Transcona is a dynamic and exciting place to live. The area continues to grow, offering a firm balance with residential areas and preserving nature. Living in a condo here is a good option for someone interested in a low-maintenance place to reside. There are older condos spread throughout the Transcona area. They offer a comfortable living area, great views, and easy access to restaurants and shops. Plenty of outdoor activities include exploring parks and trails in this tranquil location.

condo in Transcona

Due to the location and the demand for exceptional housing choices, a couple of newer condo buildings have emerged. They include Park City Condominiums and Crocus Gardens West Transcona. Many of the residents were thrilled with the chance to live in Transcona. Some of them are first-time home buyers. They discovered buying a condo was less expensive than a single-family home.

Others have lived in the area for years but were ready to downsize. They no longer needed a large home. Moving to a condo in south Winnipeg was an excellent way to reduce expenses, reduce maintenance on their property, and enjoy the social aspects of living in a condo environment. Both of these locations have amazing designs and plenty to offer!

Nearby neighbourhoods with condos: Sage Creek, Downtown, St Vital

Park City Condominiums

Located at 401 Pandora Avenue West, Park City Condominiums are a charming place to reside, and they are in a prime location. There are two buildings, Park West and Park East. One of the great features of these new condos is the soundproofing system in place. It reduces the noise you can hear from your neighbours. It gives you peace and quiet, and you don’t have to worry activities in your unit will be heard by others either.

Pets are allowed at this condo but with some restrictions. Cats and small dogs are permitted. Each condo offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Condo fees are $140 a month, including maintenance and snow removal. A portion of the fees goes into the reserve fund. Since the condos are newer, there isn’t much risk that anything expensive will need replacing soon. Many items included in the units are under a generous warranty.

Crocus Gardens West Transcona

These condos are located in Crocus Meadows and offer a remarkable living experience. The spacious condos provide plenty of perks and are in a great location. There are four buildings, and they space 50, 70, and 80, Phillip Lee. When the project is finished, there will be 232 condos. Phases 1 and 2 are complete, and the units are livable. Phases 3 and 4 are under construction and can be purchased in advance.

The city park is next to the condos, offering a great place to walk, enjoy the outdoors, a picnic, and many other activities. Art Lake is across the street. The large clubhouse offers many amenities for entertaining and relaxing. Energy-efficient windows are in place, offering natural sunlight and reducing energy costs. Each unit has a lovely patio or balcony attached to it, with sliding glass doors leading inside. Residents can have up to two dogs and/or cats. Pets can’t weigh more than 35 pounds.

Other Transcona Condos For Sale

There are several other locations in Transcona where you can buy an older condo for sale. Take your time to evaluate the location, price, and fees associated with the purchase. A condo can be ideal for a family, a couple, retirees, or someone interested in real estate as rental income. These locations include:

  • 215 Pandora Avenue West
  • 403 Regent Ave West
  • 1661 Plessis Road
  • 1679 Plessis Road
  • 1683 Plessis Road
  • 215 Pandora Ave West
  • 70 Shady Shores Dr E
  • 216 Melrose Avenue West