. The enormous playground has various play equipment to keep the little ones content!

Kern Park is less widely known, but it is a gem you want to take advantage of. This is a quiet park; many people come here to relax and enjoy that tranquility. You may see people meditating or doing yoga when you are walking the trails. There is plenty of shade here due to the giant trees, offering a place to get out of the sun on the hotter days.

The walking path around Kern Park offers a great way to take in the scenery while getting some exercise. If you go there often, you will see lots of familiar faces. Those who know about Kern Park spend plenty of time there. They find it helps them connect with nature and let go of stress.

Kinsmen Centennial Park hosts a ton of community events throughout the year. If you reside in this area or live nearby, follow the calendar of events. There will be plenty of them that get your attention. The Canada celebration does not disappoint! The hiking trails here offer a lovely view of the park and surrounding areas.

Transcona Optimist Park is charming and relaxing. The playground is enormous, but the kids like the splash pad the best! When it is hot outside, they can go into the water and play as much as they want! It is a favourite of young children, but the older kids have just as much fun!

There is a large field here where you will frequently see people engaging in a football game. The area has plenty of benches and picnic tables, making it an outstanding place for lunch outdoors or to sit down and take in this park’s beauty!

Transcona Housing Trends

Buying a home is a remarkable experience! It is exciting, but it is also a huge commitment. There are lovely homes in Transcona for families to make their own. The area also has plenty of apartments and condos. Finding a place you love and you can afford is essential. Winnipeg as a whole, and especially the Transcona neighbourhood, are among the most affordable areas for housing.

This is encouraging because earning enough money to pay for living expenses is essential. Yet you want to avoid scraping by month after month. With lower housing costs but also decent wages, it makes this area more enticing to live in. Residents are eager to move here because they feel confident they can afford the place they select.

First-time homebuyers don’t have to struggle with the increasing costs of buying a place when they select this neighbourhood. While homes do increase in value and are a wise investment, the jump hasn’t been as significant as in Toronto or other areas of Canada. Sadly, it is becoming increasingly more work for the average family to find a home they can afford to buy in Toronto.

The real estate market in Transcona is healthy due to its affordability. There are a variety of homes on the market at any point. They tend to sell in a short window of time, and buyers can secure their loans with reasonable terms. Those who aren’t ready to buy can find a great home to rent for a fair price.

Homes in Transcona range from $120,000 for a standard home up to $600,00 for a luxury home. The variety of homes includes their location, layout, size, and other variables. Condos are in the price range of $120,000 to $400,000, depending on location and amenities. Experts agree the value of real estate in Transcona is outstanding. There are options for first-time buyers, those wanting something more significant, and even those ready to downsize.

New Transcona Construction

Over 35,000 people reside in Transcona, and the area continues to grow. The forecasted growth for the next five years is encouraging. This is a working-class area, and the need for additional housing is being addressed. Residents and government officials understand that for this area to thrive, they must prepare for growth. This includes new construction of homes, condos, apartments, and businesses.

As the new construction continues, several projects are in various phases currently. Most are in Canterbury Crossing, Devonshire Park, and Summerlea. Most of these projects include subdivisions of family homes. Others involve the construction of condos.

Popular Transcona Communities

Transcona is surrounded by some of the best communities in this area. It is exciting to learn a bit about them and what they offer. Many residents frequent these other communities for work or to engage in activities.

Canterbury Crossing is one of the newest communities but also one of the fastest growing. It is in the east park of Transcona. The homes here are situated to give residents easy access to the parks, the water, activity/sports locations, and trails. There is ample shopping and plenty of public transportation offered.

Parks, trees, and lakes surround Canterbury Park. It is breathtaking but also an affordable place to reside. The community is diverse, with people from a variety of backgrounds. Residents love the green scenery being so close to them. It offers reasonably priced housing with a good quality of living.

Devonshire Park is home to many professionals and families. It features beautiful parks and trails for outdoor lovers. There are plenty of new housing developments here, and they add both charm and flare due to their unique designs. The best shopping is only about 5 minutes away at Kildonan Place.

Devonshire Village is a growing area with several construction projects underway to offer more housing availability. The goal is to create at least 2,500 more housing units, which is being accomplished in several phases. This includes single-family homes, condos, and townhomes.

Kildonan Green is in the west part of Transcona. This area is beautiful, with convenient access to shops and restaurants. There are over 100 stores you can check out in this area. Apee Panchhi Park is a familiar spot for people to spend time. There are trails for walking or cycling. It is a short drive to enjoy the Forks National Historic Site or to spend time at the Forks market.

Summerlea is one of Transcona’s newest communities but is exceptional in many ways! There is plenty of room for growth, and many residents are eager to see what the future holds for this area. It has large open spaces, so it is ideal for those that enjoy the outdoors and the scenery. The walking and biking trails are designed to connect. They offer a convenient way to get exercise or reach an intended destination.

Schools in Transcona

The River East School Division is one of the largest in Manitoba. Education is a cornerstone of Transcona and one of the reasons many families choose this suburb. Education is a priority, with the best curriculum in place. The learning is balanced with activities, so the children enjoy the learning experience.
There are several quality schools in this area your child may attend. You can feel confident they will have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Two of them focus specifically on teaching students in French.

