Welcome To Riverview

It is a quick 15-minute drive from Riverview to downtown Winnipeg. Being close to downtown offers plenty of job options and entertainment. Riverview offers a chance to live in a charming, relaxing neighbourhood. It is beautiful, with large trees and green parks everywhere. There is plenty to explore, and it is an excellent place for families to reside.

When you look at this community on the map, you will notice it is curvy and right along the Red River. This river offers a great place to relax, go fishing, and enhances the overall view of this area. It is one of the many reasons people are thrilled to call this place home!

Medical professionals enjoy the convenience of living in this area, but they can quickly get to their jobs at either the Health Sciences Centre or St. Boniface Hospital. They like the work in the city but want to live elsewhere. They prefer this beautiful community that has so much to offer.

History of Riverview

This area was first developed in 1890 by Albert Austin. He was interested in bringing streetcars to the Winnipeg area. Most officials weren’t on board with this; they feared the electrical elements involved. Since they wouldn’t let him do it within the city, he purchased some land where he could.

Early homes were developed in Riverview in 1906 but were few and far between. The main draw to this area was the amusement park. It was opened in Riverview in 1891 and closed in 1942. It featured a popular carousel and a wooden rollercoaster.

Riverview Housing Trends

The variety of homes in Riverview is attractive, with many different shapes and sizes to consider. Most of the homes built here were erected before 1960. There hasn’t been much new construction here because the goal is to preserve the land. The streets are lined with large trees, and the homes are spread out. People love their large yards!

Homes are only for sale in Riverview sometimes, and when they arrive on the market, they last only a short time! Many people watch for places to open up so they can move here. Others already own a home but are interested in a larger one due to their growing family. On the other hand, you have homeowners in a large home ready to downsize once they have an empty nest.

Some of the homes here are fixer-uppers, and they need some work. Yet some hard work and time invested in them can revive them. From time to time, there are custom homes built here, but there are plenty of hoops to jump through. There are restrictions on where homes can be built in Riverview to preserve the natural environment. The homes range in price from $275,000 to $480,000.

There are condos and apartments available here. They are perfect for couples or students. The condos typically aren’t rented out, only the apartments. The condos range in price from $150,000 to $250,000. It depends on the size and location of the property.

Homes situated along the Red River have a fantastic view and cost more. It is enticing to see that water out your windows or when you enjoy time on your porch. It is convenient for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Residents pay more for homes along the Red River, but it only makes them enjoy their homes more!

Schools in Riverview

Two schools are located in this neighbourhood. Riverview School is for students in grades K-6. Students in grades 7-12 attend Churchill High School. Students can attend school in a nearby community if interested in a French immersion program.

The University of Manitoba is close to Riverview, and many students live in this community. They either drive or take the bus to get back and forth to the campus. Living on campus can be a challenge, and it isn’t uncommon for students to get an apartment here instead.

Riverview Attractions and Shopping

Osborne Street is where you will find the majority of attractions, shopping, and restaurants in Riverview. Beautiful walking and biking paths are located along the Red River; it is a common place for people to exercise and take in the beauty surrounding Riverview. The Manitoba Canoe and Kayak Centre has excellent programs and rentals if you want to get into the water.

The shopping is fantastic here, with plenty of delightful shops where you can find what you want. Most of them are boutiques and specialty shops. This area has bakeries and coffee shops where you can stop for a break from your shopping and relax.

Five Restaurants in Riverview

Oakwood Café is the most popular restaurant found here. While it isn’t large, it serves great food in a comfortable atmosphere. Families like to come here because there is something on the menu for everyone to enjoy. Prairie’s Edge is the place to go if you want meat. Their brisket gets rave reviews. A duck pond is outside to view while you dine in the summertime. During the winter, the pond is a popular skating rink.

Toy Sun Restaurant is a beautiful choice for authentic Chinese food. They offer meals for lunch and dinner. The fun décor adds a nice touch when you stop in to enjoy the food! Ginza Sushi features items made from fresh ingredients each day. They also have daily specials. A family favourite is Za Pizza, with great tasting toppings everyone talks about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Riverview?

This area has a diverse population, including professionals, students, and families. It is a comfortable place where people spend lots of time outdoors enjoying sports and the scenery.

Is Riverview Expensive?

Homes in Riverview are reasonably priced and comparable to or less than many of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Is Riverview Safe?

Crime is very low in Riverview, giving residents peace of mind. They aren’t far from downtown Winnipeg, but they don’t have to worry about the higher crime rates experienced in the city.

Is Riverview Good for Families?

This community is excellent for families. There is plenty for them to do together. It is a good balance between being close to the city and living where nature can be explored and enjoyed thoroughly.

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