Welcome To Linden Woods

The lovely wooded region of Linden Woods is about 20 minutes from downtown Winnipeg. This area is impressive, with large trees and green grass everywhere! It has parks and beautiful homes, many right along the water. It features a man-made lake. This neighbourhood is in the southwest portion of Winnipeg.

Many residents live in Linden Woods but commute to downtown Winnipeg for employment. They want to live in something other than the city’s busier areas; they love this outer region more. They don’t mind that short commute because the trade-off is worth it every time they look around Linden Woods and the beauty captured here as far as the eyes can see! At least seven daily bus routes take people in and out of Linden Woods to work, for education, and to take part in activities.

History of Linden Woods

Development of Linden Woods was in process for several years before it started. The initial plans were approved in 1980. The first homes were built in 1982. The construction was done in phases, with new construction in the 1990s. A large project creating homes took place from 2005 to 2010. Today, there are approximately 3,500 homes.

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Linden Woods Housing Trends

Many homes are located in Linden Woods due to the community’s housing demand. Commercial properties are also located at the far southern and far northern ends. Most of the homes are single-family detached homes, and 90% of them are owner-occupied. Two-storey designs and bungalows are the main structures here. Condos are available, offering a great view of the surroundings.

Homes in Linden Woods range from $535,000 to $750,000. Homes on the waterfront are the most expensive in this community. A few luxury homes in this area are worth about $2 million. Condos start at $190,000, depending on location, size, and amenities.

Schools in Linden Woods

There are two public schools for grades K-8 located in Linden Woods. One of them offers the French immersion program. A private school, Linden Christian, offers classes for K-12. There isn’t a public high school in the community; students are bused to nearby areas. For an English school, they go to Shaftesbury High School. For the French immersion program, they go to Oak Park High School.

There are a few higher education schools located very close to Linden Woods. The University of Manitoba is 10 minutes away. Less than 5 minutes from this community is the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology.

Linden Woods Attractions and Shopping

There are over 60 acres of green space preserved in this community. Families are often seen on the trails, walking or biking to explore the area. The network of paths is interconnected, making it convenient and easy to use them to get around too.

Linden Woods Community Centre is a place where families hang out and spend time engaged in various activities. They have two indoor rinks, a basketball court, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and a soccer field. The playground features a variety of equipment the children are eager to play on.

Ralph Cantafio Complex has many soccer events. The Golf Dome offers so much more than just a place to play a round of golf! It is also a driving range, a place where you can play virtual golf and features mini-golf. This is a popular place for socializing, birthday parties, and other events.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities found in Linden Woods. The outlet malls are popular due to the variety of items and the great prices. There are larger, chain-type stores everyone is familiar with here too.

Five Restaurants in Linden Woods

Great food is always an option around Linden Woods. Just about any cuisine you desire is offered here. Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge is highly regarded due to the quality of the Italian food and the ambience this place offers. It is perfect for a romantic date or to celebrate a special occasion.

The Golden Loong Restaurant is one many enjoy; they serve authentic Chinese food. It is a charming place to visit. The Keg Steakhouse is well-known for the meat and seafood they offer. The food is terrific, and there is something to please everyone on their menu. A family favourite is Santa Lucia Pizza. They have delicious pizza and plenty of sides to complete your meal. If you are in the mood for Korean food, visit Dowon Restaurant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Linden Woods?

The median income in Linden Woods is $200,000. This is a popular place for professionals and families to reside. This place is family-oriented and shows in the many activities they promote for everyone to enjoy.

Is Linden Woods Expensive?

It is more expensive to purchase a home in Linden Woods than in many other surrounding neighbourhoods. Yet their homes are worth it due to the beauty of this area and the vast green spaces to explore.

Is Linden Woods Safe?

Very little crime takes place in Linden Woods. It isn’t far from downtown Winnipeg, but it doesn’t have the crime they do. It is a place where people focus on their families, being part of the community, and giving back to promote the best place for all to reside.

Is Linden Woods Good for Families?

More than 50% of the homes in Linden Woods have families living in them. This is a beautiful place to raise a family. The area is gorgeous, offering plenty of outdoor activities to be involved with. The schools get great reviews, and parents can feel good that their children will get an excellent education in this community.

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