Welcome To Prairie Pointe

In a half-hour, you can travel from the busy downtown Winnipeg area to relaxing and green Prairie Pointe. Many career-oriented individuals work downtown, but they gladly make the commute so they can live in this lovely community. They enjoy the green scenery, parks, and neighbourhood activities; it is a place for them to spend time outdoors, taking it all in.

It is a simple but fantastic area, with plenty of the natural elements preserved. You will see green grass, tall trees, and water as far as your eyes can see in all directions. The homes are built to gain the most value from this scenic environment. Those who call Prairie Pointe home aren’t disappointed in the least! There are 60 acres of green space here for residents to enjoy.

Prairie Pointe Housing Trends

Homes began popping up in this area in 2011, and they were immediately sold. This is one of the fastest-growing areas around. Approximately 2,200 single-family homes are located in Prairie Pointe. There are also apartments and condos here.

Homes located in Prairie Pointe average $650,000. They can range from $535,000 to $760,000. The size, style, location, and other variables influence the price. Owning a home in this community is exciting, and consumers love that they are newer. They have the best features and don’t need to be fixed up.

New Prairie Pointe Construction

New construction continues around Prairie Pointe, but it is very strategically done. The locations for housing are carefully selected to help preserve the natural environment. Construction is completed in phases to limit noise and disruptions to residents and wildlife around this area. Multi-family homes are part of the newer developments in motion.

Custom-built homes are an option in Prairie Pointe, but there are strict guidelines about where they can be built and other factors. They can’t hinder the view of the main areas for anyone else, and all designs must be approved first. It takes time to get through the process, but having the home of your dreams in the exact location you want it to be is worth it!

Schools in Prairie Pointe

Six schools are located in Prairie Pointe; three focus on English programs, and three are for French immersion. This includes:

  • Bairdmore School – English K-6
  • Arthur A. Leach School – English 7-9
  • Fort Richmond Collegiate – English 10-12
  • Ecole Crane – French K-4
  • Ecole Viscount Alexander – French 5-8
  • Institute Collegial Vincent Massey Collegiate – French 9-12
  • Prairie Pointe Attractions and Shopping

More than 55 acres of parks are found in Prairie Pointe. It is an exceptional place for outdoor activities, including biking, walking, and birdwatching. Ponds and creeks are part of the scenery, and the trails wrap and wind around them. The trails interconnect, offering a method of quickly getting around and exploring. The ponds and creeks provide a place to fish, cool off when it is hot, and wildlife often go to those areas to drink.

The playgrounds at the park offer hours of fun for the children, and there are areas around them to enjoy a picnic. Parents love getting their kids outside, enjoying nature, and having fun together! Some of these parks have a few no-lease dog areas for those who bring along the family pet.

There are over 50 acres of land for commercial property here. Additional restaurants and shops continue to take the initiative to build on that land. There are plenty of specialty stores here and big-name stores. They offer a variety of items for the home, clothing, and great gifts.

Five Restaurants in Prairie Pointe

Park Avenue Family Restaurant is high on the list of favourites around Prairie Pointe. They have a diverse menu, offering something for everyone in the family. They have terrific prices and a family-oriented dining room. For a fancier environment or date night, delicious Italian food is available from Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge.

JC Sushi is a fun place to eat; the food is outstanding! They have a great menu, and it won’t take long for you to discover your favourites here! Chinese Food at Ume Yummy is a good choice, offering lunch and dinner portions. An upscale steakhouse featuring a long list of wines is Sugar Marmalade. It is wise to make a reservation, especially on the weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Prairie Pointe?

This gorgeous neighbourhood has open spaces and so much for people to enjoy! It is a delightful community where people spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Is Prairie Pointe Expensive?

Homes are expensive in Prairie Pointe compared to some surrounding areas, but it is worth the cost! They are newer homes, too, meaning less maintenance or repairs must be done for them to remain livable.

Is Prairie Pointe Safe?

This area is about 30 minutes from downtown Winnipeg, and the crime rate is much lower than downtown. It is a peaceful community.

Is Prairie Pointe Good for Families?

This is a perfect community to raise a family in! There is plenty for them to see and explore, the air is clean, and they grow up valuing nature and the environment.

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