Welcome To Waverley Heights

It takes approximately 20 minutes to drive from Waverley Heights to downtown Winnipeg. The downtown area is a beautiful place to work, enjoy entertainment, and see the sights. Yet many people prefer a quiet and comfortable neighbourhood like Waverley Heights. It is clean, offers plenty of outdoor activities, and is beautiful due to the trees, parks, and green grass around it.

This community is located in the southern part of Winnipeg. It is a residential area and most people that have jobs commute. Since downtown Winnipeg is so close, it is a good choice. There are many neighbouring communities in which people can find jobs. For those who don’t have a vehicle, there is the convenience of numerous daily bus routes in and out of Waverley Heights.

Waverley Heights Housing Trends

This is primarily a residential area, with extraordinary single-family detached homes being the majority. There are some attached homes, and they are more expensive. Most of the homes here were built in the 1970s. They include split-level houses, bungalows, and two-storey homes.

Homes in this area can be between $365,000 and $580,000. The average price is $445,000. Condos are available in Waverley Heights; they start at $250,00 and could be as much as $500,000. The cost of homes and condos in this community depends on the property’s location and quality. Since most homes here are older, a good deal on one that needs some fixing up can be a worthwhile investment.

Schools in Waverley Heights

Three schools are located in Waverley Heights. Bonney Castle School and Chancellor School are for grades K-5. Middle school students in grades 6-8 attend Arthur A. Leach Junior High School. This community doesn’t have a high school; students can ride a bus or drive to nearby schools. They can choose from English or French programs.

The University of Manitoba is very close to Waverley Heights. Many students live with their families in Waverley Heights and drive or take a bus back and forth to their classes at this campus. Due to the research programs at this school, they have a high number of students. Some live in apartments in Waverley Heights rather than on the university campus.

Waverley Heights Attractions and Shopping

Exploring the parks, trails, and spending time outdoors are commonplace around Waverley Heights. The main attraction for families here is the Waverley Heights Community Centre. They have many sports, including baseball, basketball, hockey, softball, and soccer. This community centre has other activities for youth including dances, social gatherings, and scouts.

Besides groceries and necessities, you won’t see any shops in Waverley Heights. There are plenty of great places to shop in nearby communities, though or downtown Winnipeg. Residents don’t mind going to these locations to have a fun shopping day or pick up something they want!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Waverley Heights?

Residents of Waverley Heights find this neighbourhood simple and balanced. They love the community and getting to know their neighbours. They enjoy community events and can easily reach other places to shop, eat, and attend classes.

Is Waverley Heights Expensive?

This area is reasonably priced.

Is Waverley Heights Safe?

There is little crime in this community.

Is Waverley Heights Good for Families?

This is a beautiful place to focus on family. It is a great place to raise children and get them involved with school and community events.

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