Welcome To Grande Pointe

The community of Grande Pointe is beautiful and tranquil. People love to live here in a quiet place that isn’t too far from Winnipeg or other communities. It takes 20 to 25 minutes to drive from Grande Pointe to downtown Winnipeg and only about five minutes to reach the city limits. Many people opt to live in this small neighbourhood and go to Winnipeg for work.

The homes are large here with spacious yards. Residents love getting to know their neighbours and others in the community. At the same time, they appreciate the homes being spread out so they aren’t on top of each other. They like the unique designs; most have at least four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

History of Grande Pointe

This area is named after a bluff where traders camped along the Seine River. In French, Grande Point means big point. The location was settled in 1870 when families began making it a permanent home rather than a place they passed through along the river. In 1874, the railways were built through this area. A train station was established in Grande Pointe in 1878.

This area used to be known for industrial establishments, including a cheese factory and a canning factory. Those businesses are no longer located in Grande Pointe. Today, it is mainly a residential community. There were about 150 homes in this community in 1997 damaged when a flood from the Red River occurred. Efforts, including a dam, have been put in place to prevent such flooding from reoccurring.

Grande Pointe Housing Trends

Homes in Grande Pointe are more significant than average and well-built. Many of them had upgrades or repairs after the 1997 flood. They range in price from $429,000 to $900,000. The median price of a single-family home is $629,000. There are just over 1,900 houses in Grande Pointe. Almost all of the homes here are owner-occupied. There are some apartments for rent in this community.

New Grande Pointe Construction

Grande Pointe Meadows is an inspiring project offering beautiful homes in remarkable surroundings. The rural living element is something people want and appreciate. The lots where homes will be built are large. The area will have green space and ponds, enhancing the natural beauty. The show homes for this project offer plenty of diversity so potential buyers can select the look and layout that works best for their family.

In that same area, there are plans for condos to be built. There is a demand for them from individuals and couples who don’t need a large home. Some are just starting out and aren’t planning a family yet. Others have an empty nest, and it is time to downsize from the large house they have been living in. They are called The Villas at Grande Pointe.

Schools in Grande Pointe

There are two elementary schools in Grande Pointe. One offers English programs, and the other is a French immersion curriculum. There is one middle school for grades 6 to 8 and one high school for grades 9 to 12. Both of them offer English and French programs.

Grande Pointe Attractions and Shopping

Remarkable hiking trails are found in Grande Pointe, and the view changes with the seasons. The most popular is Bois-des-esprits. There is a variety of plants, flowers, and animals that live within this ecosystem. The trails are well-marked and offer delightful scenery and open spaces.
Other than grocery stores, there is little shopping in Grande Pointe. Yet there is plenty of it in just a few minutes in several directions. Visiting the shopping areas to see what has been added is fun. This neighbourhood offers country living, but it is so close to anything you want or need.

5 Restaurants in Grande Pointe

A few restaurants are located in Grande Pointe, and they offer fantastic food choices. Thai on 59 is a popular place for lunch or to have a dinner date. It is charming and comfortable, offering a terrific atmosphere to enjoy your meal. Peitro’s Pizza is a common place for families to sit down and have a meal or to grab dinner to take home. They have plenty of variety, and the pizza is delicious! Harth Mozza and Wine Bar is a fun place for adults to spend time with friends and sample the wine. They offer a variety of Italian food entrees and pizza.

For exceptional Chinese food, the Tang Dynasty is a good choice. They have a great menu with entrees and appetizers. Sushi N is the go-to place for quality sushi with the finest ingredients! Many residents of Grande Pointe are seen in these restaurants often; they love the convenience and the food!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Grande Pointe?

This is an exceptional place to live, with plenty of trails and green spaces. Homes are large and on oversized lots.

Is Grande Pointe Expensive?

Houses in Grande Pointe cost more than the average homes in surrounding communities. However, they have more square footage and larger yards.

Is Grande Pointe Safe?

There is very little crime that occurs in Grande Pointe. It is much lower than in the downtown Winnipeg area.

Is Grande Pointe Good for Families?

This is a beautiful place for families to live and thrive.