Welcome To St Norbert

In about a 1/2 hour, you can travel from St. Nobert to downtown Winnipeg. This relaxing neighbourhood has plenty of trees, parks, and trails. It is very different from downtown, but not so far away. Many residents live in this tranquil community and commute downtown for work. They prefer living where they can spend time outdoors, enjoying nature.

This neighbourhood has a diverse population, and you will often hear both English and French. The community includes students, families, professionals, and nature lovers enjoying what St. Norbert offers. They enjoy activities along the two rivers close by.

History of St. Norbert

First Nations people resided in this area because they could get their basic needs met. There was plenty of hunting and fishing for them to survive. The Red River and LaSalle River surround this area. A bison trail and the primary animals they would hunt were located in this area.

The Trappist Monastery was established in this area in 1891. Monks began residing here in 1892. They only lived here for a few years and then relocated to Holland, Manitoba because they were interested in a remote location. In 1983, a fire was intentionally set to the monastery by vandals, and only the guesthouse remains.

St. Norbert Housing Trends

About 5,000 people are living in St. Norbert. Most of the homes here are single-family, detached homes. There are some attached homes here, and they are offered at a lower cost. Most of the homes here were built in the 1970s. This includes bungalows and two-storey homes. The houses here sell between $302,500 and $825,000. The average price is $415,000.

Homes along the waterfront are the most expensive. The demand for such a view increases the value of the properties. High-rise condos are an option for those buying real estate in St. Norbert. They range in price from $150,000 to $450,000. It depends on location, size, and other variables.

Schools in St. Norbert

There are four excellent schools located in St. Norbert. LaSalle is the English grade school, and La Barriere Crossing is the English middle school. Students interested in a French Immersion program can attend Ecole St. Norbert from K-8 grade. The high school, St. Norbert Collegiate, offers English and French programs.

The University of Manitoba is very close to St. Norbert. There are daily buses to and from the university. This is very convenient for students who don’t have a vehicle.

St. Norbert Attractions and Shopping

Fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and boating are everyday activities around St. Norbert, with two rivers nearby. In the summer, people love to swim in the areas close to the shore. Several parks have interconnected trails, making it convenient to get around the area and enjoy the scenery. These parks have playgrounds, areas for sports, and picnic spots. The most popular is St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park.

Trappist Monastery was located in St. Norbert, and many people are interested in its history. Today, the remaining guest house is an arts and culture centre with plenty of delightful artwork on display. Take your time exploring it and learning about the history of this area and the people who have shaped it.

St. Norbert Community Centre offers plenty of activities for the family. Indoor and outdoor rinks, sports, and events for specific age groups exist. They have plenty of activities specifically for seniors.

Southwood Golf & Country Club is a private golf course in St. Norbert. It is a beautiful course, but it is challenging.

The largest farmer’s market around takes place here from June through October. People come from all over on the weekends to enjoy the meat, fish, eggs, produce, activities, live music, crafts, and interact with each other. It is a fun time! At least 70 vendors are there each weekend, and thousands of people visit the farmer’s market annually.

Most residents of St. Norbert go to St. Vital Centre for their shopping. They can get groceries and other necessities in St. Norbert.

Five Restaurants in St. Norbert

Great places to eat are part of the charm of St. Norbert. Nobside Café is a small place with homecooked favourites. They are open for breakfast and lunch. They are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. It is a busy place on the weekends, with many families stopping in for a meal and visiting each other.

Families enjoy Niakwa Pizza due to the low prices and variety of items on the menu. It is easy to please everyone in the family with food from this restaurant! For authentic Chinese food, Riverview Garden Restaurant is a top choice! The food is fresh, tastes great, and has many entrees to select.

Soul Food Sundayz is a unique restaurant in St. Norbert and a favourite of this community’s residents. The atmosphere is inviting and exciting. It is a great place to celebrate a special occasion or for a date. Wayback Burgers has terrific food featuring a throwback décor and theme. If you loved the diners of the 50s, this is a fun place to eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in St. Norbert?

Norbert is magnificent; the two rivers give it a natural beauty. It is green, with plenty of open spaces and trails. It is a family-friendly area with plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Is St. Norbert Expensive?

This area is reasonably priced for houses, except the luxury homes along the waterfront.

Is St. Norbert Safe?

This community is about 30 minutes from downtown Winnipeg. It has far less crime than the downtown area. It is considered very safe.

Is St. Norbert Good for Families?

This is a beautiful neighbourhood for families, and they welcome both English and French-speaking families. The schools are outstanding, there is so much to do, and preserving the environment is important to residents here.

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