St James is an active Winnipeg neighbourhood, offering many different choices regarding the style of condo someone is interested in. It’s not quite considered south Winnipeg, but because I love the area, and am quite familiar with it, I included it as a part of the south. They are located in convenient areas with plenty of comfortable living space. They are excellent for someone who needs a low-maintenance property or a first-time real estate buyer. St. James is in the western area, and it continues to grow.

Nearby neighbourhoods with condos: Tuxedo, Wellington Crescent, Downtown

Condos in St James

Businesses are thriving in this area, and new ones continue to emerge. There are many options for public transportation, making the area easily accessible. This neighbourhood is known for the closeness of the community and the variety of activities for residents to engage in. It is an excellent mix of suburban and urban elements, offering a charming and unique place to live.

The different condo options in St. James are attractive to people old and young. A couple may buy one because it is less expensive than a house. A family may purchase a condo for a spacious place to call home in the ideal location. Professionals love this area and the many jobs available. They can commute to downtown Winnipeg, too, for a career if they choose to do so. Retirees and empty nesters find a condo to be the ideal transition when they no longer need a large home.

It is easy to access just about anything from St. James; the location is perfect! There is lots of shopping, including the popular Polo Park Shopping Centre. With so many excellent restaurants, you can always find something delightful to eat! St. James’s schools are excellent, drawing families to this area. It is also conveniently close to James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

These are some of the terrific condo buildings found around the St James area:

Golden Gate Estates

The Golden Gate Estates offers two condo buildings in St. James, 330 Lodge Avenue and 340 Lodge Avenue. This is a beautiful community, and residents are thrilled to reside there. They love the amenities and the conveniences found in this area.

Kensington Place

This condo building is a wonderful addition to the St. James area at 175 Ronald Street. This area connects easily to the surroundings, and the condos are comfortable. The building gets top reviews for a great place to live in this neighbourhood.

Woodhaven Park Condominiums

These condos are located at 2680 Portage Avenue. They offer an upscale living area with charming architecture. They are conveniently located with fast access to Portage Avenue. The upgraded amenities make these condos perfect for anyone interested in living in St. James.

St. James Real Estate Market For Condos

The St. James real estate market for condos offers a variety of choices. The variety ensures consumers can find the perfect place based on location, layout, amenities, and price. There are comfortable one-bedroom condos on the market and family units with two or three bedrooms. There are luxury options, too, including locations along the riverfront. This neighbourhood offers easy access to the main roadways and plenty of public transportation options.

This area is a hub with plenty of businesses, services, and social activities. It is perfect for anyone interested in urban living at its finest. With so many condo options in the St. James area, buying one can easily fit your needs and budget. There are numerous amenities around this area, reducing the amount of time it takes to reach your selected destination.

It is perfect for professionals, couples, families, and anyone interested in investing in the St. James real estate market. Spend time looking around at the condos that fit your wants and needs. You will be amazed at the delightful options available in the area. When you are ready, use a great realtor to help you find you rdream condo.