Welcome To Oak Bluff

The small, quiet neighbourhood of Oak Bluff is beautiful, mainly farmland. The homes are spread out and on huge lots. Growing crops and raising animals are the primary means of income for those residing here. Others choose to commute to downtown Winnipeg or nearby communities for work. They love living in this area, where they can blend well with nature. The population of Oak Bluff is about 1,600 residents. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Winnipeg from this location.

History of Oak Bluff

In the 1870s, this area was settled by Scottish and British people looking for a better life. In 1901, the railway was established through this region. The soil is good here, offering a way to thrive off the land. Farming continues to be a big part of the economy in Oak Bluff.

Oak Bluff Housing Trends

Homes aren’t frequently for sale in Oak Bluff, and those offered are on the rise. The average selling price of a home has gone up 59% in this community between 2022 and 2023. Homes on the market rarely last for more than 30 days before they are sold. Homes built in the 1990s are often in the price range of $600,000.

There are about 380 homes in this community. Most of these homes are new, with 138 built in 2017 and 2018. The designs of the houses are intriguing, and they have features including natural lighting. Every effort was made for energy efficiency in these designs. This area is called Oak Bluff West.

New Oak Bluff Construction

The growth of Oak Bluff West continues, and there are plans for more houses to be developed there in upcoming years. It takes time to get approval for a custom-built home because of the strict guidelines. Regulations have to be met with the house’s location and design to ensure the area’s natural elements aren’t lost. There are lots in Oak Bluff West that can be purchased for a custom home to be built on.

Schools in Oak Bluff

There is one school located in Oak Bluff. It offers classes for grades K-8. High school students take a bus to a school located in Sandford.
Oak Bluff Attractions and Shopping

The community centre in Oak Bluff features an indoor arena. They offer several different sports, including hockey, baseball, and soccer. Other activities are featured at the community centre for families and older people to ensure everyone can be part of the community. Most of the events offered are for the youth to teach them skills and leadership while engaging in fun activities.

There are more than two acres of parks in Oak Bluff, where you can enjoy a picnic, visit the playgrounds, and walk or bike on the paths. One of them has a splash pad where the kids can cool off during the hot weather. These parks are very popular, and residents enjoy them all year.

There aren’t any shops in Oak Bluff, just places to buy groceries, supplies, and feed. Plenty of shopping options are just a few minutes away from this community. They are convenient to reach.

Restaurants in Oak Bluff

Great food and great people are found in Oak Bluff. Roxy’s Restaurant is a fun place to eat. This is a retro dinner. They serve old-fashioned burgers, fries, shakes, and much more! Humpty’s Big Plate Diner is the place for delicious home-cooked favourites. The portions are enormous, and the prices are reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Oak Bluff?

The average household income in Oak Bluff is $150,000 or more. Residents enjoy living in a peaceful community with open spaces. Many of them farm or raise animals on the land.

Is Oak Bluff Expensive?

Homes can be far more expensive in this area than in other locations due to the land that comes with them. Tax rates are lower in this area than in other parts of Manitoba.

Is Oak Bluff Safe?

Oak Bluffs is a safe community with very little crime.

Is Oak Bluff Good for Families?

This is an excellent place to raise a family. Plenty of outdoor fun, community activities, and excellent school programs exist.