Welcome To River Heights

You can commute 12 to 15 minutes from River Heights to downtown Winnipeg. Yet they are two different views and surroundings! It is fantastic to live in the community of River Heights, but have the option to drive to the downtown area for fun, to eat dinner, or enjoy a great career. For many residents, this is a way to balance the life they want with the perks of the downtown area. River Heights is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Winnipeg. It has a mixed of well established character homes, renovated homes, and brand new modern homes that replaced older homes. With the older maple and ash trees, this area is absolutely beautiful.

Located in the centre of Winnipeg, this is an affluent area. Many of the residents here have careers. They are nature lovers, and they enjoy living in a community where it is peaceful, they can breathe clean air, and they can see the amazing scenery in all directions. They enjoy raising a family in this quiet area where they can get to know their neighbours and participate in community activities.

Some of the trees found in River Heights are more than 100 years old! In the summer months, they create a canopy of shade. Part of the charm of this community is the historical buildings and their background. The architectural design of them is appreciated.

History of River Heights

In 1882, the area of River Heights was annexed by the City of Winnipeg. The first homestead here can be traced back to the Lawson family in 1899. They were from Price Edward Island and relocated here for a new opportunity. The family moved with eight children in tow. The father of this family was a Presbyterian minister. The area mainly started to develop after World War I ended.

River Heights Housing Trends

Approximately 6,000 homes are located in River Heights. Some of them are older and need some work. They can be purchased for about $250,000. The typical family home in this community ranges from $433,000 to $765,000. The average price is $542,000. A few luxury homes are found in River Heights, and they can be from $800,000 to $2 million.

There are two main types of real estate located here. They are identified by location. North River Heights has homes built between the early 1900s and the late 1940s. They tend to be Tudor or Victorian styles. Most are single-family homes, but a few were converted into dwellings for multi-families.

South River Heights offers mid-century styles, and this is where you see the immense canopies of trees lining the streets. This includes oak, elm, and ash trees. Condos and bungalows are located around River Heights. They range in price from $100,000 to $1 million. It depends on location, size, and amenities. There are some apartments for rent in this community, too.

Schools in River Heights

There are plenty of schools located in River Heights, but none for high school students. There are three area high schools they can elect to attend. Buses take them back and forth from River Heights. St. Mary’s is a girls private catholic school. Grant Park High School offers an English-only program and one of the best art programs in Canada. Kelvin High School offers both French and English programs.

Eight elementary schools are available in this community, and several offer French immersion programs. There is one school for middle school students, grades 7 and 8. It offers both English and French programs. A private school, St. John Brebeuf School, provides a curriculum for K-8 grade.

River Heights Attractions and Shopping

Pan Am Pool is an excellent place for swimming, and the high dive is enticing! This aquatic centre was built in 1967 for the Pam American Games. It features several swimming pools, a kiddie pool, and competitions. There is excellent seating here for anyone interested in watching an event.

The Corydon Community Centre is popular due to the many activists available for families. They have indoor and outdoor rinks, a gym, playgrounds, tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and a soccer field.

The east entrance to Assiniboine Park is very close to River Heights, and many families hike in this area. They love visiting the Assiniboine Zoo.
Academy Road is the place for shopping and great food in River Heights. Specialty shops and boutiques are offering a unique shopping experience. Some of them have trendy items, and others have vintage items. It is a great balance, and seeing what they have added each time you go shopping is fun.

Five Restaurants in River Heights

Great food is found in River Heights! Bonfire Bistro offers great dishes cooked in a wood-fired oven. This includes pizza, pasta, and chicken. Edokko Japanese Food offers authentic food most people can’t get enough of here. They have an assortment of appetizers and entrees to try. A unique place to eat is La Pampa Empanadas Gourmet. There are so many choices it can be hard to decide what you will order!

Families love Pizzeria Gusto for its fantastic food and fun atmosphere. Any pizza you want, they can create it for you! They also have delicious salads and bread if you want something more than just pizza. Bring your hearty appetite to dine at Tuco Fresh Pasta—fantastic food with quality ingredients and that homemade touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in River Heights?

Many professionals live in River Heights; the average household income is about $150,000 annually. It is a place full of fun and diversity, with a shared love of nature.

Is River Heights Expensive?

This area is reasonably priced. It does have some upper-scale homes, but the majority of them are decent priced. They can be more than surrounding neighbourhoods, but the average income of households in River Heights is higher.

Is River Heights Safe?

Safety is essential, and the low crime rate is one of the reasons families live in River Heights. They don’t want to worry about the higher crime rates in the downtown Winnipeg area. They like living in a community like this, where they feel a sense of belonging and safe.

Is River Heights Good for Families?

This community is excellent for families. There is plenty to see and explore, including vast parks and playgrounds. The community centre always has something to participate in. Downtown Winnipeg is very close, and you can’t beat the scenery here, especially if you love trees.

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