Welcome To Lorette

The small country town of Lorette is charming and peaceful. The Seine River runs through Lorette, offering outdoor activities. The water also helps serve the needs of the crops and animals raised for a living in this community. It is about 30 minutes from Winnipeg, and many people commute there for work or to engage in activities. About 4,000 people are living in Lorette.

History of Lorette

The early settlers of Lorette were farmers and Metis traders. They spoke French and called this place Petite Pointe du Chenes. It was changed to Lorette in the honour of a French priest. This priest is said to have generously donated a great deal of money to construct St. Boniface Cathedral, located in Winnipeg.

Lorette Housing Trends

There are around 1,300 houses in Lorette, most of which are owner-occupied. These are mainly large homes for single families. They are built on large lots, and the homes are spread apart. Some of these homes are sold with acres of land that can be used to farm or raise animals. Others just have a spacious yard.

Homes along the Sein River are the most expensive due to the view they offer. The median price of a home in this community is $339,000. Some of them are up to $800,000. Those that offer acres of land for growing or grazing can be at that higher end.

New Lorette Construction

Custom-built homes in Lorette are in demand, and there are contractors up to the challenge. They can create a dream home and bring it to life. They can include features such as floor-to-ceiling windows to give you the best view of the parks, trees, and Seine River.

River Ridge is a new housing development in the works in Lorette. It will be for adult living. These townhouses and condos are comfortable and affordable. There are hurdles in the way of various housing projects in this area. This includes where they can be built to maintain the views and the agricultural value.

Schools in Lorette

There are three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school offered in Lorette. Two of the elementary schools and the middle school offer English and French immersion programs. The high school in this community only provides an English program. High school students interested in the French immersion curriculum are bused to Ecole Gabrielle-Roy in Ile Des Chênes.

Lorette Attractions and Shopping

The community complex in Lorette is known as CCLCC, and features many activities. This includes various sports, a hockey rink, curling rinks, and a large hall where concerts and other activities occur. The golf course has nine holes, and it is beautiful! It sits along the Seine River.

Notre-Dame de Lorette is a magnificent Roman Catholic Church completed in 1900. Services are still held here today in both English and French. The lovely architecture of this church draws people from all over who wish to see it in person. While the outside of the church is stunning, the inside is a masterpiece! It features oil murals on the walls and ceilings completed by L.E. Monty.

There are plenty of trails to take through Lorette, many of which are along the Seine River. Others take you into the wetland areas where you can see various wildlife and plants in their natural habitat. Spending time fishing, canoeing, or kayaking on the Sein River is common in Lorette.

There are a few shops in Lorette, but they are oriented to the community’s needs. This includes a feed store and a hardware store. For clothing and gifts, the residents visit shops in surrounding communities.

Five Restaurants in Lorette

A few restaurants are in this community, and they have wonderful food. Chicken Chef is a great family place. They are well-known for their fried chicken and chicken fingers. Lorette Bar is a place for adults to drink and visit, but they also have fantastic food. This includes burgers, quesadillas, and onion rings.

Brian’s Drive-In offers old-fashioned hamburgers and fries. It is also a great place to visit for an ice cream treat or a milkshake. Dawson Trail Motor Inn has a variety of food, including Italian, Canadian, and Mexican. There is something on their menu to please everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Lorette?

This is a beautiful neighbourhood with plenty of agriculture taking place. Residents like this atmosphere but also the convenience of Winnipeg neighbourhoods being close.

Is Lorette Expensive?

This is an affordable place to live with great homes on spacious lots.

Is Lorette Safe?

Not much crime occurs in this small, close-knit community of Lorette.

Is Lorette Good for Families?

There is plenty for families to enjoy living in Lorette. They can care for the family business together, enjoy sports, spend time outdoors, and live in a beautiful environment.