Welcome To Tuxedo

Downtown Winnipeg and Tuxedo are only 15 minutes from each other, but drastically different. The downtown area is busy, full of people and activity. Tuxedo is relaxed and quiet, offering residents a comfortable place to live. They are surrounded by nature, and there is plenty to explore outdoors.

To the north, the Assiniboine River offers beauty and a place to participate in water-related activities. Assiniboine Park and forest are east of Tuxedo, offering giant trees and plenty of shade. The trails are marked and take you along lovely areas that change due to the different seasons.

History of Tuxedo

This community was established between 1910 and 1914, at that time it was called Tuxedo Park. In the 1920s, the development of streetcars in this area provided a convenient way for people to get around. It brought many visitors to Tuxedo, and plenty decided to call it their home. This area joined Winnipeg’s municipality in 1972.

Tuxedo Housing Trends

Approximately 97% of the homes in Tuxedo are owner-occupied. The annual household income of residents is about $350,000. This is significantly higher than many other areas of Winnipeg. Homes in Tuxedo are much higher than surrounding areas, which goes hand in hand with the higher earnings. Single-family homes start at $200,000, but some are worth over $2 million. The houses range from $787,000 to $1.9 million, with the average price close to that $1 million mark.

The Georgian-style mansions located in Tuxedo are breathtaking. While not everyone can own such a luxurious home, everyone can admire them. Most are situated on Wellington Crescent and Park Boulevard. These luxury homes are worth millions of dollars and have astonishing views!

New Tuxedo Construction

The high demand for housing in Tuxedo has warranted ongoing construction projects. They are carefully planned to uphold this community’s beauty and natural balance. The new construction includes modern, contemporary homes. Townhomes, bungalows, and condos are also part of the construction projects. Condos range from $140,000 up to $900,000. It depends on the size, layout, and location.

Schools in Tuxedo

Three public schools are located in Tuxedo. Two of them are for grades K-8. Laidlaw School offers an English program, and Ecole Tuxedo offers a French program. The high school, Shaftesbury High School, offers both English and French programs.

Several higher education schools are accessible from Tuxedo. The Canadian Mennonite University is in Tuxedo. Students come from many surrounding communities to attend classes here. The University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg are both close by. Students can drive themselves or take one of the convenient public bus routes to and from campus.

Tuxedo Attractions and Shopping

The Assiniboine River offers plenty to see and do around Tuxedo. Canoeing, kayaking, and boating are common here. You will also see people fishing; several fish species live in this body of water.

Inside Assiniboine Park, there is plenty to explore. Paths take you around parts of the river. Others take you into the forest, where you can see wildlife and evaluate flowers. This is also an excellent place for bird watching. It is a place to relax, enjoy great food, and take part in different activities.

They often host live plays, concerts, and sports events in the park. A large playground for children and two terrific restaurants are inside the park. You can grab something there if you don’t want to pack a picnic. The Assiniboine Zoo is a favourite attraction for young and old.

A great place to enjoy sports activities is the Tuxedo Community Club. They offer lawn bowling, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, and yoga for children. Parents enjoy seeing their children get exercise and interact with others. The list of activities featured here means there is something for everyone to try!
Tuxedo Tennis Courts can be a fun place to hang out for adults. There are lessons, tournaments, and plenty of courts available. Many people show up to compete, challenge themselves, and engage in a fun source of exercise.

Tuxedo Golf is great for family fun! They feature an 18-hole golf course with fantastic scenery. Some holes are challenging, but it is a delightful course to try. There is also an 18-hole miniature golf course for the family to enjoy.

Rumors Comedy Club is located in Tuxedo and is a fun place for adults. You can head out with friends for drinks and laughs. The comedians change often, providing a unique experience each time you go. This is a popular hangout for residents and a location where they feel welcomed.

The Seasons of Tuxedo is an extraordinary shopping centre in this community. It has outlet shops, big-name stores, and specialty businesses. It is common for friends or families to spend a day visiting these shops and seeing what is available. It is ideal for holiday shopping, new clothing, and just seeing what you may like for your home.

Five Restaurants in Tuxedo

Tuxedo has so much great food that it can be tough to decide what you will pick! Enoteca is a unique Italian restaurant with fantastic décor and music. It is perfect for a date night or celebrating a special event. Capital Bar & Grill is a standard adult hangout due to the great food, atmosphere, and drinks. You can choose from an appetizer menu or an entrée of burgers, chicken, and much more!

Café Carlo is a charming restaurant, and it features Canadian favourites. The place is cosy and relaxing. It is a frequent spot for families due to the diverse menu and great prices. Sam’s Restaurant is the place to go for a delicious burger and fries! The Sushi Shop is the go-to around Tuxedo for quality food that always tastes amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Tuxedo?

This is a gorgeous place, and most households make excellent money. The adults commute to downtown Winnipeg and surrounding areas for employment. This area is filled with forest, water, and great activities for the family to enjoy.

Is Tuxedo Expensive?

Homes in Tuxedo are among the highest priced, but the average household income is above average for those residing here.

Is Tuxedo Safe?

This excellent neighbourhood is safe, and the crime rate is extremely low. This is one of the additional reasons people work in downtown Winnipeg but don’t wish to live there. They don’t want to live where crime is higher.

Is Tuxedo Good for Families?

This community is high on the list of places to raise a family. There are many outdoor activities, community events, and opportunities. The schools are top-notch, and the downtown Winnipeg area is pretty close.

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