Welcome To Starlite

Starlite Village is a remarkable place to live and explore in the centre of West Transcona! This community is about 20 minutes from downtown Winnipeg. This used to be known as the Peguis area. Ample transportation is offered in Starlite Village, making it easy and convenient to reach surrounding communities.

This includes at least ten daily bus routes to and from Starlite Village. This area is very new and still growing. Many people like living in a new home in a new location. They also like that Starlite Village promotes healthy living.

History of Starlite Village

This was once a drive-in theatre location, and it is now where people live, and homes are being built! There are three development areas in this small surrounding, and Starlite Village is the smallest of them. Yet this doesn’t diminish the value of living here or the lovely surroundings.

Starlite Village Housing Trends

This area is just starting, but these homes will continue to increase in value. The purchase price is less than many other communities, drawing in first-time buyers. They don’t mind a short commute in exchange for a lower-priced home. The average two-storey home in Starlite Village is $375,000. Some luxury homes are around $600,000 on the higher end. Those along the waterfront cost more due to the demand for this prime location.

Two large condos are in Starlite Village, offering 1- and 2-bedroom apartment-style units. They range in price from $180,000 to $240,000. They are perfect for those just starting out on their own, single people, couples, and older adults ready to downsize from a larger home because they no longer need all that space.

New Starlite Village Construction

There are less than 100 homes in Starlite Village, but construction in place is adding more. Almost all these homes are single-family properties. A few of them were part of a project for multi-family buildings, and they have done well. These homes offer variety in size, designs, and colours, allowing consumers to get exactly what they want in Starlite Village. Most of these homes are either bungalows or two-storey homes. They are perfect for couples or those with children.

Schools in Starlite Village

There aren’t any schools located directly in Starlite Village. Children go to a variety of schools in other communities. There are many options, including:

  • Bernie Wolf School (K-8)
  • Chief Peguis Middle School (K-8)
  • College Pierre- Elliot Trudeau Collegiate (9-12)
  • Ecole Margaret -Underhill (K-3)
  • Ecole Regent Park (4-8)
  • Immanuel Christian School (private school (K-12)
  • Prince Margaret School (K-5)
  • Prince Edward School (K-5)
  • St. Josph the Work School (private school K-6)
  • The King’s School (private school K-12)
  • Transcona Collegiate Institute (9-12)

Starlite Village Attractions and Shopping

There are several shopping areas around Starlite Village, but none other than a basic grocery store in this community. It only takes a few minutes to get to these shopping areas in the surrounding areas.

The wide-open green spaces are appealing in Starlite Village. They offer plenty of places to walk, bike, hike, and enjoy the area’s beauty. There are several parks where you can relax or take the children to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Starlite Village?

Living in Starlite Village is quiet, comfortable, and has a beautiful view! Families enjoy this small area and incorporate their wellness and outdoor fitness goals here. They are very close to surrounding areas, where they work, conduct business, and enjoy activities.

Is Starlite Village Expensive?

Other than the homes right along the waterfront, living in Starlite Village is less expensive than several other neighbourhoods. There is more buying power for homes here due to the lower cost. It can make the difference for a household being able to afford a home now or saving and waiting a few more years.

Is Starlite Village Safe?

This small community is very safe.

Is Starlite Village Good for Families?

This is a small, close-knit neighbourhood. It is excellent for families because you get to know those that live by you. There is a hospital close by, Concordia Hospital. There is a library not far away, located in Transcona.

Other neighbourhoods nearby: Mission Gardens, St Boniface, Windsor Park