Welcome To Fort Garry

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to get from Fort Garry to downtown Winnipeg. The distance is ideal for those who don’t want to live downtown but would like to work there and visit the various sites. They don’t want a lengthy daily commute, and this option gives them the balance and perks they desire.

The lush green colours and plentiful trees offer an exciting background around this area. The Red River runs along certain areas, offering beautiful trails and plenty of plants and flowers to appreciate. Ample parks, playgrounds, and outdoor activities are found in this area. It is ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

History of Fort Garry

Nicholas Garry, the governor of the Hudson Bay Company, is who this area is named after. This area along the Red River was a prime resource for the fur trade, and a large fort was established here. That fort was flooded in 1826, and rebuilding it took almost 10 years. The fort was an essential part of survival for the Red River Colony.

Fort Garry Housing Trends

The areas of homes found in Fort Garry are very similar to each other. There are three significant designs for the style of homes. While the colours of them can be different, the overall similarity gives a type of unity when you view the different neighbourhoods. They are great designs, and people aren’t complaining about these similarities. They find it is part of the charm Fort Garry offers for residents.

Most of the homes located here are owner-occupied, and homes are rarely for sale here. When they are on the market, they last only a short time. Many people are interested in calling this area home, and they have a watchful eye in place for new prospects. Fort Garry has a large stretch between the lower-end and higher-end home prices. They range from $271,000 to $930,000. The average price is around $450,000. Two-storey homes and three-level split homes are the most common designs here.

There are some condos, apartments, and bungalows in Fort Garry. They range in price from $130,000 to $1 million depending on the design, square footage, and location. Those closest to the Red River tend to be the most expensive.

Schools in Fort Garry

There are several public schools in Fort Garry and a few offer French Immersion programs. It is very close to the University of Manitoba, making it an excellent place for students to reside.

Saint John’s Ravenscourt is a prestigious private school near the Red River. It is a large, 23-acre entity. They offer education for grades K-12. It is also a boarding school with an excellent reputation for providing an outstanding educational experience.

Fort Garry Attractions and Shopping

Family fun is all over Fort Garry. There are a few outdoor skating rinks and plenty of playgrounds. The gorgeous parks offer trails, places to play sports, and picnic areas. Some of them host events in the park, such as concerts. The large outdoor swimming pool attracts children and adults seeking a delightful place to cool off from the summer heat.

The tennis courts are popular, and lessons are available. It is a fun way to connect with other residents in Fort Garry. It is a good source of exercise and a challenge for individuals to improve their skills. During the winter months, cross-country skiing is a popular activity.

Two golf courses are found in this area: Crescent Drive and Wildwood. Both are near the Red River, offering a great view as you move along the course. A boat lunch area around Crescent Drive provides a simple way to access the water with a small boat, canoe, or kayak.

Several community centres are found here, offering a variety of activities and events. They promote them to target specific age groups. There are events for the entire family, some for certain age groups of children, and others specifically for adults.

A variety of small shops and stores are found in Fort Garry. They offer a fun shopping experience. You can find necessities you need, one of a kind gifts, and trendy items you would love to have for your home. Many offer clothing so you can add new items to your wardrobe whenever you like it.

Five Restaurants in Fort Garry

Lots of terrific food is found around Fort Garry. Families relish the great menu at Gondola Pizza. They can choose a variety of fresh ingredients for their pizza. They also have delicious breadsticks! Another great place is EnoBAR and Kitchen. They also have fantastic pizza, and the thin crust gets rave reviews.

Mr. Calzone is a beautiful place to enjoy lunch. They have different varieties of calzones, sauces, and salads. Yia Yia Your Favourite Greek serves tons of different Greek food dishes. There are plenty of them to try! The Oval Room is the perfect spot for an upscale meal or a romantic dinner out! They offer seafood, steaks, chicken, and much more. They also have an incredible dessert menu!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Fort Garry?

This area is clean, comfortable, and a great place to enjoy outdoor activities. Some of them can be enjoyed all year long, and others are seasonal. It isn’t far from downtown Winnipeg, but an entirely different environment.

Is Fort Garry Expensive?

Some homes here, especially those along the Red River, are expensive. The majority of housing options found in Fort Garry are reasonably priced. They are in alignment with those of other neighbourhoods in the area.

Is Fort Garry Safe?

Crime is low in Fort Garry, lower than in downtown Winnipeg, even though the two areas are close to each other.

Is Fort Garry Good for Families?

There are plenty of family-oriented events and things to do in Fort Garry. It is a terrific place to raise a family. The schools are outstanding, and there is always the option of a private school located here for an advanced education.

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