Welcome To Charleswood

An exceptional neighbourhood about 30 minutes from downtown Winnipeg is Charleswood. The beautiful forest and Assiniboine River through this area offer lush green trees and beautiful scenery. It is a quiet area, offering lovely homes and a great place to raise a family. Many people live here and commute to the city or surrounding suburbs for work. They want to live where they can enjoy nature and avoid the busy city.

History of Charleswood

This area is known in history as the passage through the Assiniboine River. It was a significant part of the survival for both traders and settlers. The Hudson Bay Company ceded this area to Canada in 1869. It was then that it became a settlement. It was an independent municipality until 1972. In the 1930s, Charleswood was given the nickname The Suburb Beautiful, and that name has stuck all these decades later.

Charleswood Housing Trends

Impressive homes are found in Charleswood, many with a view of the forest or the river. A significant portion of this community isn’t developed and never will be. The goal is to preserve as much of the natural surroundings as possible. This includes keeping homes and commercial property out of hundreds of acres in Charleswood.

Other sections of land in Charleswood are used for farming. Many households living in this neighbourhood earn a living operating this farmland. The land is often in the same family and gets passed down to future generations as the years go by.

About 82% of the homes here are owner-occupied. Most of these homeowners are families. Since this community has existed for decades, some residents no longer need a large house. They now have an empty nest and downsize their property, but they want to continue calling this area home.

Approximately 10,000 homes in Charleswood tend to include more significant segments of land than your typical home boundaries. Many of these homes were built in the early 1900s. Most homes were created between 1950 and the 1980s. The homes include two-storey family dwellings, bungalows, and bi-level properties. There are a few condos here, and most feature an apartment-like layout.

Homes here range from $415,000 to $650,000 for a typical family home. Some luxurious places along the river are valued at over $2 million. Condos range in price from $130,000 to $600,000. Variables, including the size and location, influence the price.

Schools in Charleswood

Several schools are located in Charleswood; they all fall under the Pembina Trails School Diversion umbrella. Due to the spread-out nature of the residential areas, the school a child will attend depends on where they reside. A total of 11 schools are found within this community.

  • Grade school – 6
  • Middle school – 3
  • High school – 2

There are French immersion programs offered for each grade level. Parents can request that their child attend a school offering such a curriculum, even if it is different from the school they usually would attend, based on where their home address is located within Charleswood. There is a post-secondary school here too – the Canadian Mennonite University.

Charleswood Attractions and Shopping

There are many vast open areas and parks in Charleswood. They offer a delightful place to walk, relax, play sports, and spend time with the family. Many of these parks feature playgrounds the children are thrilled with. These are family-friendly parks, and you will often see families spending time enjoying these locations.

Birdwatching is a common pastime around Charleswood. Many of the wooded areas are home to different species. Reaching them can be challenging due to the unpaved paths, but the enthusiasts are up for the challenge! They love to share with other residents the ideal spots to see particular species of birds. 700 acres of forest comprise the Assiniboine Forest. It can be explored on the walking paths. Many of them connect to segments of Assiniboine Park. A delightful exploration trail takes you along 6 ½ km that follows the old railway. It is called Harte Trail but also interlaps part of the Trans Canada Trail. Fort Whyte is close to Charleswood and a favourite for families to visit. The educational value is worth the trip. This nature centre is also a wildlife refuge. There are various activities and programs offered here every day. The 640 acres are protected, offering a remarkable place for wildlife to thrive. Several community centres are located within Charleswood, offering a wealth of different activities for families to enjoy. Sports are at the top of that list, including outdoor hockey rinks, soccer fields, and baseball fields. The lovely golf course offers an excellent place for competitive golf games and tournaments. If you need to improve your game or wish to learn how to play, lessons are available at the Charleswood Golf Course and Two distinct types of shopping are available in Charleswood. The first is the small, unique shops with one-of-a-kind items for sale. They are the perfect spot to find trendy clothing, jewelry, and gifts. There are shops located within various strip malls. They tend to be familiar names and chain stores.

Five Restaurants in Charleswood

Fantastic food is something the locals in Charleswood will tell you all about! Plenty of outstanding places exist to try something new or get your favourite dishes. Iyara Thai Restaurant offers unique dishes. They are known for generous portions and delicious soups. If you like Thai food, this will become an immediate place you frequent!

Signature Pizza and Salads is a family hotspot around Charleswood. They offer terrific options to customize your pizza. They have several types of salads and sides to pick from. Pappas Greek Food & Steak is a good choice too. They offer authentic Greek dishes you will love! Bluestone Cottage offers home-cooked entrees, but save room for the delicious pie for dessert!

Thirsty Lion Tavern is known for drinks and socializing, but they have some excellent choices for food too. They serve appetizers, burgers, and much more. This is the place many people stop in to enjoy some food but also to find out what is happening in town and catch up with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Charleswood?

The beautiful river, vast forest, and open land draw people to Charleswood. They enjoy the charming atmosphere and love getting away from the city’s business. While homes are spaced apart, there is a deep sense of community and commitment to others that reside there.

Is Charleswood Expensive?

The average family living in Charleswood earns $100,000 annually. It is a beautiful place to live and affordable. Homes along the river or close to the forest are the most expensive. A typical home tends to be more than many surrounding neighbourhoods.

Is Charleswood Safe?

Crime is very low in Charleswood; part of that is the distance from downtown Winnipeg. Residents watch out for themselves and their neighbours. That sense of community reduces the risk of anything criminal happening.

Is Charleswood Good for Families?

This is an excellent community for families. There are plenty of activities, excellent schools, and a chance to learn about nature.

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