Welcome To St James

In under 15 minutes, you can get from St. James to the downtown area of Winnipeg. There are vast differences among the two regions. Yet those residing in St. James appreciate the fast commute as many work there. They love living in a quieter, cleaner area. It is the perfect balance for them to enjoy nature and have all the city’s perks at their fingertips.

This large community is located in the west part of Winnipeg. The Assiniboine River borders it to the south. In addition to beautiful residential homes, some industrial businesses are located in St. James. Murray Industrial Park is the most popular, offering plenty of jobs in various areas of factory production.

History of St. James

This is one of the early and original districts of Winnipeg. This area is widely known due to the presence of the Royal Canadian Air Force 17 Wing Base. This location got plenty of attention when featured in the hit series Amazing Race Canada.

St. James Housing Trends

This community is classified as middle-class. Most of the commercial property is around Portage Avenue. This area was developed to create a thoroughfare. It is the main road that takes you through the town of St. James. The beautiful homes and commercial locations are filled with giant trees with plenty of shade and green colour.

Single-family homes in this community range from $240,000 to $375,000. Some older homes from the 1900s can be purchased for about $100,000. They need some work and updates but can be an excellent investment. They can be fixed up and lived in or fixed up and sold for a profit due to the interest in quality homes around the St. James area.

Homes closer to the Assiniboine River tend to be more expensive. Their demand is high because they offer immediate access to the river and a fantastic view that is hard to beat! Those can have a price tag of up to $1 million! The St. Charles Country Club area homes are also expensive because they are luxury homes. Condos are plentiful around the community, ranging in price from $125,000 to $300,000 depending on size and location.

Schools in St. James

Many schools are in St. James, and parents often choose where a child will return on location and the curriculum. Six elementary schools are here for elementary students, and two offer a French immersion program. Three middle schools are available; one provides the French immersion curriculum. There are two high schools for students. One of them is a specialty school.

St. James Attractions and Shopping

Quite a few parks are located in St. James, to balance beauty and nature with a way to explore these areas. Air Force Heritage Air Force Park is high on the list. In addition to trails, picnic areas, and a playground, four aircraft are displayed throughout the park. So is Assiniboine Park, featuring about 700 acres of forest. Most of these areas have trails you can hike through and explore the depths of nature.

Families love spending time at the Assiniboine Zoo. They learn about the animals, walk around, and participate in exhibits. There is an outdoor theatre where different concerts and performing arts occur during the year. Exploring the Sculpture Garden is a fun outing; you will be blown away by the artwork people have created!

The recently renovated Royal Aviation Museum is educational and exciting for those thrilled by planes or history. There are many rare artifacts here and plenty of learning about the history of the Air Force in the St. James area. Dedicate a full day to explore all it offers and learn about the history of aviation in a new light. This is home of a replica flying saucer built in Canada, called the Anrocar.

Another fantastic museum is the Living Prairie Museum, which offers insight into the tall prairie. It is a reserve where the species are identified and preserved. It is an educational experience most find unforgettable. Guests can sign up for guided tours and hikes to enhance the experience.

Tons of shops are found all over St. James, giving consumers plenty of selection. CF Polo Park is the largest mall here, and it is trendy. It is convenient to find all kinds of shops in one location. People spend all day walking around and going into the various stores; there are over 220. There is also a food court, so you can grab something to eat and then return to your shopping adventures.

Across the street from Polo Park is another popular shopping area, St. James Station. This is where you will find bigger retailers that are very popular with consumers. This is a 270,000 square-foot shopping area.

Multiple recreational centres are located in St. James. Their calendars are full of family-oriented activities, targeted activities for specific age groups, and sporting events. It is a fun way to connect and get involved in their neighbourhood.

The Assiniboine Golf Club offers a delightful experience due to the water, trees, and green grass. It is a lavish gold course, and many residents are members, so they can get tee times when they want them. It is a place for fun, golf lessons, business deals, and special events.

Five Restaurants in St. James

An abundance of great restaurants is found in St. James. They offer a variety of food choices and great atmospheres. Here are five restaurants to give a try in this area. Smitty’s Family Restaurant and Lounge is a great place to dine. They offer an extensive menu with plenty to pick from. This includes appetizers, entrees, burgers, chicken, and great-tasting desserts.

The Oak& Grain offers a lovely atmosphere for a great dinner! They feature seafood, steaks, chicken, salads, and wonderful sides. There is also a bar if you prefer to go in for drinks. Max’s Restaurant offers a unique touch with home-cooked Philippine cuisine. It is a great place to try something new.

Red Swan Pizza is delightful, with yummy pizza and sides for the whole family to enjoy. It is very popular here due to the convenience and great flavour! Sushi Cushi is a fun place to eat; everything is made from fresh ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in St. James?

St. James is a beautiful area full of activities and a diverse culture. There is lots to see and do, especially for those who enjoy history. It isn’t far from downtown Winnipeg, and there are some jobs in various types of industry found in this neighbourhood. There are plenty of great shops and places to dine.

Is St. James Expensive?

Average family homes are reasonably priced in St. James. Some expensive homes are here in certain areas, including along the river. It is comparable, for the most part, to many surrounding communities.

Is St. James Safe?

While St. James is larger than most surrounding communities, the crime rate is low.

Is St. James Good for Families?

This is an excellent area for families, with plenty of activities at the recreational centres and outdoors. The schools are outstanding, and people enjoy living here. They get to know those who reside close to them. Engaging in various community events is a great way to meet new people.

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