Welcome To Crestview

It only takes about 20 minutes to go from downtown Winnipeg to the extraordinary neighbourhood of Crestview. Yet the two places are night and day compared to each other. The city is noisy, busy, and full of factories and businesses. It is a fast-paced location. Crestview is where people slow down, relax, and enjoy the lovely natural surroundings. They can easily commute to the city for various activities or work, and going back and forth takes little time.

Crestview is a delightful community where people enjoy raising a family. It is a calm area, and people get to know their neighbours. Many community activities are scheduled, providing opportunities to meet new people and connect with those you already know. Located on the far west side of Winnipeg, Crestview continues to entice people. New households move here, excited to make a fresh start. Many of the families here have been in this community for decades.

History of Crestview

Settling in Crestview was a means of survival due to the Sturgeon Creek nearby. It was first settled in 1921, and the remains of the first schoolhouse are still standing. This building is now a historical marker in Crestview. Plans were put in motion in the 1950s to grow this area residentially. Today, close to 9,000 people live here.

Crestview Housing Trends

About 70% of the homes in Crestview are lived in by their owners. The remaining 30% are rental homes or apartments. Home prices here are very reasonable, about $325,000 for a typical family residence. There are some luxury homes sold for twice that price here. Most of these homes were built in the 1960s and 1970s. Some of them need fresh paint or other work, but it is easy enough to invest a bit of time and money to make them look great again!

New Crestview Construction

Some newer construction is taking place in Crestview, mainly townhouses and condos. There are a few custom-built homes created on the outer lying areas. Condos are affordable, ranging in price from $220,000 to $300,000. The location, amenities, and square footage influence the costs.

Schools in Crestview

Multiple schools are found in Crestview, all part of the St. James School Division. This includes:

  • Five elementary schools
  • Two middle schools
  • One high school

Crestview Attractions and Shopping

The Unicity Smart Complex is a main attraction in Crestview. This location used to be a mall, but in 2000, that was demolished, and the complex was built in that space. There are several brand-name shops and places to get food in this area. It is convenient to park your vehicle and walk from store to store to find great deals.

Other residents prefer the older, smaller shopping experience at Crestview Shopping Centre. These boutiques carry unique items, and it is fun to take home such treasures. There are some places to get your hair done in this shopping centre, too. Many residents have been going there to see their favourite stylist for years!
For more than 25 years, residents have loved spending time at the events hosted by Heritage Victoria Community Centre. There is something for everyone including Zumba, yoga, basketball, hockey, dance classes, and even obedience courses to take with your dog.

Lavish parks are all over Crestview, offering you the best possible view. The lush green grass and large trees are a view you will always enjoy. One of the popular parks is Sturgeon Creek Park. The trail here follows the creek, giving you a fantastic view of the prairie and the tall grass that grows there.

Five Restaurants in Crestview

Delicious food, convenience, and great company are all reasons to consider a restaurant instead of cooking. Crestview has many to select from, and it will take you only a short time to decide on some that you will visit often. Santa Lucia Pizza is a family favourite due to the variety of pizza toppings, excellent service, and affordable prices.

Original Joe’s is a step back in time, with great tasting dishes you will love! Some of them may remind you of meals your mom or your grandma used to make for you when you were growing up. The memories can make you smile while you enjoy your entrée. If you like sushi, a fantastic option is Sushi Maru. They offer fresh products made with quality ingredients.

Tim Horton’s, of course, has everything. They have pastries and sandwiches. It can be hard to decide what to order because there are many options. A hidden gem is Bernstein’s Deli. They offer great sandwiches and sides for lunch. It is a nice touch when you want to eat something on a warm day, but not a heavy meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Crestview?

Living in Crestview is a grand opportunity to enjoy nature but still be very close to downtown Winnipeg. There is plenty to see, explore, and it is convenient to get to other communities. You can use your vehicle or rely on the daily bus routes to reach your destination.

Is Crestview Expensive?

Crestview is less expensive than other neighbourhoods around it. The lavish homes here have the highest price tags. A typical home is reasonably priced and offers plenty of space.

Is Crestview Safe?

Even though this area is close to downtown Winnipeg, the crime rate is drastically lower than in the city. People are aware of their surroundings and neighbours and take pride in keeping the community safe for all.

Is Crestview Good for Families?

This is a delightful place to raise a family. Many couples move to Crestview because they like schools, parks, and fun activities and want to avoid raising their children in the city.

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