Located along the south bank of the Assiniboine River, Wellington Crescent is a beautiful area. It is one of Winnipeg’s most prestigious neighbourhoods; many homes here cost $1 million or more. There are delightful condos for sale that may fit your budget better. This area offers a safe neighbourhood, a fantastic view, and plenty of amenities. Any of these condos would be a wonderful place to reside.

condos on wellington crescent

When you buy a condo in south Winnipeg, it is an excellent investment. The place will continue to increase in value due to the demand for housing in this area. You can live in it as long as you like and resell it for a profit many years later. Many of them are newer structures built in recent years. They were designed to offer value, convenience, and a comfortable place to live in this area.

Nearby neighbourhoods with condos: Downtown, River Heights, Tuxedo

255 Wellington Crescent

The name of this condo building is the same as the address: 255 Wellington Crescent. This is a delightful high-rise building featuring fantastic scenery all around it. Residents love what they can see from their unit and the changes in that view with the different seasons. It is located along the banks of the Assiniboine River.
At the same time, this condo building isn’t far from the downtown area. Residents can enjoy eating in restaurants, access to shops, and plenty of nighttime events. Osborne Village is within walking distance. There are plenty of walking paths along the Assiniboine River. The building was erected in 1978, but it has been updated numerous times. Efforts continue to ensure this condo building stays current and offers a safe place for residents to live.

These luxury condos have plenty to offer, getting the attention of anyone interested in a condo in this neighbourhood. The outdoor patio is a favourite place for residents to hang out and enjoy the view of the river. The common area includes a kitchenette, perfect for hosting guests or an event for condo residents to attend.

There are storage lockers on each floor and in the parking area. These locations are convenient for items you need room for in your condo. Yet you need them for seasonal decorating, outdoor activities, and other ventures. Conveniently storing them on-site gives you access to them when you need them. This is a pet-friendly condo building.

The gym is open 24 hours a day, offering a convenient place to workout when it fits your schedule. It features valet parking and a car wash. Security is on-site around the clock, keeping an eye out for anything unusual.

With all the perks of 255 Wellington Crescent, many are pleasantly surprised at the price of condos for sale in this building. They are significantly less than other options and much less expensive than a house in the area. Due to its location and affordability, it is often a first real estate purchase for those interested in living in this neighbourhood.

Edinburgh House

It is hard to match the luxury living conditions at Edinburgh House, at 99 Wellington Crescent. This place was built in 1960 but has been upgraded several times. It is along the Assiniboine River, offering a remarkable view. The floor-to-ceiling windows are perfect for enjoying that lovely view.

The central location makes it a prime living option in downtown Winnipeg. Many first-time buyers look at the Edinburg House because the cost is cheaper than paying for a house. They know they can rent their unit or resell it later for a profit. Some of the perks featured with these condos include a fireplace and walk-in closets.

The condo fees are lower at Edinburgh House than other condo options. This makes it an attractive option for anyone closely watching their budget. The security here is top-notch, and plenty of delightful amenities are available. The community here is close, offering a way to meet new people and socialize. Many residents here travel often and don’t worry about their unit. They know their neighbours will keep an eye on it.

One Wellington

The name and address are the same, just written differently. One Wellington is located at 1 Wellington Crescent, and it is a fantastic condo living experience! This lovely building features 13 stories along the east bank of the Assiniboine River.

Developed in the 1990s, the ample space of each condo is remarkable. There are only 12 units featured here. Each offers 3,200 square feet inside and an additional 400 square feet balcony. These units are unique, too, as the owners could select the specifics for their unit while the building was being created. Their floor plans reflect their personality and preferences. A condo is rarely sold at One Wellington, but when one is available, it is sold quickly.

Advanced security and heated parking underground are just a few of the perks residents enjoy at One Wellington. The building was carefully designed, using load-bearing concrete to ensure durability. It is easy to access both the downtown area and the relaxing natural elements around this area.

The main level has an extensive library with plenty of reading material. It is a place to relax, enjoy reading, and connect with others who share the same passion. The chairs are comfortable, and you can lose track of time for hours being engrossed in a story!

The Cedars

The Cedars condos in Wellington Crescent are located at 365 Wellington Crescent. These are upscale luxury condos. Each unit delivers the ultimate living accommodations and plenty of perks. The location is among the best in this neighbourhood, close to restaurants and shops. Reaching the downtown area from these condos takes just a few minutes. For those who enjoy city life and want the amenities at their fingertips, The Cedars are in the best location to offer all of this.

There are plenty of perks offered to residents of The Cedars. There is plenty of parking available, something residents appreciate. The design of the building was created to last, reducing wear and tear over the years. It was designed to last a very long time with need of repairs. The condos are spacious and offer a fantastic view of the surrounding area. They are comfortable and located in a prime location.

