Welcome To Ile Des Chênes

The small but thriving community of Ile Des Chênes is full of trees and green space. It is quiet but not far from Winnipeg. It takes 25 to 30 minutes to drive from one area to the next. Residents like their privacy and large lots where they have homes. They don’t mind a short commute to Winnipeg for shopping, events, or work.

History of Ile Des Chênes

The name Ile Des Chênes is French, and means Island of the Oaks. This area was selected for them to live in because it was higher up than other areas. They were worried about flooding in the spring due to the snow runoff if they built in the lower-lying areas. The early settlers arrived in the 1880s from Quebec.
Ile Des Chênes Housing Trends

About 1,800 people live in Ile Des Chênes, with close to 700 homes. The median price of a home in this community is $469,000. Most homes here feature at least two bedrooms and at least two bathrooms. There are different locations and designs, and that all influences the cost. The homes closer to the lakes tend to be the most expensive. They can be up to $820,000.

New Ile Des Chênes Construction

In September of 2022, the new construction in Ile Des Chênes was approved. The plan has several phases to build on what is referred to as the last remaining part of town, where there is land to expand. This is a large area, and the plan includes about 100 single-family homes and up to 60 multi-family units. This project should be completed by 2025. It is believed this area can grow in size by 800 to 1,200 residents in the next decade.

Schools in Ile Des Chênes

Due to the volume of French-speaking people in Ile Des Chênes, the schools offer English and French Immersion programs. Ecole Ile Des Chênes provides classes for students in grades K-8. Students in grades 9-12 attend Ecole College Regional Gabrielle-Roy.

Ile Des Chenes Attractions and Shopping

The Ile Des Chênes North Stars are a senior men’s hockey team. Many residents support them at their home games. The parks and lakes here offer a lovely background, and places people spend time. The lakes offer kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. The parks offer trails for walking and biking, picnic areas, and playgrounds. St. Malo Provincial Park provides a place to camp and for boating. The water is pristine, and many people swim here when it is warm.

The 1,200-acre Ile Des Chênes Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation is a lovely gem in this area. There are plenty of wildlife to see here, including moose and deer. The water is a prime location for waterfowl to be seen. Birdwatching in this park is an everyday activity.

There is artwork and a museum in Ile Des Chênes, honouring the heritage and French connections. Ile Des Chênes Pioneer Heritage Museum offers information, artifacts, and a museum. It is dedicated to preserving the history and early development of this community.

Some celebrations and festivals occur throughout the year here. People come from all over to enjoy the re-enactments, live entertainment, food, vendors, and activities. Prairie Oaks Golf Course offers a beautiful 9-hole location.

There are a few specialty stores and boutiques located in Ile Des Chênes. The rest of the stores are for groceries and supplies. Residents of this community can easily reach shops in surrounding communities or downtown Winnipeg.

Five Restaurants in Ile Des Chênes

Some great food is available at restaurants in Ile Des Chênes. Thai on 59 offers authentic Thai dishes. They also get rave for their bubble tea. Aliene’s Thai and Pizza is a family place where everyone can be happy with their meal! It is common for adults to get Thai food, and the kids get a pizza. Another wonderful pizza place is called Pizza 31. They have every combination of topics you can imagine.

Delightful Indian food is offered at Jai Hind Samosas. The food is fantastic, and so is the atmosphere. It is an excellent place for a dinner date or celebrating a special occasion. Ile Des Chênes Motor Inn offers tasty steak sandwiches with a side of onion rings. It is their signature entrée, but you will find plenty of other items on the menu you like, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Ile Des Chênes?

Living in Ile Des Chênes is a balance of country living with amenities not far away. Many people here raise crops or animals. It is a quiet community with natural surroundings and easy lake access.

Is Ile Des Chênes Expensive?

This area is reasonably priced and comparable to various surrounding communities.

Is Ile Des Chênes Safe?

There isn’t much crime that occurs in Ile Des Chênes.

Is Ile Des Chenes Good for Families?

This is an excellent place to raise a family where they can get an education and participate in community events.