When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Sell Your Home In Winnipeg

When to sell your home

People often ask when the best time of year to sell their home in Winnipeg is. There isn't an easy answer, as sometimes you must put your house or condo on the market at a specific time. You must sell when needed, and getting your home ready is essential. The market changes at different times of the year, but this doesn't mean you can't sell your home now or even in a few months when you are ready.

The key to successfully selling your home in Winnipeg is how it is set up and the price. An experienced real estate agent can help you stay on target. They know the price of homes similar to yours in terms of size and location. They know the supply and demand of the market, and they can help you to get beautiful pictures of the place to entice potential buyers. The experience they bring into the equation any time of the year is priceless.

June Is The Ideal Month

If you aren't pressed to sell your home at the current time, hold off until June. That seems to be the sweet spot for the month to sell a house in Winnipeg. You may be curious why that is true, and I will happily share some of the reasons with you.

School Is Out

First, the school year is over, which is the ideal time for families to move. They don't want children to move in the middle of a school year; they would like everyone to be settled into the new place before the school year rolls around again. There is the time for closing, but putting your home on the market in June can mean it is sold and a family is moving in sometime in August.

When businesses relocate employees due to promotions or expansions, they tend to do so during summer. Many families are looking for a new home, and they are excited about the advancement with their jobs. For many households, this is a chance to buy their first home or a larger home than they were in previously.

Curb Appeal

You can't beat the beauty of spring and summer when it comes to bringing your curb appeal to the attention of potential buyers. The grass is green, the flowers are colourful and in bloom, and it is warm enough to be outdoors, taking care of anything your home needs. This can include new paint and washing the windows.

The attraction to a home's exterior means more people will look at pictures online, schedule a time to see the home in person or attend an open house. This is a prime time for potential buyers to see perks they would love to have in their homes. They can envision themselves relaxing by your swimming pool or entertaining friends on the deck with a BBQ.

Buyers Are Eager

Something about the warmer temperatures gets people outside. They want to feel the sun on their faces. They explore homes on the market, often driving by them to evaluate neighbourhoods. Buyers are less likely to engage in such behaviours in the winter. When it is cold, they want to stay inside where it is warm.
Early in the year, potential buyers may have a lengthy list of what a home must offer. The longer that list, the less likely it is they will find what they are looking for. As June rolls around, many of them start to reevaluate that list, and once essential items are moved to the desirable column. This gives potential buyers more homes that match their requirements than before.

They are eager to buy a home and get moved in before winter comes along again. They may have plans for the summer they want to carry out in their new home. They want to place an offer on the house and get a closing date so they can schedule such events. We all know summer in Winnipeg goes by in the blink of an eye!

More Homes On the Market

As a seller, you may worry when more homes are on the market. As a seasoned real estate agent, I can assure you that competition isn't a problem. Buyers seem to be more interested when plenty of homes are on the market. They enjoy the variety of homes and can look at different layouts and neighbourhoods before making a final decision. There is no need to worry because when more homes are on the market, we see more potential buyers interested in completing a purchase.

No matter when you need to sell your home in Winnipeg, we are here to assist you. We can guide you through getting your home ready for potential buyers to view it. We can answer your questions, help with pricing, and even help you buy a different home. You may need to buy a bigger house, relocate for work, or your children are grown, and it is time to downsize. Call me: 204-813-8134, and let's discuss your options and opportunities to sell your home in Winnipeg!