Welcome To Ridgewood West

Depending on traffic, a simple drive of 20 to 25 minutes gets you from downtown Winnipeg to the neighbourhood of Ridgewood West. It is common for people residing in Ridgewood West to work in professional careers and the healthcare system in the downtown area. They don’t mind this commute and love all their community has to offer them in their free time.

This area is full of beautiful scenery where people can take in nature. This includes parks, trees, water, and grasslands. Plenty of plants and animals can be seen in their habitat around these parts. Careful planning took place when approval for homes in Ridgewood West took place to ensure as much of this natural environment could be protected.

History of Ridgewood West

Early settlers came through this area as part of the fur trade. While it isn’t part of The Passage that goes through Charleswood, it is very close to it. Traders and settlers often came through this route along the Assiniboine River. There was debate about putting homes in this area because many felt it would undermine the natural balance of things.

Ridgewood West Housing Trends

Homes started being built in this neighbourhood in 2010 along the northern part. There are phases identified as phases A, B, and C. The idea to build in Ridgewood West resulted from a high demand for homes in Charleswood. There weren’t enough of them approved due to the strict guidelines to protect the land.

The subdivisions created in 2010 were quickly sold. The homes were reasonably priced and offered plenty of space. The success of these homes leads to the other projects continuing. The houses today range from basic family homes to luxury homes. The area has plenty of two-storey homes and bungalows. The typical family home sells for $420,000, but some are up to $1 million. Such homes tend to be luxury designs, custom builds, and those along the waterfront.

New Ridgewood West Construction

There are still homes built in Ridgewood West under phase C. Some of the new build projects are custom homes. The buyer gets to pick the land, the size, the floor plan, and everything inside and out of the house. One of the complaints about Ridgewood West is that no condos are available. There are still plenty of new projects in the planning stages. Many potential buyers hope condos will soon be offered in this community.

Schools in Ridgewood West

There aren’t any schools located within the community of Ridgewood West. Instead, students have options in surrounding communities. Elementary students can attend Ecole Dieppe School for a French immersion program. It is for students grades K-4. There is another elementary option for K-5, which is Beaverlodge School.

Middle school students can attend Westdale Middle School or Ecole Charleswood School, a French immersion program. Oak Park offers a French and English curriculum for high school students. There are two private schools for high school students. One is exclusively for boys, St. Paul’s High School. The other, St. Mary’s Academy High School, is for girls. There is one more private school available to grades K-12. This is St. John’s Ravenscourt.

Ridgewood West Attractions and Shopping

Harte Trail is just one of many in Ridgewood West where people can explore. They can walk, run, or bike on various trails. This area has diverse scenery that is part of these trails. Some of them show the lush green grasses and the giant trees. Other routes offer wetlands or native grasses.

For sports activities and community centre events, residents visit Charleswood. They can be involved with different things all year long if they like. There are events for families, for specific age groups of adults, and some for certain ages of children. All of them give people a fun way to interact with others.

The walking paths along the waterfront get plenty of foot traffic. Many people living here like to see the water. They enjoy nature, and walking around and seeing everything is exciting to them. The scenery along the water changes with the seasons, too. In the summer, they often see people out on canoes and kayaks. There are ducks and other birds that spend time in the water. In the winter, the water is covered with snow and ice.

Other than groceries and necessities, there isn’t any shopping in Ridgewood West. Most residents in this community go to Charleswood, where plenty of shops exist. This includes small boutiques and big-name stores. Others choose to shop when they visit downtown Winnipeg, so they don’t mind that Ridgewood West doesn’t have shops; they love everything it offers them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Ridgewood West?

With so many different types of nature found in Ridgewood West, it is a unique place to live. It is comfortable, clean, and quiet. There is always something to explore for those who enjoy the outdoors. It isn’t far from downtown Winnipeg or Charleswood.

Is Ridgewood West Expensive?

Homes in this area are a bit higher than average compared to surrounding communities. Yet many residents insist there isn’t anywhere else they would rather live. They enjoy this neighbourhood, and they never get tired of the scenery.

Is Ridgewood West Safe?

Another reason people enjoy living here is the low crime rate. They are just a short distance from downtown Winnipeg, yet one of the differences in a smaller community is lower crime rates.

Is Ridgewood West Good for Families?

This is a beautiful place for families to reside. Families are often seen at the parks, walking on the paths, and spending time together. There are choices for schools, ensuring kids get an excellent education in either English or French. Private schools also entice many households as they want their children to have that experience.

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