Welcome To Westwood

The distance from downtown Winnipeg to Westwood is about 20 minutes, but the two areas are very different. Many professionals work in the downtown area, but they enjoy the transformation to this quiet and beautiful environment. They are fond of the trees, parks, and greenery around them in Westwood. They don’t mind this short commute to work in exchange for being part of such a remarkable neighbourhood.

This neighbourhood has the Assiniboine River to the South, enhancing the beauty of the surrounding area. This river is also a hot spot for water-related activities.

Westwood Housing Trends

There are about 3,700 homes located in Westwood. Most of them were built in the 1960s and 1970s. They include split-level homes, bungalows, and two-storey homes. The variety among them adds charm to the streets lining Westwood. Buying a home ranges between $285,500 and $565,000. The average price is $ 415,000.

A popular trailer park, the Downs Village Community Trailer Park, offers one- and two-bedroom trailers for about $50,000. Condos are a good option in Westwood, with prices ranging from $150,000 to $310,000. Homes valued at $1 million or more are located along the waterfront of the Assiniboine River or behind the golf course.

Schools in Westwood

Four schools are located in Westwood. Ecole Robert Elementary Browning is a French immersion program for grades K-5. For English, there is Sansome School (K-5), Lincoln Middle School (6-8), and Westwood Collegiate (9-12). Students interested in French immersion programs for middle school or high school can attend in a different community. Ecole West is offered for grades 6-8, and Sturgeon Heights Collegiate is available for grades 9-12. These schools aren’t far from Westwood, and buses are offered.

Red River Community College isn’t far from Westwood, and many students go there while living in this community. Another option is the University of Manitoba. Public bus routes to both of these schools from Westwood give students without a vehicle a way to get back and forth.

Westwood Attractions and Shopping

While most people are familiar with the Assiniboine River in this area, there is also Sturgeon Creek. These locations offer an excellent place for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. They also feature trails that go around the waterfront. Picnic areas are available; it is a relaxing place to sit back and take in the scenery. Several parks are located in Westwood, and they have playgrounds and trails. The lush green grass and tall trees are inviting, and the trees offer a shady canopy during the summer. Bourkevale Park is very popular, and it includes an off-leash dog park.

Assiniboine Park isn’t located in Westwood, but many people walk or bike there. They take the pedestrian bridge over the Assiniboine River and can enjoy the park, zoo, and community centre. Located in Westwood is the Kirkfield Westwood Community Centre. Plenty of activities take place here all year long. They feature both indoor and outdoor activities.

Youth often spend time at the YMCA, which promotes programs for the younger population in Westwood. This includes sports and other physical activities for them to be involved with. They also encourage leadership, community involvement, and the preservation of the environment.

Two golf courses are located in this community. Glendale is the one many of the locals spend time playing at. The St. Charles Country Club is more prestigious and expensive to play there. My goal is one day to play a round here!

Portage Avenue is the area of Westwood where you will find most of the shops. There is plenty of variety and several big-name stores. Polo Park Shopping Centre is located in this area, featuring many shops. You can conveniently park in one spot and walk around the area to check them out. There are more than 220 shops here, and it is a place you may wish to spend all day!

Five Restaurants in Westwood

Lovely restaurants offering fantastic food are found in Westwood. Helios Restaurant offers delicious tasting Greek food. It is a popular place, and they have excellent service. If you like spicy food, the variety of curry at Boun’s Restaurant may interest you! They have a menu full of different dishes and appetizers.

The Yellow Dog Tavern is a hot spot for a cold drink and food. They offer great burgers and fries, appetizers, and sandwiches. It is a place to meet up with friends and relax. Chicken Chef offers family meals, including chicken and sides. It is perfect to take home or take to one of the picnic spots at a park. Passero is an upscale restaurant in Westwood; reservations are recommended. They offer steak, seafood, and amazing desserts!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Westwood?

Many working-class people reside in Westwood. They don’t mind a short commute to downtown Winnipeg or nearby communities to work. They enjoy the parks, the water, and the lovely surroundings of their environment.

Is Westwood Expensive?

Living in Westwood is reasonable; it is less expensive to buy a home here than in surrounding neighbourhoods. The exception is the luxury homes around the golf course and the waterfront.

Is Westwood Safe?

Very little crime takes place in Westwood. It is a safe and comfortable place where people get to know others living by them. There is far less crime here than in downtown Winnipeg.

Is Westwood Good for Families?

Westwood offers many great activities for families to be a part of. There are outdoor events, neighbourhood activities, and plenty of sports children can participate in. The schools are excellent, and they can choose English or French programs.

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