Welcome To Wolseley

Many people live in Wolseley and commute to downtown Winnipeg for their jobs. It is about 13 minutes between the two locations, but they are very different. The downtown area is noisy and bustling. Wolseley is quiet and moves at a slower pace. Green parks and trees surround the area. At least 13 daily bus routes provide transportation to and from this area.

Located at the west end of Winnipeg, the central location of Wolseley makes it an ideal neighbourhood for nature lovers. It is a place to take in the beauty, breathe fresh air, and appreciate the quiet setting. This is an active community with a diverse mix of people. This is an artistic area, and it is fun to see the work completed by talented individuals around the neighbourhood.

History of Wolseley

This area is named after a field marshal in the British Army, Sir Garnet Wolseley. Homes started being built here in the 1900s. It is often referred to as The Granola Belt. About 8,000 people live in this small area, but they love it and can’t imagine living elsewhere. It is common for multiple generations of families to stay residing in Wolseley. They loved it growing up and want to provide for their families in this same environment.

Wolseley Housing Trends

Many of the early homes built in Wolseley get the most attention. They are beautiful designs with details and enhancements that get noticed. This isn’t your typical housing development by any means. Instead, each home has its own characteristics and charm, setting it apart from the rest. This area is considered middle-class and upper-class.

There are plenty of rental homes and rooming houses in Wolseley, too. As an investment venture, it is common to buy an older house and rent out rooms in it rather than living in the home. Others live in their home and rent out the extra rooms they don’t need. This income is more money in their pocket or helps them pay for the house if they have a mortgage.

Almost all of the homes here were constructed before the 1930s. It is possible to buy one and fix it up. With some hard work, paint, and updates to plumbing, the home can increase in value before you know it. These homes are one or two-storey properties, and there are some bungalows. Some of the houses aren’t new construction, but they have been converted into duplexes. Family homes here range in price from $280,000 to $475,000. The average price is $380,000.

Homes along the Assiniboine River are the most expensive here. The waterfront properties are in demand as it is the ideal place to live in Wolseley. They can be up to $800,000. It depends on the location, home condition, house size, and other variables.

Schools in Wolseley

Three schools are located in Wolseley. Ecole Laura Secord offers English and French programs. This school is for grades K-6. There is a second K-6 school offering English only, Wolseley School. Villa Rosa School is located here; it is for single pregnant women so they can continue their education. Surrounding communities provide schooling for middle and high school students. They can ride a bus to a selected school. They have the choice of English or French programs.

Wolseley Attractions and Shopping

Outdoor performances in the parks are typical in this community. Different theatre and dance groups perform them. The parks also offer trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds. Being close to the Assiniboine River means many people living in Wolseley go fishing, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking in this area. Omand Park is the most popular place for hiking and sports. Wildlife is often seen along Omand Creek, including deer.

The Robert A. Steen Community Centre is a terrific place for families to spend time and get involved. They offer sports, arts and crafts, and the Farmer’s Market is open Tuesdays and Thursdays. Plenty of vendors are available at the Farmer’s Market, offering fresh produce, meat and fish, and a variety of handmade items.

Wonderful specialty shops are located around Wolseley, and they have unique products available. Some are art galleries where you can pick out a delightful picture for your wall or as a gift. Others offer handcrafted items made from wood or specialty perfumes. One of the stores features items made from wool. The bookstores feature new and old books where you can go on an adventure without leaving the comfort of the couch! Several bakeries and cafes are located around Wolseley. It is fun to stop in and get a treat while shopping!

Five Restaurants in Wolseley

Great food and décor are what you will find when you eat at restaurants located in Wolseley. Bonnie Day is known for comfort food, and everything is cooked fresh. This is a hot spot for coffee drinks and desserts, too.

For drinks and appetizers, Ralph’s Wild Wings is a popular hangout. Many people go there to watch sports, but it is busy any day of the week! They have much more than just wings, but if that is what you show up for, they have many variations. Aladin’s Pizzeria is a popular place for families. It is fast and easy to order pizza and sides everyone will be happy with.

People all over Winnipeg recommend going to Tall Grass Prairie to get a cinnamon roll and coffee. They rave about it being the best they have ever had! Proceeds from the sales help local farmers, too, so buying items here is a great way to support the community of Wolseley. For a unique environment and great food, visit Mooshiro. They offer Japanese cuisine. They are well-known for their sushi!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Wolseley?

The average household income in Wolseley annually is $90,000. This is a fun place to live with many creative people involved in art and the community. It is an environment with plenty of outdoor activities and incredible scenery. People love to live here, and going to downtown Winnipeg or nearby neighbourhoods is convenient for shopping, entertainment, education, and employment.

Is Wolseley Expensive?

This area is less expensive than many of the surrounding areas. The exception is the waterfront homes, which are sold at a premium price.

Is Wolseley Safe?

Feeling safe in this community is essential, and the crime rate is very low. This is one of the reasons people enjoy living here. They are close from downtown Winnipeg but in an area with much less crime.

Is Wolseley Good for Families?

This is an excellent place for families due to the activities, sense of community, and outdoor fun!

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