Welcome To Crescentwood

It is incredible to be in the tranquil area of Crescentwood, and downtown Winnipeg is only 10 minutes away. Living in this community is relaxing, offers a sense of belonging, and provides access to nature’s beauty. Yet people can easily commute for work, education, and enjoy a variety of exciting adventures in the city.

This is an older neighbourhood that people still like to move into. When there are homes on the market, they don’t last for long. It is the ideal neighbourhood for families. Many healthcare workers call this home and can quickly get to their jobs in downtown Winnipeg when scheduled for a shift or on call. The houses are in residential areas with large trees and green grass. It is a beautiful area, offering plenty of outdoor explorations.

History of Crescentwood

Homes were created in Crescentwood beginning in 1904, but it was in the 1940s that it became a well-known residential community. The recession of 1913 halted plans for it to grow sooner, as did the Depression of the 1930s. It was created to offer a gateway to the West. Early residents included prominent business people.

These businessmen created the commercial elements of Winnipeg. They were optimistic they could help this area progress. Today, many of the Victorian homes and areas of Crescentwood are part of historic tours. They began in 1988 and continue today, with guides sharing this area’s rich history with those in attendance.

Crescentwood Housing Trends

You will notice a variety of styles of housing in Crescentwood. They are of different sizes and shapes; many were created in the 1940s. Some higher-end homes have been built around this neighbourhood in recent years. Those limited options are million-dollar properties due to the amenities, design, and location. You will also find condos and apartments available in this community.

The average home in Crescentwood is $270,000 to $390,000. The residential units closest to the Assiniboine River tend to have the highest prices on them other than the luxury homes. Condos start at $ 100,000, but some are at the $1 million market! Older homes may need work, which can help someone purchase such a home at a lower price. Getting them fixed up takes time and some funding, but it is an exceptional opportunity around Crescentwood.

Schools in Crescentwood

Numerous schools are located in Crescentwood. St. Mary’s Academy is a private school for girls only, grades 7-12. It is common for students from surrounding communities to come to Crescentwood to attend this school. This community has several grade schools, middle schools, and high schools. Several of them offer French immersion programs.

The University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg are easily accessible from Crescentwood. Daily bus routes to and from both higher education locations give students an easy way to live here and continue with their educational goals.

Crescentwood Attractions and Shopping

Families enjoy the many activities they can do together in Crescentwood. There are several recreational centres. They offer different activities all the time and are an excellent way for families to stay connected within the community.

Pan-Am Pool is a great place to get some exercise or splash around. It is an indoor facility, making it accessible all year long. It offers more than just one pool; there are three. It also has an indoor running track. It is ideal when it is too hot or too cold to be outside for a run. It was created initially for the Pan-Am Games.

The Assiniboine River is accessible, offering a variety of places for canoeing and kayaking. You will see people along bank areas fishing. Numerous trails for walking and hiking are found around Crescentwood. Many of them conveniently connect to the various parks around this community. The parks offer a great place to relax, playgrounds for the kids, and spots to engage in different sports.

Boutiques and gift shops are found in Crescentwood, offering a good selection of merchandise. Spending a leisurely afternoon browsing, window shopping, or finding a unique gift for someone special is fun. Grant Park Mall is the most popular place here to shop. Besides tons of great shops, there is food and a movie theatre.

Five Restaurants in Crescentwood

The best-known restaurant in Crescentwood is 529 Wellington. This is a steakhouse with delicious food and plenty of ambience. It is expensive, but definitely one of my favourites.  Reservations are recommended due to the demand at this place. It is perfect for a date or celebrating a special occasion. Café Carlo is a casual dining experience with plenty to offer. It offers both Italian and Asian dishes.

Falafel Place is a favourite here because of the authentic Middle Eastern food. If you haven’t tried this type of cuisine before, it is worth giving it a chance. Many residents eat at this place often due to the great food and the reasonable prices. Nikos Restaurant offers a variety of home-cooked dishes the entire family will love! The atmosphere is relaxed, and the food is excellent! Pony Corral is another family favourite, offering many choices, including burgers and chicken.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like Living in Crescentwood?

Living in Crescentwood is clean, comfortable, and relaxing. It is just a short distance from downtown Winnipeg, but the difference in the surroundings is unforgettable.

Is Crescentwood Expensive?

Homes in Crescent are reasonably priced, especially if you buy one that needs a bit of work that you can complete on your own. Homes closer to the forest and the river are more expensive, but this area is comparable to several neighbouring communities.

Is Crescentwood Safe?

Even though Crescentwood isn’t far from downtown Winnipeg, the distance is enough to see a difference in crime rates. This community is safe, a place where people know their neighbours and get involved in the community.

Is Crescentwood Good for Families?

There is plenty for families to do around Crescentwood, and parents like the school options. They want to raise their children away from the city; they want them to enjoy nature and all it offers. There are many events around this area, and it takes little time for the family to go to the city or a nearby community for events they wish to attend.

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