Several parks located along the Assiniboine River are accessible from these condos. They offer a delightful way to enjoy nature and get some exercise. These parks are a fun place for picnics, enjoying activities including concerts, and fishing along the banks.

The Edgewater

Located at 229 Wellington Crescent is The Edgewater condo building. This is an excellent place for anyone interested in a two-bedroom condo with top of the line elements. Some of the suites are fully furnished, making them ideal for someone relocating to the area or a first-time buyer with little furniture. Pets aren’t allowed at this condo building.

Attention to detail is what brings these condos to life at The Edgewater. The floors are hardwood, and ceramic tiles are used in the bathrooms. The sizeable soaking bathtub is a feature that entices people to buy a condo at this location. Each bathroom also features a separate shower.

Each unit has its own laundry area and a gas fireplace for those cold winter nights. The kitchen design is beautiful, featuring stainless steel appliances and gorgeous granite countertops. The spacious kitchens offer plenty of room to cook or entertain guests.

Tons of amenities are offered at The Edgewater, including a fitness centre. This location is just a few minutes from Osborne Village, where there are plenty of shops and places to eat. It is located in the heart of Winnipeg, offering a delightful upscale living experience! Public transportation is just outside the building, providing a simple way to get around if you don’t have a vehicle.

Halter East

It is harder to find a condo for sale in Halter East because it is such a remarkable place to live. When units are available, they don’t remain on the market for long. It is located in a convenient location at 221 Wellington Crescent. The living environment is relaxing and comfortable here. At the same time, the condo building is in a great area. There are 46 units in this building.

It is easy to get around for shopping, eating, and entertainment. This particular condo environment is geared more towards the elderly; many of the residents downsized from a home once their children moved out. They love the convenience of only caring for the inside of their unit. They don’t have to worry about yard work or unexpected repairs anymore. They also enjoy the social aspects of living in a condo building. They can spend time with their neighbours playing games, at the gym, or schedule a trip to the downtown area. The building was given a makeover in 2011.

The units at Halter are spacious and upscale, offering an excellent place for luxury living at its finest. At the same time, condos in this location are affordable. They provide a great view and plenty of history. It is a place where people enjoy living, and they know the investment is worth it! The panoramic view of the river is hard to pass up!

The Hampton Green

The unique architectural design of The Hampton Green condos gets attention! These luxury condos offer plenty of space and great views. While the building was erected in 1970, it has been well-maintained. It is located at 323 Wellington Crescent. Each condo has a large balcony, enticing owners because they can enjoy the lovely scenery from that private spot.

The parking area is large, and there are plenty of amenities residents can enjoy at The Hampton Green. There are common area lounges, a fitness centre, and advanced security in place. The location offers fast access to the downtown area, including two rivers. There are plenty of paths around the rivers for a scenic walk. Pets aren’t allowed at this condo building.

These condos are close to the entertainment sector, making it convenient to take in a show or live music. There are plenty of places to shop and get food nearby, too. Both Osborne Village and Corydon are close by. There is a bus stop just a few steps away from the front entrance to get around conveniently. While these condos are luxurious, they are far more affordable than homes in this area. They are a good option for first-time buyers.

River Park

The ultimate living experience with condo life is at River Park, found at 141 Wellington Crescent. This prestigious building is known for its upscale design and additional space. Each unit features lovely details to make it comfortable and long-lasting. The view is excellent here, offering a stunning scenic view from the balcony of each unit.

The quality and design of the construction of this building don’t go unnoticed. It was intended to offer a safe and durable place to live. The best materials were used to create it, reducing the need for repairs and ongoing maintenance. Attention to detail creates the best experience with condo living at River Park.

There are numerous amenities featured at the River Park condos. The parking areas are large and heated, something all residents appreciate in the cold winter months! The building has several common areas and lounge locations for entertaining and relaxing. There is a huge fitness centre and a sophisticated security system in place.

This location is right on the edge of downtown Winnipeg. It is convenient to walk around and see the different shops. It is fun to try new places to eat or enjoy various entertainment close to the condo building. At the same time, residents of River Park condos can get close to nature in just a few minutes. It is a peaceful alternative to the noisy, busy downtown area. They can go to parks, walk on trails, and enjoy the water.

Choosing A Wellington Crescent Condo for Sale

Deciding on a Wellington Crescent condo for sale isn’t easy. There are numerous factors to consider. Each option offers a great location and easy access to the downtown area. The different amenities they offer can influence your decision. The size of the condo unit, cost, and fees must be evaluated. Each condo location would be a lovely place to call home or a terrific investment as a rental property.

Work with an exceptional real estate agent to make your search easier. They can talk to you about what you want and what is available. They can help you get pre-qualified so you know how much you can afford. There is plenty of paperwork to complete, and they know how to get it done correctly. They can assist you with information about condo fees, maintenance, bylaws for a specific building, and much more.