Welcome To Mission Gardens

One of the beautiful neighbourhoods in Transcona is Mission Gardens. I was born here, so I’m a bit of an expert in the area! It may be small, but this area has a mix of newer and older residential homes that are close to everything. People come to the quiet location and the surroundings due to the lush green parks and the many trails for outdoor exercise and relaxation. The homes here are reasonably priced, which has drawn in buyers who needed help fitting a house into their budget in some of the surrounding areas.

Yet it is only about 15 minutes from downtown Winnipeg. Residents love the comforts of this area. They balance it with the convenience of reaching shopping centres, places to work, and the heart of Winnipeg in just a few minutes. It gives them the best of both worlds and a wonderful place to reside.

History of Mission Gardens

Housing and a few business structures emerged in Mission Gardens in the 1960s. Growth has been slow, though, until around the early 2000s. Approximately 1/3 of the housing units today were created between 2002 and 2003. The development is carefully place due to the focus on preserving the environment and the green surroundings.

Mission Gardens Housing Trends

More homes and other housing units continue to emerge in Mission Gardens. A typical two-storey family home ranges from $180,000 to $500,000. It depends on the exact location, the view, and the layout. With so many variables, shopping around and finding the ideal home to fit your preferences and budget is fun. The homes hold their value well and should continue to increase in value.

New Mission Gardens Construction

A few new construction units in Mission Gardens are condos and apartments. The number of them is minimal, though, compared to houses. Most households here are families, and they like the two-storey layout because it gives them ample room for everyone.

Schools in Mission Gardens

There is one school located in Mission Garden, Bernie Wolfe Community School. It offers classes for students in grades K through 8th. Students in 9th-12th grade attend schools in nearby communities. Several are available, depending on the curriculum and exact location. Parents evaluate all of this before they decide on where their child attends.

Mission Gardens Attractions and Shopping

Bernie Wolfe Community School offers an indoor swimming pool. It is open for public use. The hours vary based on the time of year. The pool is closed to the public during the school year while school is in session.

The lovely 18-hole golf course, Transcona Golf Club, is in Mission Gardens. During the warm part of the year, it is common to see people teeing off from when the sun comes up until it gets dark out. Lessons, tournaments, and fun activities are offered at the golf course. It is known as a challenging golf course but also gets rave reviews for the beauty of it.

Bernie Wolfe Park is spectacular, with trails, picnic areas, a place to engage in sports, and a large playground. During the summer, baseball games and soccer games are hosted here.

Other than places to buy necessities and groceries, you won’t find any stores in Mission Gardens. It is fast and convenient, though, to visit various shopping centres and malls close by. Many of them are only 15 to 20 minutes away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Mission Gardens?

Living in Mission Gardens is fun, comfortable, and away from the hectic pace of downtown Winnipeg. Being so close to other neighbourhoods is convenient because it cuts down on commute time. It also offers excellent opportunities for fun, shopping, employment, and education.

Is Mission Gardens Expensive?

Living in Mission Gardens is comparable to other suburbs about the same size. The homes tend to be more affordable unless you are looking at the upscale options. For first-time buyers, living here can help them buy a place they can afford. They want to keep their budget manageable.

Is Mission Gardens Safe?

The crime rates in this little community are very low. It is one of the reasons many people decide to move out of the downtown Winnipeg area. They want to raise their family in a community where they know each other and have low crime rates.

Is Mission Gardens Good for Families?

There are at least ten regular bus routes offered for Mission Garden residents. Families often rely on them to get to the surrounding communities. They enjoy their relaxing lifestyle in this small but friendly community. There is plenty for them to explore and participate in both through the schools and community events.

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