Welcome To La Salle

It is about a 35-minute drive from downtown Winnipeg to La Salle. This serene town is located along the La Salle River. It is green, full of trees, and has lovely walking paths. There are parks, playgrounds, and open spaces. It is a quiet community, and many people love residing here. They don’t mind a short commute to work in a busier, noisier area. They can raise a family in La Salle and enjoy a lovely home.

This is a tiny community, with about 2,700 people residing here. Faces become familiar quickly, and there is a strong sense of belonging. You will often see people outside enjoying the scenery, enjoying the view, and getting fresh air. They are thrilled to be part of this peaceful and fantastic community!

History of La Salle

This area was once owned by the Roman Catholic Church, dating back to 1882. They purchased this land to build a seminary. Fremu du College was erected here in 1897. Metis and English families claimed areas of this land, bringing their culture and language to the area now known as La Salle.

Once the seminary was built, French-speaking families came from Quebec, adding their language and history to the mix. The introduction of steam engines and railways to this area in the 1900s meant the land was broken up into segments. Farming was a common way to make a living and help supply everyone in this community with food.

La Salle Housing Trends

There are many different sizes and designs of homes located in La Salle. They add charm and personality to this area. Most of them offer three or more bedrooms and two or more bathrooms. They tend to have large yards or lots. The prices range from $279,000 to $600,000. The homes closer to the waterfront are the most expensive.

New La Salle Construction

There are new homes constructed in La Salle, custom-built for the buyer. These homes are luxurious and have all the amenities you can imagine. They can be worth anywhere from $800,000 to over $1 million.

Schools in La Salle

The only school in this community offers education for grades K-8, it is called La Salle School. High school students are bused to nearby communities for their education. There are English schools and those offering a French immersion program.

La Salle Attractions and Shopping

One of the fun things to do around La Salle is pick fresh strawberries. It is a fun activity for people of all ages to take part in. The best part is tasting them as you pick them! Many households enjoy taking them home and creating various treats and desserts from these fresh strawberries.

While there aren’t any shops in La Salle other than for gas or groceries, residents don’t mind. They know it is a short drive to find anything they want or need. They feel the trade-off to live in this simple but remarkable neighbourhood is worth it!

A lot of the neighbourhood and houses have been built around Kingswood Golf Course. Between the river and the golf course views, this area creates amazing backyard views.

Restaurants in La Salle

There are just a few restaurants in La Salle, but each offers excellent food choices. Friendship Chinese Restaurant is authentic, has plenty of variety, and has very low prices. The restaurant has a charming décor, and the staff is friendly. It is an excellent place for lunch with friends, a dinner date, or a family dinner.

Sliders La Salle is a drive-in style restaurant offering fantastic burgers and much more. This is an excellent place for families to go at night and enjoy ice cream or a milkshake. They have some vegan-friendly items on the menu also.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in La Salle?

Living in La Salle is fun, relaxing, and country-style. It gives people a place where they can comfortably live and enjoy nature.

Is La Salle Expensive?

This area is reasonably priced and comparable to the prices of the neighbouring communities.

Is La Salle Safe?

There is almost no crime reported in La Salle. Residents feel comfortable and safe living here.

Is La Salle Good for Families?

About 6% of the households in La Salle are individuals or couples. The rest are families; this is a good place for families due to the country-type living perks. It is a place where many first-time parents choose to raise their family.