If you wish to send your children there, there are a few private school options instead of a public school. The requirements for private schools and the tuition vary, but all that information is readily available online or by contacting the school. The two prestigious ones are The Laureate Academy and Balmoral Hall School.

While there aren’t any universities in Transcona, there are two great schools for higher education close by. They include the University of Manitoba Fort Gary Campus and the University of Winnipeg. Both offer a variety of educational programs.

Terrific Transcona Attractions

Transcona Centennial Square is small area in downtown Transcona that often hosts small events. If you visit on a hot day, there is a splash pad for cooling off. Walking around this area, you will also see some historical elements and visitor information.

The Transcona Bioreserve offers a uniquely beautiful experience. It is educational, making it a prime location for people of all ages to enjoy and appreciate. The trail is just shy of 1 ½ miles and features terrific scenery.

During the hot times of the year, Transcona Aquatic Park is the ideal place to have fun and cool off! It is a common place for families to spend time due to the picnic areas and separate swimming areas for smaller children. Two diving boards and four water slides are available, offering hours of fun!

Spend some time looking at the lovely murals around Transcona. The artists have put their creative touches to the test, and you won’t be disappointed with what you see. The inspirational themes, detailed designs, and spirit behind this artwork are something you will fall in love with. It will be one of your favourite memories of Transcona.

Five Amazing Restaurants in Transcona

There is no shortage of delightful places to eat around Transcona. This includes small family-owned restaurants, upscale dining experiences, and cafes. No matter what you select, you will find the food and service exceptional. These are five of the fantastic restaurants you can try while in Transcona.

Dal’s is at the top of the list for many residents in Transcona, especially families. They offer a variety of items on the menu. They serve large portions of food, and the prices are low. Pizza and burgers get rave reviews from this restaurant. While you can walk in and dine, reservations are encouraged, or you can have a lengthy wait time!

Sal’s, an icon restaurant in Winnipeg is located at Crossroads Station on Regent Ave. They have all day breakfast and some of the best burgers in the city. This Winnipeg tradition is a must.

If you are in the mood for authentic Chinese food, Hung’s Garden is the best around! If you aren’t sure what you want, go during lunchtime when they offer a buffet with an array of delicious options. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and very comfortable.

Breakfast is served all day long at L’Arche Tova Café. They are famous for their weekend brunch, where you can get a variety of food for an excellent price. This café offers employment to those with different disabilities, and it is great to support them due to all they do to give back to the community.
Enjoy food, drinks, and a unique Fionn McCool’s Irish Pub atmosphere! They open at 11 am each day and stay open until 1 am. Many people stop in after attending a concert or show. They offer complete meals and a long list of appetizers on the menu.

Maggi’s is family owned and the best choice for Syrian food. However, it is only open from April through November each year. If you live here, you know that people can’t wait for it to open again when it is closed! For tourists, try to come when it is open so you can take advantage of it! They have both indoor and outdoor seating available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like living in Transcona?

There always seem to be jobs available in Transcona, and many residents love that they don’t have a lengthy commute to and from work. The variety of careers in Transcona includes various businesses, healthcare, retail, education, and more. Living here and working there isn’t uncommon since it is only 10 minutes from downtown Winnipeg. An estimated 45% of adults in Transcona hold a degree or certificate.

Some excellent high-paying jobs in downtown Winnipeg are enticing for those with the credentials. These jobs include corporate businesses, government entities, healthcare, and financial institutions. There has been substantial growth in manufacturing and IT jobs in recent years. The transportation jobs in the city have grown too.

If you love to shop, you will be thrilled to discover that Winnipeg’s 3rd largest mall is located here! You will have a great time exploring the shops and seeing what is new since your last visit. If you are a tourist, save room in your luggage for what you find at this mall. You don’t want to forego the purchase because you need more space to get the items you wish to buy back home!

There are plenty of smaller shops, and seeing the unique items they offer is fun. You can spend your day shopping, getting something to eat, and taking in the scenery. The convenience of these shops and cafes makes it easy to set your own pace and look around.

Getting around Transcona is very easy due to the layout. You can opt to have a vehicle if you choose, but you will be fine without one. There is so much to see, but it is also easily accessible. There is public transportation available too.

Is Transcona expensive?

Transcona is one of the most affordable suburbs. The average household income is $75,000 annually. Approximately 88% of those living in homes own them or have a mortgage on them. Winnipeg generally has a lower cost of living than other cities, but Transcona is even more so, as it is located further away from the city centre.

Is Transcona safe?

Community members in Transcona feel safe during the daytime hours and after dark. This is a suburb with a meagre crime rate. There are community watch programs, and people look out for each other. They are alert to anything out of the ordinary and typically report it. Overall, Transcona has a very low crime rate.

Is Transcona a good place for families?

Transcona is an excellent location for families. An estimated 65% of households residing in Transcona have at least one child. It is focused on family activities, fun, and the schools are outstanding. There are numerous museums, parks, and attractions for families to enjoy and explore. There is ample health care for the entire family, promoting a healthy lifestyle. This includes medical services, dental providers, and mental health programs.

Other Transcona neighbourhoods: Starlite, Mission Gardens