Winnipeg’s most affordable neighbourhoods are some of my favourite neighbourhoods. Affordable houses in nice neighbourhoods are some of my most requested client requirements. These areas are significant for first-time home buyers, those saving up for something else, and those who simply do not need a lot of room. Every individual and couple has their reasons. These home searches are some of my favourites because Winnipeg has absolutely amazing neighbourhoods at affordable prices. With Winnipeg still having some of the lowest housing prices in the country, there are some hidden gems to be found. There are no communities like some of these, and I’ll explain why below.

Winnipeg affordable neighbourhoods


I’m biased as I spent most of my life in Transcona, but there is also a reason for it: it’s the perfect little neighbourhood for all budgets. Although part of Winnipeg, Transcona feels like its own little town. Everyone seems to know everyone there when you’ve lived there for most of your life. You only have to leave the area if you work outside of Transcona. It has everything you will need to survive and enjoy life. Transcona has small, older homes in the $200-$300,000 range and brand-new developments starting at $450,000 and above. The Transcona neighbourhood is well established, meaning beautiful green trees, parks, trails, and plenty of outdoor activities are everywhere. This community is so large and diverse that there are always houses for sale in all price ranges.

If I had to name one downside of Transcona, it’s the drive to other parts of the city. Transcona is the furthest east part of Winnipeg, so heading downtown or to the city’s north, south or west areas will take a little longer than if you lived in another area. With the airport being in the west end, getting to and from the airport was always a pain.

St Boniface

Winnipeg’s largest French-speaking population is located in St. Boniface. St. Boniface is another one of my favourite areas and a Winnipeg gem. In St. Boniface, you are minutes from downtown Winnipeg, yet it is still affordable. How many cities in North America can you be within walking distance of downtown while still being in a safe area? Most of St. Boniface consists of smaller, older homes, which is another reason this area offers cheaper living. Like Transcona, this established area has beautiful greenery, parks and trails. I know many people who bought a house in St. Boniface as their starter home and stayed there for decades. Everyone I know who lives there absolutely loves it.

The downsides of St. Boniface? Some of the houses are pretty old, so you need to do your due diligence to ensure everything is in working order. Second, the crime is low, but being close to downtown and not far from rougher city areas, you may encounter some petty crime. However, overall, it is minor and usually nothing to worry about.


Charleswood has a similar feel to Transcona and is another reasonable Winnipeg area. Like Transcona, the area is quite established with quite a mix in the type of housing it offers. It’s a lot smaller in area compared to Transcona, and is in the opposite end of the city. You may not have everything you need in Charleswood, but since other beautiful neighbourhoods surround you, everything is a short drive away. Many of Winnipeg’s best shopping and attractions are situated in the west end. Notable nearby destinations include downtown, the University of Manitoba, the airport and the numerous stores, attractions and outlet malls on Kenaston Blvd. You may be paying more for land in this area than St. Boniface and Transcona, but there are still inexpensive houses in Charleswood.

These are three of my favourite affordable neighbourhoods in Winnipeg. Of course, many more can make this list, but these three are my top. Some other notable areas are Windsor Park, St. Norbert, and St. James.